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A seeker experiences the rewards of Oneness with Everything.
An article on a socratean session of Kanak with Tarun Cherian.


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“For the last 3 weeks after our session, I’ve been experiencing a strange oneness with everything… somehow magically things resolve themselves…”

What is wonderful is that these are not words from an ancient book. Not some ancient scriptures regurgitated. They are living words, living experiences of a spiritual seeker who is managing a highly successful IT career, and husbanding a wife and 2 kids. He could be your colleague, your apartment neighbor… And no, Kanak does not spend hours meditating, but perhaps 15 minutes, days of wondering, and yes, once in 2 weeks or so, he seeks guidance from Creator’s Child on the small and big things of life.

No, Kanak is not reheating sutras. These are real, eternal truths poking their heads out of the everyday of his existence.

The ancients of all religions have said it, we at Creator’s Child have it as our central pillar, and modern scientists concur… we are deeply connected… so magnificently at one level that some may dare use the words oneness to describe it. A vaulting idea that brings with it a bewildering feast of possibility, an arsenal really.

One momentous possibility has been experienced by Kanak, and gifted to us. “It works”, he says. “It really works. With Oneness things magically resolve themselves… “Even the most bitter and intractable issues move towards resolution…” And that is wondrous… not perhaps unanticipated… but wondrous still, for technically, if we are all part of oneness then surely our opposition is no more than a thumb opposing fingers to lift something precious?

However Kanak goes on to say, “But the strange oneness threw up difficulties and challenges… for in that state it became difficult if not impossible to focus on the mundane… financial details… work deadlines… a friend’s birthday becomes irrelevant and insignificant…

We laughed and pointed out how Tarun when experiencing a Kundalini Awakening while a Creative Director would find each sentence turn into a soft smoky trail that could take days to emerge from his mouth… All this happened while he won pitches… won awards…

Two things had to happen… to make the vastness of the universe part of daily life… That is of course if one doesn’t have the ability to quit IT or advertising… One change the rules… Shift deadlines so one could bring to bear a greater interconnectivity.

Second return to Cosmic Heart {O} notes… We went on to discuss how being in The Now allows one to both be expansive and yet firmly rooted… to be ensconced in the moment yet brushed by the winds of infinity… 

“The state lasted 2 weeks…” Kanak said, “But I couldn’t sustain it…”

A hugely significant point… And one that all spiritualists who have received and insight must read… for it illuminates a key step in what some have called a spiritual journey… The Touch of Grace must be welcomed, The Glimpse of God must be internalized, The Shoes of The Divine must be Filled…    

But why one may ask if Oneness, and all its many gifts are natural to us must we struggle so hard. Birds fly. That’s natural. Yes, but that naturalness takes enormous effort. Days of relentless feeding makes the pigeons grow from tiny yellow patches to grey handfuls. The fat ugly pigeons are chivvied, encouraged, pushed till the make a first little flight. Then comes a day when by chance, slip of foot or deliberateness they fly off the balcony into the giddy air. The natural must be built on. There are dangers at every step. Two pigeons grew up on our balcony, one who learnt to flap up to first a pot, then a high branch of a shrub… we one day found her with a broken neck… caught in a pigeon fight in the middle of the night flying on unsteady wings going crash into a pot? The other refused to fly. Afraid. Then lost an eye in a fight or bitten by fleas. He was pushed, chivvied, starved, till standing on the edge of the balcony lost balance fluttered mightily till he found another balcony. This life where sparks of the divine are tossed and winnowed is a brilliant but hard teacher.

Oneness is a great prize, naturalness is a fine truth. But trust the highest path to it takes great effort, unutterable grace.

While we are all divine – true of every ant and human, ghost and angel – we have it only to the extent we can claim it. Don Juan, Carlos Castaneda’s peerless teacher pointed out that infinity surrounds us… how strongly can we seize it?

We all read textbooks before exam time.
Some crammed. But forgot what they crammed before the exam.
Some crammed. Remembered at the exam, but forgot what they crammed after the exam.
Some crammed. Remembered what they crammed well after the exam, but can’t really apply it in daily life.
Some studied. Remembered what they studied well after the exam, apply it in daily life. But they cannot really use it in the greater life, in the ruts beyond the greater life.
Some studied, followed the knowledge not for the marks but its own joy. Remembered what they crammed well after the exam, they may apply it in daily life, but certainly look beyond to the greater life.

Some say I have meditated for years. That’s good. But that makes you good at meditation. Holding on to that inner grace glimpsed in meditation, letting it seep out become your truth informing your steps as you compete in the pragmatic world, as we stand in a world where water gets short and tempers high.

Oneness demands more. God demands more. For if one has one blanket will we share or give it away to someone who needs it more? If the world has a nuke and you have a mantra will you hold on to that mantra or join the nuke men? If you know an earthquake were to hit your town and crush a thousand friends would you shift it onto another town? Now this is not just abstract knowledge, but real, once a few years ago, Celia and I faced just such a choice. If I am All, then the natural instinct of I is to use the All to serve the I. If however I do that I lose the All-I and fall into the I.

Ramana Maharishi had a leg infested by maggots. He let them feed. Saying ‘poor things what do they have to eat’. Lord Jesus on his cross could have called up a storm, or sent the legionnaires mad and escaped. It is said a Sikh Guru, a mere child of 13 when being walled up by the Mughals calmly looked on, as he was sentenced to being suffocated to death. But calm acceptance of faith is but one example of inner grace. The power of the divine of Oneness has leveled mountains, broken the back of empires, crushed continents. But that power is a power with All, not over all.

Yes, one may cram, study or learn. But…

…There is one great difference between reading a textbook and experiencing a great truth. In the first, one reads a text. In the second, the knowledge reads you, corrects you refines you, sets on fire, applies you… warms a world with you.