MahaBharat Version 2016,
By Tarun Cherian


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We are lights,
but how remember we are lights when the other side carries an AK-47?

2  months ago, foresaw the possibility of war.
Unlike the earlier wars, the possibility of it spiralling out of control is higher.

Oddly the possibility of a war is lower now,
though the provocation is higher.

Those who beat the drums of war
and those who face the bayonets
are often not the same.
TV anchors rarely carry a 303.

Only a fool commits himself to a war that cannot be won.
Only a coward thinks shoving his head in the sand will work. 

‘Revenge is a dish best eaten cold.’ Says an Old Sicilian proverb.

Sometimes an oily tongue, an assassin’s blade works harder than a gun
Sometimes the blood price cannot be avoided...

Those who think a war will solve things
will receive it.

Don’t ask for a fight,
but if it comes to your doorstep don’t back down.

Choose your battlefield.
Smile till you hit.

If you smile sincerely enough
you may not need to hit.

On the other side of the battlefield is not the devil,
but a brother, slighted or twisted.

Find the father, and the brothers may talk.
But what if the father is blind?

Few of the Kauravas realise they had done the slighting,
and that they were the twisted ones.

Few of the Pandavas realise that it was Yudhishthira
Not Duryodhan who was the real problem.
If only Arjun had taken Yudhishthira’s dice away.
If only Yudhishthira had stepped down.

There are two masters of the game, one has crooked dice,
The other drives the chariot.
They are the only true players, the rest are pawns.

It is all Divine Lila.

When all is done and we return to heaven,
we will see every action of ours from a thousand unblinking views, 
and… we will be clasped.
You, Me & Osama.

Few things are more joyous
and more unsparing
than God’s embrace.


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All on earth, in this universe and the multiverse, be they Human: {Indian or Paki, American or Russian, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Astartean, CIA or Taliban, Black, White, Brown, Yellow}, Or Animal, Tree, Virus, Bacteria, Fungus, Prion... Stone, Storm, Star... or Ghost, Vampire or Angel... Are Children of The Creator... Children of Creativity... And blessed...