Colonel Sidhu speaks of a life-saving miracle on his trek
  Creator's Child art Kedar Tal
  Image of Kedar Tal, a key step on Colonel Sidhu's Trek. Look at it. Aurawise. What do you see?

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“At the exciting young age of 65 years, on the spur of the moment, I decided to enter the world of high altitude trekking. It was a 65 kilometres trek to be negotiated in 7 days, from 29 September 2019 to 05 October 2019 along the route Gangotri 10,100 feet – Kedar Tal 15,666 feet – Patangini Dhar 16,383 feet - Auden’s Col 18,300 feet – Gangotri.”  -- Says Colonel Sidhu. “Our group comprised of 8 trekkers, accompanied by 2 guides and 7 porters.”

Now these numbers may mean little to us land lubbers. Merrily living on the plains, thinking climbing 5 flights of stairs a challenge. So we turn to wiki to give us an idea of what Col Sidhu was going through. First high altitude climbing is classified into high, very high and extreme height. Col Sidhu’s trek was almost entirely in a zone of high altitude, and some in extreme altitude. So what are the dangers here? Says wiki ‘The human body can perform best at sea level, where the atmospheric pressure is 1013.25 milibars  (or 1 atm). In healthy individuals, this saturates haemoglobin, the oxygen-binding red pigment in red blood cells. Atmospheric pressure decreases exponentially with altitude. And… pO2 decreases exponentially with altitude… It is about half of its sea-level value at 16,000 ft… Travel to these altitude regions can lead to medical problems, from the mild symptoms of acute mountain sickness, high altitude pulmonary edema, and high altitude cerebral edema.’ Now let’s add in the sub-sub Zero cold factor. So there are also the charms of Frostbite, Hypothermia, Heart problems. All which make one clumsy on terrain that is slippery and treacherous. As one can see it is clearly no walk in the park.



Himalayan trek

Colonel Sidhu continues matter of factly with “Patangini Dhar is a Himalayan high altitude pass that lies in Gangotri National Park region of Garhwal and connects Kedar Ganga valley to Rudragaira valley. It is located at an elevation of 16383 feet.” Those are the facts. But the real facts are in front of you in the the image Col Sidhu has sent us of Patangini Dhar. The terrain by itself is daunting enough, but at 16000 feet it is hell disguised as beauty. 

Oh yes and the dangers we pointed out? Well till now we only spoke of the physical ones. Broken bones, heart attacks, brain damage… But those are just foothills compared to the   extreme psychic terrors in the mountains. We have had at least 3 cases of possession by mountain spirits and wind spirits. While we will discuss them in another article. For a preview see the image below.

  Earth Spirits at Kedar Tal

“Kedar Tal a high altitude glacier fed lake lying at an altitude of 15666 feet and framed by the dominating vista of Thalaisagar peak, is a mystic site.” As I saw it the phrase Abode of the Gods came instantly to mind.” As he meditated at the lake, his inner force woke water spirits... These are heady beings capable of transporting one to spiritual highs... Yes and they are related to river nymphs from which the term nymphomania is based, or the mythic sirens that called sailors to oceans...

  Col Sidhu on Trek

But heaven demands a blood price. And as we continue to trek one plodding, wobbly, blistered foot after another in inhospitable terrain we find breath straining, heart clamping, head blacking out .… “By evening of the second day a wave of nausea swept over me which induced vomiting.” There was no way he could continue. We can just see the guides and porters thinking of lugging Col Sidhu back down slippery slopes. “I almost had to give up. Then on day three I sought divine intervention, the Creator’s Child way, by meditation at Kedar Tal at 14500 feet.”

As he meditated, “Three miracles happened.” The first that very night “A wave of energy swept over me in the night and by morning of day four I had regained my vigour.”

Incidentally Colonel Sidhu is practicing to be a master in a Creator’s Child specialised meditation pathway called The Sthambha.  This potent one calls on the elementals directly. He has been meditating seriously since the 1990’s when he used it to help in war situations. {He will relate more on that in another article.}

So when Colonel Sidhu meditated what happened? An energy connection went out from his left. It trifurcated and connected to 3 energy pools. To the ground and land spirit giving him enormous force. To the waist to strength and resolve to overcome from his army days. To the deeper height where he touched a trans-universal astral spirits.

The second miracle was the weather. Climbers were turning away from Patangini Dhar as the weather was monstrous. Just as they approached “Patangini Dhar weather opened for just 6 hours, on day five, barely adequate to enable us to summit.”

The third miracle was that from someone dragging himself, the laggard of the group, Col Sidhu was in the forefront. Leading climbers a third his age. “An inexhaustible energy supply from the Divine to survive three arduous days, in high altitude, on approximately 5-6 table spoons porridge and 250 - 500 ml water per day.”

Colonel Sidhu is back home. Proudly back home, as opposed to carried back on a stretcher. And one of the key reasons is because when in trouble he remembered to call on the divine... {And so must each of us}... When he did that The Divine answered. Not once but thrice. It connected to his bank balance of will power stored over decades as an army hero. Then it helped connect to earth shaktis that got the very earth to back him up. And last it connected him to astral spirits that have been called in India, Apsaras or Gandharvas. And in the West as Naiads, Dryads, Angels.



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