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Tonight, many in India, and in scattered parts of the world will stay awake. Some will chant great mantras, some will stay awake to please their family, some will watch movies. And some will sleep deep. While we believe that every moment of our existence is blessed. That every place of existence is in God, there are, as we all know tides of life and perhaps, seasons of God.

Maha-Shivrathri seen through worshipful eyes. Some of these are revealed by great festivals. Maha-Shivrathri being one of them. Lord Shiva is one of the great forces, one of the great extensions of the totality, who has chosen to reveal his true being to me. {This experience is offered in a film on Lord Shiva }. And so this night, raises mind flags, {yes, ‘his' night, raises mind flags even though I am not a Hindu, and to clarify nor am I Christian, though Lord Christ has touched us {This experience we offer you in a film on Lord Jesus }. Or Sufi, though the whirling joy that sits behind it all has shown itself to us, or Buddhist, though I have been immersed in the vortex, and expanded in the emptifullness. I am simply like you, an extension of allness. I am like many of you, Godsmacked.} Anyway, since the curiosities of God fascinate I look at religious customs both strange and familiar and re-examine them. Not with the eyes of one part of a religion, but one worshipful of the truth.

Sifting spiritual fact from balderdash. One of the odd things about our modern age, is that when we look at it again, many of the things modernity sees as superstition, or just cultural convention turn out to have a real psychic basis. Equally many of the things that modernity sees as superstition turns out to be just that. Benighted stupidity.

To give two contrary examples, there was a time, two decades ago, when we were just getting into healing. Then I, Tarun, used to look oddly at Yoga's strange asanas and thought mudras were silly. 6 months later, I happened to add The Bramhara Mudra to my healing repertoire and in 4 months cleared a life-long hay-fever problem. From this incident came one of the pillars of Devadhara Healing, empower patients. And also though we at Creator's Child represent the power of The Now, we gained a real appreciation of how valuable the truths strewn through the minds of the ancient world are. The nukes and monster trucks of the modern world carry indescribable temporal power, but the minds of the ancients from whom our very thinking and language derives have truths of impossible reality even if it may seem to some 21 st century minds that they were primitive…

But equally, the reverse is true, a lady of a certain caste that considers itself lofty used to ask us not to take Buffy before her gate. And why was that? Well, because she would have to have a bath to purify her exalted being infected by proximity to a dog. Well, we looked at her aura and discovered that she indeed needed many baths, her aura revealed one of the filthiest auras crawling with psychic worms. She was hiding her sense of inner filth, behind rituals of purity and a caste of superiority. That was the façade. Lord Shiva in many ways represents a stripping bare of castes, and stands for a profound equality. A meditating ascetic has such power that he can burn the very Gods.





Now for The Last Word on MahaShivrathri I have requested The Force who also goes by The name of Lord Shiva to bless us… His vast, world thundering wisdom stoops to touch us at this time with words of simple yet deep magnificence…

MahaShivrathri Message:
“Live your life as if today will be your last.

{It may well be}.

Live with ash in your mouth

and sunflower in your heart.

Live your life with raving courage

and a rabbit's gentleness.

People think I have only snakes around my neck.

You can perch like sparrow on my hair.


“I am not man. Though some have drawn me as such.

I listen to the longings, despairs of all,

Child, stone, river, bull, goat.

So be kind to them.

Your earth rests in precarious dignity.

It shall require your love.

Or you will need my mercy.

But then why would I give my mercy?

I hold the sickle. And the seed.


“I am the rippling that holds your universe aloft.

If I were to let go – aah – you do not want to know what would happen

if I were to let go.


“I am the turning in. The inward spiral. {A great psychic truth}.

I am the bone from which tree shall birth.

I am the last.”



Maha-Shivrathri = MahaChangeRathri
by Tarun Cherian. Key contributions by Celia Cherian.

Is The Night of Maha-Shivrathri really powerful? The question niggling in my mind that prompted this article was; does the actual date of MahaShivrathri have more than cultural significance? Is there real power and potency to this date?

The brief answer is Yes. A longer answer follows.

The Matrix of Existence. To understand the power of this day or any day, one must first understand the mystic view of existence. Briefly, it may be stated as such, our existence is the experience of existence. This experience nestles in greater experience or perception. This perception nestles in greater perception. There is a point at which you arrive at an absolute, a perception, or intelligence that some call God, some call cit, some call the universal mind. Or to put it simply we are the figments of God's mind.

Two key points A} We are stable figments. B} God himself is but a figment in his own mind. The second leads us to a drowning point we will not yet take you to.

If we are stable figments of imagination then we are supported by deeper currents of thought, God's and our's {The thought of God's thoughts are also God's thoughts, but freed from being mechanical. The intellectually minded are requested to reread this for it reveals the raison d' etre of human existence.}

Beneath the consciousness of our world is a network of force that combines atomic mind, cellular dreams, animal passion, the openness of space. It is a net that can be called the matrix of animal existence. It ensures we see and operate in a common world or plane. Now this matrix is a closely woven mesh, or rather dense vibration. Caught in this mesh, at specific places, are energies, thoughts, spirits, ghosts, vampires, demonic forms that are trapped. At times, both spontaneously, and at specific times, seasons, places, points, emotional curves the matrix mesh gets looser. The trapped spirits can leave the net and fly free. {Now, another time when this occurs is at Eclipse time, do read}

When the prison gates open. When the net relaxes most trapped spirits rush upward in a glorious stampede, they after all spent dreadful infinities staring at light blazing above. Some in their terrible torment are so twisted in the mesh and need help in escaping. Some fearing the light will dig deeper in the stygian deeps. A last, strange category seek a broader liberation they choose to let go of God the light and instead become God the existent's bones and burrow deep into the very foundations of existence.

Now, we have been speaking in abstract terms and you may get the feeling as if this mesh occurs in the ground below us. Nope. It occurs on the ground beneath our normal consciousness but runs through our subconscious. It is a part of us, and part of all human, animal and most plant existence, and some mineral life. In fact, it bifurcates us. Half of us here, half of us in a concentration camp so to speak.

The gift of releasing inner angst. One such time at which the web loosens infinitesimally is at Maha-Shivrathri time. And so it is a time when deep hurt screaming in our being may be released. May find its sky. And so an invaluable gift of Maha-Shivrathri is of deep clearing. Releasing trapped hates in us. There are 3 other times of such great pain release. One in late August. One in early December. However, this is not Maha-Shivrathri's most profound gift.

The gift of Moksha. Perhaps the greatest gift is of freedom. The enormous liberation possible. The reason is simple, the only reason we come here, are drawn here is because this matrix generates a gravitational pull, creates an almost irresistible call to our being. Release that which keeps us tied to the matrix and we will be unleashed from physical existence. Moksha is ours. However, this two edged. Release it without internalising a true lightness of being and we like cut kites will find a bare tree to impale ourselves on. And not a cloud to perch on.

The gift of power. A third gift is the most pragmatic. Power. For if we can use the looser ripplings we can plant into the subconscious of existence the directives we wish to plant. For at this point, we can tap the subconscious and so can command limitless inner change and outer power. Except, the particular realm of the subconscious listens to inchoate longings. And so the price for our demands being granted is that we are tied by apron strings to them. They will draw us back to manifest life.

The gift of integration. A fourth gift rarely spoken of or understood. It is the gift of surrender. Of being digested. We quote a section in this article: “A last, strange category seek a broader liberation they choose to let go of God the light and instead become God the existent's bones and burrow deep into the very foundations of existence.” In this you become a part of the manifest, a psychic brick, a joy-slaved vampire, or even a devi.

Now, the three points of predictable annual shifts we mentioned are not, day-night points. They are broader trends that can be accessed through specific points. For example while Maha-Shivrathri accesses such an inner surge, so too does lent and Easter. Many festivals in August-Sep, like The Pagan Great Hunt, Or Blood Planting, and closer home, Onam, Navrathri, tap into such a surge. Similarly, Saturnalia, and now Christmas tap December's shift. Many of the festivals have lost power, because unlike MahaShivrathri they do not pay tribute to the moon's and hence subconscious cyclicities.

We come now to the fag-end of our exploration. And so some tailpiece comments are called for.

2012 is special. There is not one matrix of human life, but 3 matrixes relevant to human existence. And 12 relevant to our universe. One we may call the matrix of light & glory. The second which we have called The Matrix of Existence but more accurately could equally be called The Matrix of Passion. The Last may be called The Matrix of Damnation, or hell or dungeon dark. The 3 matrixes interact, but are independent of each other. And so the predictable, coincident openings of the other matrixes occur only on occasion, once every 12, 48, and 1172 years. In This MahaShivrathri 2 matrixes open slightly. Of damnation and passion. So the release of incarcerated selves and pain is greater.

So how should you release the inward hurt. If you are part of The Hindu tradition, then obviously chants like Mrityunjaya may prove useful. But if you are not, try this ritual. It can be done tonight or 20 nights or 45 days hence. Place a candle above your shoulder height. Now simply go across your life, take your hates, hurts and imprisonments. And release them. How? Simple, say ‘hate towards xxx I release you go to light, go to the joy, return as God. Or if there are blocks like lack of success, poverty, lovelessness, meanness, pettiness, say ‘pattern of xxx {For eg failure} I release you, go to light, go to the joy, return from God, as joy, power, love & goodness, the self untrammelled.'












































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