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  Devadhara Master Tarun Cherian and The 3 Past Lives

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25 years of showing you the reality of inner reality. Many who see Past Lives often wonder whether it is just their imaginations at work? Is it just wishful thinking? This is the biggest problem that most face when recalling past lives. Especially since Western Science rooted in middle–eastern traditions that reject reincarnation, are not just skeptical but closed. So even though a mass of evidence has piled up revealing the reality of past lives, within the scientific community, a question mark hangs over it. But at least among the majority of you reading this article on the Creator’s Child website, you know that is not true. For many of you have done Past Lives with us. Incredibly, you have seen us give you details of what was happening as you recalled a past life. So you aren’t lost in doubt wondering if you had made it all up! Let us reinforce this point with 3 examples.

For example, one past life regressor saw a man on the terrace of a building. She did not tell us that the person she met was a soldier wearing red coat and white trousers with silver buttons. We told her the details that we had got simultaneously. What’s more Celia and I got it independently.

In another past life recaller’s case, who in his regression was eating a meal at a table. We described the food he was eating, a kind of cabbage soup, without this detail being given to us.

In a third past life recaller’s case, we described to him a person he had met, it was a sage with a half scarred face.

Now as you look at the three cases above you realize that it is true Past Lives are real. Typically, most proof of past lives has come in the rare instances when children recall their earlier lives. But here you don’t need to rest your faith on the odd kid. You have seen it for yourself. That’s the first learning. But the second is equally significant. What is in the head, what is dead and gone, remains strong enough for others to sense it. Underline this thought. What you are living through, and lived through is so potent others can sense it. But you may say Celia-Tarun that’s fine. You guys recall things well. But can we see this as potently?


Past Life Caterpillar


A student sees another’s past life by looking at his head!
We have been taking an advanced Cosmic Heart Spiritual Awakening, Death & Rebirth Workshop spanning a year. The 3 students are Ashwin, Ravi Tiwari, & Shwetha.

In a class in April, we helped each of them sense their past lives. While one was recalling the past life, we got the others to sense what the other was recalling. Ashwin said I am seeing a figure with many legs a little like a caterpillar. Precisely what we were sensing. Are you sensing yourself as a caterpillar? We asked Ravi Tiwari. “Yes” he answered.

The other selves are not dead and gone their influence runs through us today! And with half a decade of serious effort you can see it for yourself.
But you may ask why would I want to remember being a caterpillar? We got Ravi to recall the caterpillar life in detail. He realized he could sense life with a brilliance and colour we humans can’t every hair on the caterpillar body vibrated with sensory richness no human can even conceive of. The feeling of walking on a leaf and feeling the pulse of sap was impossible. The caterpillar life reminds us we are blind worms. Not the great magnificent aesthetes we think we are. Compared to the caterpillar our greatest connoisseurs are ditch water drinkers.

  creators child advanced students

3 students see Tarun’s Aura changed by past life influence!
In a recent class in May, we gave the same 3 advanced students an extremely difficult test. While handing out the notes to the 3 of them Tarun, shifted to a different past life personality for each of them. Would they get it right? With no change in dress, just by inviting a past life psyche into his aura, when he handed out his notes.

What would you see if you were there? Tarun was wearing a kurtah. As he handed you your notes his aura shifted. In a very insignificant way how he handed notes to you changed. And he handed you your notes in a second, with just a few insignificant words to go with it. Amazingly, they all got it absolutely right.

Shweta saw Tarun’s aura was suffused with a Witch life.
Ravi Tiwari saw Tarun with a prominent King personality.
Ashwin saw Tarun with a past life as an aging fighter shining through.

What does it mean?
People are influenced by our past lives today.

And by reverse, go ahead conceive of it, if you are timid you can request a more forceful past life to emerge. {In a future book we will share with you how insane this sharing can be, in a case involving Alka Tyagi.} But it isn’t just that Past Lives can change how others perceive you.  They can do more. If you were reading your Tickles, Tickle 21 in particular you would know what we are talking about. Don’t remember? Let’s refresh your memory. 

Tanya is visited by three of Tarun’s Past Lives!
In a session that happened almost a decade and a half ago, Tanya stayed the night with us in our Cambridge layout home. In the middle of the night she felt many presences stand around her bed. One was a woman with long hair. Another was a man. The third was indistinct. {}

Interestingly, Pooja Rajpal had seen precisely such a figure a week before, hanging around Tarun. And Divya-Subbanna-Santosh was visited by this figure who gave her a teaching session.

God and a Lover he had when he was on earth! 
But perhaps the craziest example of the power of a past life here and now, is in the strange case we related in an earlier article in September 2017 {}. You know the one we are recalling? No. A quick summary:   

In this a brilliant but confused woman approached. She was packed with power and talent and was slightly out of kilter. As Tarun & Celia gave healing, suddenly Tarun felt Lord ‘Izh’, his cosmic spirit guide take him over, use him like a glove to reach deep into the lady. Why did the Cosmic Spirit take such a strong interest in this case? As we related earlier, it turned out “The lady was a Brujo, an ancient shaman witch reincarnated. The Lord of Light had known her, loved her tempestuously in another century when he took human form. Being a powerful witch she carried in her being strange difficult presences. Besides he wanted to touch her again. To feel what he felt. Once so long ago. And so he borrowed my hands. To touch an ancient love.”

Imagine this two past life lovers. One goes on to become a God, shaper of universes. The other is on earth, a magnetic, powerful, driven woman. By coincidence or not coincidence, she comes to us healers guided by that very same lover, now a Cosmic spirit. The spirit touches her, holds, her, reassures her, transforms her… using our hands and minds… It doesn’t get curiouser than this!

We’ve covered a vast amount of territory. Now it is time to gather it together.

The Incredible Possibilities.
1. Past Lives are Real. They are not just happening in your head. And so you do not die when you die.
2. Past Lives can be seen by and reacted to by others. You are a being with many faces. Not unlike that depicted in ancient idols. Others react to the Past Life that peers through your Aura. Human interactions are richer than you think.
3. Since Past Lives are not dead we can use them in situations where our personalities are inadequate. We often feel ourselves limited by our strengths and weaknesses, our timidities and foolishness. But we have to remember each of us have other ways of dealing with life.
4. Your Past Lives can visit others in dreams, or in the dead of the night. Your past lives have an independent existence in this world!
5. Past Lives can Teach & Guide. Yes, with a knowledge greater than yours.
6. Your lover, friend, sister in a Past Life can become a mini God, and be there for you for all time.

Now as you read this article you consider the possibilities that A} Past Lives are Real. You realize B} By gathering Past Life Knowledge you add to the richness of current knowledge. C} You increase the ‘personalities’, the ways you have to address an issue.

So how do you Use The Past Life Army Within?
1} Recall other lives. Gather knowledge over 6-12 other lives.  This by itself has a potent effect. Someone walks into a discussion with more knowledge. Some with less. Who is treated more seriously?
2} Remember you are not alone: Consciously realize at moments you feel alone and isolated that you are not alone. This will make a great difference. Helping you hold on, endure, stay true.
3} Let The Resonance Factor Work For You. An example, Indroneil, is among other things the inventor of the Indraveena. A veena that has double the strings. Of these only half are played. But the others are not silent. They vibrate when the other strings are plucked. They add music even though they have not been struck! So now you don’t just recall past lives when in trouble, do so more times in your life. Live life alive to the fact you have lived life many times. Thus increasing your fluidity and depth. Deepening your soul voice.
4} Go beyond The Ego: Make a point to travel, physically and mentally.  In small and big ways go beyond The Ego. You are pushing yourself to claim patterns of existence blocked by the circle of your ego’s interest.  
5} Different Personas for Different Situations: Once you have recall other lives, genuinely recall them before situations where their personalities would flourish. For example if you are going to an occasion where high society is on display you may choose to suffuse your personality with a kingly past life. Or an ascetic. But remember, this can be dangerous, so do this only if you have a guru you trust.
6} Live Tall.

There is only one or two among the thousands reading this article who is living earthly life for the first time. So for all of you, beneath your canvas are a hundred hands.

Become aware of this. Use The Orchestra that is You!



By Masters Celia & Tarun Cherian, in deeply grateful appreciation for the many of you who have come to us for auras, regression, healings and awakenings. The Towering Heights of your Souls makes Creator’s Child the heaven-scraping spire it is!



As you read this article you may have noticed of the 7 examples of past lives revealed to you in this article, 2 are new, 3 go back a few years, 2 go back more than a decade. While you have encountered 5 earlier, they were tucked away in the back of the head. Quite similarly we are incidents layered on incidents, meaning layered with meaning. So please keep writing in, please remind us of sessions we had with you. Or interesting spiritual vistas you have experienced.

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