The Wonderful Gift that is a 'No Gift'

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Article first Published 2016 May 2016. In full form June 2016.


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We are walking in the neighbourhood. A borewell is being dug with all the roar, rattle, dust and earth tremble. we pass some dogs. Celia asks them if they would like some biscuits. "Not now" say the dogs. "But it would be great if you could turn off the sound." We assure them that it would be turned off before the big dark aka night.

The simple truth is that we were not giving them anything. We had not spoken to the borewell contractor {What's the use?}. We had not given them a biscuit.

But for the dogs, the idea that the unbearable sound that had invaded their neighbourhood, threatened their sanity and even their lives... would end in just hours was a great relief. We had given them something.

'Threatened their lives?' you ask. 'How can the sound of a borewell being dug threaten an animal's life? Yes it can. Awhile ago, we talked to a neighbour who lost a pomeranian when it died with shattered eardrums from diwalli noise. We forget that animals often have sharper senses than we do. We often forget that animals sense a richer world than ours.

Ok, but how does this help me deal with my pet ensconced often on my bed? you may ask.

At a more day to day level, many pets and many animals, have a different sense of time. So for example when you leave town and put them up with a neighbour or a pet hotel they do not know when you will return, fret and fall ill.

So what do you do? What can you do?

Well talk to them.

How you ask. Flip through the end bit of your copy of Buffy's Doggy Revelations. And just talk to them as you would do when you are giving them khana. They understand. They may not understand which flight you are catching, but they will understand that you care. That you love.

Now sometimes aura sensing, animal conversation, meditation come slap bang against ground reality. And can make little headway. {Remember the article on Useless Intuition, Priceless Revelation}

Sometimes we cannot turn off the pain. But we can give the assurance that the peace will return. It is a 'No Gift". Sometimes that's all we have to give one another.



Love & God Tarun & Celia



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