My Mind Scratches, His Body Moves.
By Kanak




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Hi Tarun,
This is an experience I recently encountered.

While traveling on a flight, I happened to be seated beside a rather burly man. Considering the fact that I, too, am not delicately built, we were both tentatively feeling for more space on the arm rest we commonly shared.

As time went by, my co-passenger slept off, his heavy head threatening to fall on my shoulder. As it started to get uncomfortable for me, I thought of ways to place his head back onto the headrest of his seat. I did not want to physically touch him. Nor did I want to sound rude by waking him from the siesta, he so obviously was enjoying.

I first brought in awareness to my entire body. I closed my eyes and shifted the built up ball onto the other man's physical body. It took me some time to feel his energy. My awareness found it unfamiliar, and the texture of his form was far different than my own body. As my awareness, or maybe just awareness, became stable, I realized that to make him move away, I needed to create a sensation somewhere around his neck. That should wake him up and re adjust his head position. I scratched his neck region through the awareness. It worked! He frowned in his sleep, felt a sensation on his neck, turned aside, and dropped his head onto the headrest of his seat.

It then struck me as incredible that my experiment had succeeded. But what was more astounding was that, as I scratched my neighbor's neck, I too felt the same scratch across my neck. It was a distinct sensation of my fingernail brushing against my skin. It really freaked me out!

Thanks, Kanak





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Commentary: Kanak accompanied by Tarun & Celia has been going on a meandering journey into the heart of life. During which Kanak encountered a state of existence he termed the Galaxy of Lights. Well normally we are centred in ourselves. Then there are times we puzzle over the life that others experience. Then at times of deep empathy we feel another’s feelings. In the Galaxy of Lights you sense the life in many others simultaneously. You are everywhere and also in yourself.

But sometimes you wonder if it is real? And is it just passive information. Insights you can receive. Can you reach out and touch?

In this marvellous experiment, Kanak reveals we are not landlocked. Not islands in our bodies. We can reach out into another’s body and shift a lolling head.

As you read this you realise that the Creator’s Child approach, is scientific. For we operate by discovering inner possibilities and ratifying it. However you also realise that this experience of oneness negates science as we know it. For if we are all interconnected, we could tacitly agree on things. Destroying the sanctity of the double blind experiment. In short in a mystic world or quantum world, there is no such thing as objective. Only the stable and unstably subjective.

Now let’s proceed to juicer truths. Kanak shifted someone when sleeping, would it be possible when the man was awake? Less easily.

If Kanak reached into the man’s mind, is the reverse possible? Yes, that’s why we have protection.

The other day we were talking to Divya and she told us that she had repelled a psychic attack when sleeping. We were delighted. “You told me Tarun & Celu that I should be able to defend or bless even when sleeping. Only once or twice has anything been able to get through my defences at night.”

Very importantly note this, Kanak scratched the man’s neck, but he felt it too. So for all those pondering psychic murder, consider this, in the galaxy everyone is equally You. So to kill someone you are actually killing yourself, you are cutting off a head, an arm, a leg.

Let us now study the process in greater detail, to actually scratch another person’s neck Kanak communicated with a higher self which opened to The Galaxy Self, which saw lolling man as part of it, which planted idea in the galaxy and so caused a sensation in the lolling man’s neck, but the message did not stay there it went out to other’s, a man on another seat who sensed the closeness of Kanak to his neighbour and wondered if Kanak was available, it itched on the neck of the aeroplane captain. It also itched on Kanak’s own neck.

But here’s the thing, is a black magic attack the perfect crime? For: as a well-known philosophical line of discussion asks “If a tree in a forest falls and no one hears has it fallen?” The problem with the question is obvious. It’s by a man with very limited consciousness. The tree lives, the forest thinks, the stones hear.  Similarly just because it is hidden doesn’t mean others haven’t heard. The captain, the copassenger, the lolling man, all know. And The Galaxy knows.

Back to the main topic, Kanak’s experience reminds us that we are interconnected. We are a galaxy with a star here and a star there, but we are all deeply intertwined.

We have formed a civilisation based on the principle of individuality to the point of extreme islandisation. As the conceptual underpinnings drop, a new world emerges.

As I write this commentary I look around, a higher spirit looks into my mind. Reoils a gear. Tightens a loose screw.  

- March 2017

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