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We were giving healing to a wonderfully warm woman, who has been going through a decade of great bitterness. Work pressure. Ugly relationships. Difficult family situations. Health hugely suspect. When suddenly Celia & I saw a Lord Ganesha with brilliant vividity dancing around her. He was a few feet tall, in glorious colour {We usually see things as wisps, as glimpses}, and twisting, rotating, and rejoicing in himself. He asked us to convey the message. "Tell her Life is a dance."

"What are you feeling?" We asked D, as you know we always do. I am feeling a lot of energy at my waist. And something behind to my left. {Precisely where Lord Ganesha was standing.}

When we told her that Lord Ganesha was dancing behind her, instead of curiousity or joy that such news would normally evoke, she said "Humph".

Why "Humph???" Well, her family had been through a bitter family struggle and Lord Ganesha seemed to have favoured the other party. So, she couldn't really be happy with The Lord's late appearance. "Where was he during all those years?"

We put the questions back to God.

An answer to the question why the evil prosper?

He said 'Yes, greater force had been with the other party even though they were less nice, more selfish. But' he added 'We do not really understand the Gods.' For he said 'Everything, every creature is God. Every human is God not realising, believing he is the Whole.' The other ugly uncle and family however believed more in themselves, marshalled their force better. And so the cosmos responded more in their favour. He says 'Simply put God is Reality, which has 3 key aspects: Power, Love, Transcendence or Blessedness.' So any who marshall, Power, Love or Transcendence channels The Cosmos. But Power alone can take one only so far. Without Love it will falter and crash. But Love itself while blessed can turn into a smothering blanket without transcendent vision. And Vision without Power but hot air... By allowing the 'evil ones' to temporarily succeed got her and her family to deepen their faith or despair, either action causing paths of transcendent force to emerge.

A Philosophy within a Philosophy.

For those who like more detailed definitions than Power, Love, Transcendence Lord Ganesha elaborates 'What is Reality? The Unappearable Appearing is Reality. Which has 3 rays, movements or vibrations; which he defines as Untrammeledness {Power}, Cradling {Love}, Deepening {Transcendence/Knowing Blessedness}...

Obviously each of the words contains a multitude of subwords or concepts, for example, the word Force or Power {Size/intensity, Accumulation, Synergy, Identity, Assurance, Acknowledgement of Strength, Focus of Power, Agility of Action, Practise, Self-belief & Trust, Certitude, Clarity, Depth, Faith.}. Similarly with Love {Luminosity Opened To, Truth held Purely, Life Unfurling Its Petals, Genuineness Reaching out, The Unselfish Using Hands of Selfhood with Great Charm, Allness Embracing Allness, The Multiverse Tasted with Immense Depth...} And then Deepening {Infinite Resonance Grasped, Blessedness Held Without Erasing Pain yet Blessing It, The Great & Small in True Deomcracy, The Flavour of Life Spreading Across Eternity...}

Karma: Book-Balancing Versus Growth Impetus.

'Humans think the world is about Good and Evil. But actually the world is a crucible in which souls are refined. In which souls learn key lessons. What are they? Reread the earlier paras. Sin & Repentance, Karma, is not about balancing cosmic books but of lessons unlearnt.

The Evil will not necessarily be punished. But they will be taught. The Good will be rewarded. But not always in earthly ways.

To See... But Turn Your Face Away:

On the one hand is 'Dina's Humph' and on the other Lord Ganesha's joyous dancing. Now which would win? We put forward the magnificence of the fact that the divine had chosen to grace her presence {and she could feel it}. But even God cannot always get through a 'Humph'.

Very often God sends great gifts. At least 3-4 times a day the cosmos sends tendrils of wondrous goldenness to each human {more for animals}. Each can be hope-giving or life transforming, most of us choose to let it flow into the gutters.

The Divine Versus A Divine Tap:

From a human perspective D is justified in her bitterness. Family Violence, Early Death of a Parent, Financially Rapacious Uncles, Brutal Marriage, Twisted Friendships, Uncertain Jobs, Pressurised Work, Health Crisis... From a spiritual perspective "We Create Our Own Reality"... but within the Thicket of Thorns we manifest, our furthur choices dictate furthur pain or escape hatches...

The truth is Lord Ganesha's appearance was not accompanied by the miraculous assurance that 'Dina' would be healed in a moment. Though that could have manifest if she allowed the miraculousness to touch her deep. Or that she would win a lottery ticket. Or her family members attitude would suddenly improve. All of which have happened to many in The Creator's Child Fold. But Lord Ganesha's appearance brought the deepest prescription, the most miraculous gift. It could erase many lifetimes of anguish, hurt, despair, bitterness. But we humans are sometimes more short-sighted. We want the laddoo. Not the healing karela. What is magnificent is that D has seized this. The cloak of bitterness around her is tattering. New breezes are flowing in. She is giving Life a chance. Life is giving her a chance.

The Divine Appearance:

The deeper force that appeared as Lord Ganesha said, "well for Dina I could have appeared in a few principal forms. I could have appeared as Lord Kartikya, Rishi Markhandya, as an Angel, or as The Child Ganesha. By appearing as 'Jolly Ganesha' I am giving her the chance to shift her inner emotive tone. I am promise of child. I am joyousness."

{A doubt: Can The Intelligence that appeared to us appear as any form? The answer: Technically Yes. But in actuality No. For the clothes the cosmic intelligence is putting on to appear to us is a cultural and conceptual one. And not all would fit.}

"But know this, in my appearance for her I revealed powerful symbols. I had two navels in this representation, meaning two umblical cords of heaven and earth, two siblings... The fact a snake is wrapped at my waist indicates she has the power of the shakti to command."

The Cultural Lord Ganesha:

The whole appearance of Lord Ganesha as an elephant headed God was crytallised about 1,500-6000 BC. In fact in the Vedas, the remover of obstacles an appellation used to describe Lord Ganesha was first used to describe Brihanaspati or Brihaspati, the Father of The Gods.

The very name Lord Ganesha {Gana+Esha} is an appellation that reveals that Ganesha is The Lord of The Ganas. Chosen Shepherd of Lord Shiva's tribe of vampires, ghosts, creatures of the smashan sthal {graveyard} and faithful. In fact the apellation was also used to describe others such as Lord Shiva's demonic protectors Virabhadra and Rudrakali. The other day we had put a post on FB. Highlighting the fiercely transformatory Lord Ganesha, and someone said 'how cute, he is my cutie pie'.

But the first appearances of Lord Ganesha, according to some experts, predate the vedas. And according to our channeling of him, he first appeared to mankind at the earliest times, 100,000 years ago... And also to consciousness well before mankind appeared. He has appeared to creatures like bulls to guide them out of difficulty. We associate Gods only with us humans, but that is so human-blinkered. If you reread Buffy's Doggy Revelations you will discover Buffy's connection with the divine is far closer than ours.

The Cosmic and Man:

"When we appear to a species or consciousness", says a Cosmic Spirit Lady Sofeeya, "we draw on their subconscious and find symbolism that matches the deep intents we attempt to plant in the group mind."

'You humans do not understand us. And hence yourselves." Says Lord Ganesha "We are waves of the infinite. We are principles. We are the first primordial sweep of impossible joy...'



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-- Tarun & Celia Cherian