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Open your Eyes to Mudras: Empowering & Life-Saving!. by Tarun & Celia Cherian, Co-founders Devadhara Healing


We include an entire healing mudra package, especially for respiratory empowerment, so appropriate during Corona Time:

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Open your eyes to Mudras By Devadhaa Healing Founders, Celia & Tarun Cherian

Awhile ago, our next-door neighbour dropped over home. We had seen her, said hello. But nothing more. We knew they were middle-aged bankers. Spotted a Lord Krishna statue in their at first sparse home, then the usual sofas. That's it.

Life-saving Mudras: One morning she dropped in wearing her nightie and said she was not feeling well. a one-glance aura scan showed a heart disturbance. What was she feeling? We asked. Heaviness in left arm. Feeling of fulness, heartburn, as we all know they are possible heart-attack symptoms. We told her we would rush her to the hospital. But no. She had to phone her husband. Get dressed. So we folded her hand in the Sanjeevini Mudra, started healing {Devadhara Healers you have this in your notes}. After long minutes we got through to the husband. Of course we could take her to the hospital {He would join us there. She then went to her home to get dressed. Tried to tell her we'd give her a shawl, to cover her nightie. But no! As minutes passed we barged into her home. Had she collapsed? No! She had changed into a crisp saree, and was putting flowers in her hair.

We raced her to the hospital. Celia at the back with her giving healing and support to the back of the heart {our Devadhara and Reiki Healers please note; this is the best place to give healing to during a heart attack}. The emergency team quickly connected her to an ECG, oxygen, gave her heart stabilisers... They revealed she was having a heart attack as she came in.

Skeptic Convinced: But you may say "This is ridiculous". How can holding your hands in this way or that make a difference to our health? Well I did too. In the mid 90's Celia & I were just becoming healers and healing masters. Then I had the most atrocious hay fever, sometimes even 3 anti-histamines wouldn't work. So my creative ad team would have to hear "Hey guys we need to-achoo- do award - achoo- winning stuff-achoo!"

Now there are 50 classic Yogic healing Mudras. Plus hundreds of lesser known healing, meditative, and expressive mudras. From other traditions like the Japanese and Chinese, one has hundreds more. If we add sacred gestures of shamans, across the world it is many thousands. We ourselves often uniquely developed hundreds of Mudras for specific issues. Customised for a single person. For example, Bhim S an air force man came to us. Among other things he simply couldn’t sleep. We crafted a mudra especially for him.

Moving Beyond Science's Western Prejeudice: The trouble with Western Science is that it can be very prejediced. Cleanliness, the cornerstone of modern medicine today has come 10,000 years after traditional civilisations like The Mohenjodaro and Rakhigari civilisations insisted on it. The city of London began to develop a mod drainage only in 1866. What did you do with the shitpot? Chuck it out of the window! In the 1800's in many parts of USA and Britain you needed a Doctor's prescription to have a bath. Remember it took 5 centuries from Modern medicine's birth for it to accept Probiotics. And that's 10,000 years after traditional populaces discovered cheese and curd.

Today it is beginning to accept Mudras...

Rigorous research reveals -- Mudras work! Better News, @ Corona time they work on Serious Respiratory Illness:

Mudras for Lung strengthening

Now Yogics for centuries have identified mudras which are positive for the respiratory system! Now for the last 25 years we have added to patient's health with mudras. But are they just mind-soothers? Very heartening for us is science too agrees. According to a study in the National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology, Lung-specific yoga mudras have a positive effect on the respiratory function of asthma patients.

Out of our 25 years of healing experience...

Devadhara Healing shares 7 Classic Yogic Lung Mudras to Keep You Safe During Corona Time.

1. New The Udana Mudra: Enhance Oxygenation. According to anecdotal reports from ICUs, this mudra is proving useful to patients. Shared by Nishi with us, when we checked it out, we found aura-wise it enhances the heart chakra area. So it is definitely worth sharing and trying.

Udana Mudra

2. Bronchial Svasa Nalika Mudra. This mudra is useful for severe bronchial issues. It has 2 effects one lets the solar plexus energies flow up, enourage upper lung tip chakras to open.

3. Atmanjali Mudra: Strengthens Chest. Better known as Namaskara Mudra it helps us take stress, disappointment better. Energy wise it creates strong field at the chest area. This would be our no 2 chest mudra.

atmanjali demonstrated by devadhara healing

4. Linga Mudra, Link Survival Force with Caring. There are at least 6 variants of the Linga Mudra. Some strengthen sexual prowess, some awaken the kundalini, this unites our drive to exist survive and care, and so strengthens the chest area. Traditionally one does it in the morning, and pregnant women are given it only under supervision...

Linga Mudra demonstrated by Devadhara Healing Master

5. Garuda Mudra. Expand Lung, Claim Right to Soar. This s good to expand lung capacity, but if you've got pneumonia and are struggling to breathe it will ...

Garuda Mudra demonstrated by Spiritual Teacher Tarun Cherian

6. Shankha Mudra: Strengthens The Throat. The Shankha mudra helps tune the throat chakra, helping higher expression, regulating even how the throat constricts...


7. The Bramharara Mudra: Clear Allergies. Extremely useful as many serious respiratory illnesses start as a sneeze when smelling dust, fumes, chilly, or stress makes one internal allergic to bacterial action. This mudra is part of an essential set in all Devadhara Level 1 healers notes. This Mudra helped clear Tarun's own hay fever 2 and a half decades ago and made him a believer. Slightly difficult to hold you need to curl your pointer/ index finger as shown. Older people often can't manage this. No problem, rell them to do this instead, not perfect but acceptable.

Bramharara Mudra Devadhara Healing


Now typically Mudras are held for 5 minutes, between 1-3 times a day. Or more frequently or for greater lengths if necessary.

The simple truth is Mudras can be health boosters and be life-savers. But many will see mudras as being from outside their religion and so suspect . Tarun's mother a wonderfully open woman, would use our herbal remedies for her severe asthma, but found it impossible to use mudras. For those who are murmuring why are Tarun and Celia giving us these non-christian, anti-my-religion practices, we would like you to look at the hands of the saints in Byzantine mosaics. They are all holding mudras in ways to amplify power.

From across the world and India in particular have come a rich tradition of healing, and spiritual growth. From that tradition we offer you these gifts. May they prove useful during these difficult times.



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