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Oxygen & Healing, Caring & Covid.

A first person account by a Covid ICU recoverer throws light on several advanced healing techniques like Angel Healing, Demon Healing, Advanced Chakra Healing and good old fashioned caring.   


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“It was surreal and frightening... The sight of everyone in PPE suits makes you feel you are in a sci-fi horror film.

“My nightmare began with a good deed. I had taken my aunt for treatment to hospital (after she along with her son with family fell sick).... The hospital said that she was a post COVID patient...

“2 days later, I had a sore throat, then cold, then cough, then fever, then chills... I could barely crawl... My phone felt like a ton of bricks. I got myself investigated… long stick up the nostrils {bloody painful and strange as two disembodied gloved hands come into the cubicle}, blood test to find that I was positive.... My blood oxygen was a miserable 80...

“’You have to be admitted immediately’ the Doctor told me. But the hospital I had gone to had no space. Incredibly the doctor, spent a precious 15 minutes, he called another hospital and got me room. It was so heart-warming. One of the most depressing moment in my journey was also then and here. There was no ambulance to ferry me to the next hospital, my 3 kids in Europe and when I called cousins, neighbours they were as elusive as ghosts. I felt utterly alone. Here I was a single woman, could barely stand and all those bloody cousins, who I’ve helped a hundred times… But then a relative in her 70’s said, ‘hey no problem…’ She’s quite scatter-brained, but a scatter-brained woman willing to stand by you is a great relief when your legs feel like jelly and head don’t work…

“The doctor in the new hospital immediately admitted me into the ER and put me on oxygen... I was shifted to ICU... put on a bipap machine (high oxygen)... my friends and relatives started praying for me... But the strangeness of the ICU, the doctors looked like strange gnomes, the nurses like wraiths from Lord of The Rings. This is not happening.  

Covid Horror

Healing Makes a Rapid Difference.
“I cried out to Tarun and Celia for healing... Minutes later, after the SMS went, they reached back. They started healing and in half an hour I began to feel human again. Celia asked St Joseph to stand watch over me... Tarun said that there was a light behind the left of my head... What I know is I felt reassured, could breathe easier. Now as I connect back I see lights that dance into a figure with a staff.

“My breathing till then had been a frantic 35-40 breaths a minute. Then as the assurance of being in safe arms crept over me… My breathing eased… It came down to a more normal 15…


Christ Light

Angel Healing Understood: Often in Devadhara Healing, very advanced students can formally call a high spirit Deva or Angel to look after Patients, while they can cure in seconds, Angels rarely do so, they often only support. Why? Because the job of the Angel is not to prevent death. But to use crisis as ways to catalyse Soul Growth.

 For example in a healing that happened 15 years ago, there were 4 of us. A brilliant white light descended arms outspread. Jesus? Sai Baba? Probably Jesus. The lady who was suffering had 2 key issues. Severe Asthma and a marital issue. The brilliant being offered the sufferer a choice. There was energy enough to heal one of the 2 issues. Which would she choose?  What would you choose? Well, she chose to heal the marital issue.

But why you may ask does an Angel force one to choose? Because the choices we take push the ego to grow. Also within a universe, even an Angel or Deva has limitations. The conventions of a universe limit what even a high spirit can do. Besides, an Angel doesn’t weigh things by our standard. We had placed 2 Covid patients under the care of Lord Murugan, after a titanic struggle one was recovering well, and Docs foresaw him coming out in a week. Suddenly a health crisis drove him into the ICU and arms of death. Why we demanded of God, smiling at our temerity he explained this one is needed in another world. The other patient who was far worse off has returned home. Why had he been saved we asked, gratefully. 'Oh his grandchild asked very sweetly' was the answer.

So what did St Joseph think of the patient in question. "My role was to help her clarify whether the sense of abandonment by children was so hurtful she couldn't think of living on, or whether her deeper existence could bless life. But I wouldn't let her take her choices lightly. She needed to understand the magnitude of her bitterness and joy.


Focus on Key Chakras.
To return to Samkita's narrative: “But Devadhara Healing is not for the lazy. Tarun asked me to start healing myself, to focus on specific chakras… “You are an advanced healer” he said. “You called it in. You can reverse it.” At first, it was an effort… then I began healing in earnest. One chakra that was particularly significant was the armpit one. There were ugly black masses. When I removed them I felt a distinct energy shift.  That evening, Tarun said that my healing power had been increased...


Chakra Healing

Chakra Healing. Advanced Insight: Often in India we focus very heavily on chakras, and these are points of great power. And they are useful, immensely... but we need to point out that they deal with roughly only 30-40% of governance. Why only 40? Because what we consider major chakras are a set of astral structures closely linked to the physical body. But there are deeper causal, divine points of governance that can overrule. And there are darker body chakras that are stubborn and refuse to listen.  

The first causal structures tend to listen to divine purpose. {Think of this as you may have the President of a country for a proposal, but a superpower may countermand even a president}. The second are tuned to a bio-atomic conversation. {Visualise this as a Governmental order which cannot be carried out because an area is infested with a peasant uprising}. Which is why deep spiritual intent or blind faith are very potent in healing.  

Now many people think of sounds, mantras, colours at chakras. Good. But the real insight is chakras are points where aspects of physical function and human life, intersect with divine trajectory. They are primal places of prayer and worship. Several times more powerful than the most intense external temples.


“I Saw The Corona Virus”
After that digression back to Samkita's narrative: "But it was at the throat that I had a most incredible vision, as I was healing I began to see blue-white flashes. It became a ball and then formed the shape of the corona virus. It was as if it was looking at me. Seeing who was this that was generating such force? As if it could feel the energy I was generating. Was it showing itself, communicating, wondering what I was?

“As I healed the next day, I could see the Corona form still, but by afternoon it was no longer present…


 ‘Demon Healing’Briefly Explained: Now the Corona form that Samkita saw underlines an extremely significant healing methodology. It is used in Srilankan Healing and is present in parts of rural India. Since everything is consciousness, it is possible to connect to the intruding bacterial or viral consciousness. In Srilanka this is achieved by demon masks of predatory illnesses. In India it is manifest in temples like Plague Amma.

There are 3 modalities of it. In one, the person says oh you are king predator so spare me. Second the person says, You are consciousness to the 'plague', and so you listen this one in your grasp is worth keeping rather than killing. In the third, we are oneness, all part of the same oneness, by calling on this oneness, we help you become more, and the person raise his luminosity, and so treat him not as cannon fodder.

However, dealing with such consciousness is far from easy. For it is a little like trying to reason with a thief. Or like the American Continent trying to convince European settlers to leave as they would destroy the sanctity of the continent’s ecosystem. Besides then such an entity may ask, ok if i don't feed on this one who do i feed on? Many will think ok I can offer x animal or y human, but that is short run, for eventually that ontract is on you and will be extracted 5 times what the sacrifice you offered had to undergo.

In Devadhara Healing the very advanced at highly specific times may approach such a consciousness, but we never offer someone else as sacrifice, we may offer an energy gift or war with this consciousness.

The sad truth is we humans do not realise, we are demons to most other species. We think we are goodies, but we are the ugliest of the lot. Our art and high-philosophy not-withstanding.  

Good Daemon Healing


After that break we return to Samkita's narrative: As the oxygen, steroids, and healing took effect… “Slowly I became better... I was moved out of ICU to the Covid ward... It was glorious to be out of the ICU. But in the Covid ward, there was no A/C. Summer sweat poured down. The first time I was allowed to go to the loo was like a reason to celebrate. The simple things in life are something to treasure. Water on the face.

“Finally, I was released from hospital… But I was touched by the concern of the nurse and The Doc releasing me who refused to let me go unless I assured him, there was oxygen at home and 24 hour help. A friend organized an oxygen concentrator at home to improve blood oxygen further. But as far the help, well I had to tell a white lie.
“So many stories of horror and death have been told... by God’s grace I got a hospital bed with oxygen... doctors and nurses who did sincere work... I thank everyone for their prayers... the gift of healing…



‘Sincerity & Caring’ Potent in Getting-Well-Soon: No matter how advanced a civilization, we will always wrestle with problems that will outstrip the rational tools at our disposal. We humans are not robots. And so command vaster reserves of energy. But these are often unleashed only when they are triggered by caring.


Back again to Samkita's narrative: “It was frightening... Somedays it felt like there were weights on my chest… But was it the most scary thing I’ve undergone? When I look back I recall a time when I was fighting with a local mafia don for years, one day he assaulted the car my son was driving in… Compared to that, this was a walk in the park…

Recovery Powered by Gratitude
“Many have not made it. A recent study in the scientific journal ‘Critical Care Explorations’ revealed that the mortality rate for Covid-19 positive ICU patients is an ugly 40 per cent. ICU for a critical Covid patient is a Russian Roulette.

"But it was not all bad. A lot of good has come out of it too, my second daughter who had been drifting away, offered to pay for my hospital bills… I refused but it feels like I’ve got my daughter back… I now value real integrity even more, be it a doc, or the uber driver… I’ve found out who my real friends are… Then I realize that my healing spiritual process has got a huge fillip… I think of The Corona Virus… Wonder what it thinks? And I think of St Joseph… Tarun has asked me to think if St. Joseph appeared to a Muslim Patient or Hindu, what would he look like? Then come the appreciation of little things I no longer gulp down my morning cuppa, I savour it… C’est la vie… I am alive and the birds are chirping… Listen. Do you hear the birds are chirping?”



- A Covid Recoverer, name withheld by request.
Accompanied by Celia & Tarun Cherian


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