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What will happen tomorrow? What will 2021 bring? Celia & Tarun and key students unleashed their 3rd eyes. Here’s what they got! For the impatient who like the gist: Broadly we may have: - A} Water, Floods, Storms. B} Major Earth Mantle Shifts & Geomagnetic and Gravitational Shifts. C} There will be Talk about Extra Terrestrials. D} Politics will be Dominated by US. Russia China will chummy up. Australia will begin to Lead. Rethink will happen in Europe. With France & Scandinavian countries leading discussions, and E Europe demanding pragmatism. E} Technologically China will be in the news. Water renewal tech will show promise, nano fabrics should emerge.  

1. Water Dominates:
1a. Water Dominates: Broadly we are getting that this year will be dominated by water events, obviously, floods and storms. As Diana Munoshi says: ‘What I saw was… torrential rains that will wipe out many’. Rakesh Sidhu speaks of some event in March - West Coast Maharashtra. Rain? Or Quake? Both Celia & Tarun agree that water issues will be significant. We also perceive a water/flood issue in Central China in the middle of the year.

1b. Ice Melting: Celia & Tarun foresee there maybe a significant melt of ice, probably in March & August. This will have an effect on shipping, and flooding in some areas. Hopefully not too severe. {Early March 2021 Update: News reports say a major fracture in arctic Ice has occurred.}  

1c. Storms & Weather Pattern: We foresee fierce storms in January near S American Isthmus. In February Western Canada may see a fierce/ snow/ sleet storm.  In November there may be a cold wave from N eastern Russia, Mongolia, and China. Brrr! {Early Jan 2021 Update: Statellite images suggest a huge cold wave will sweepdown on Canada & Europe.}

Significantly, there will be marked weather patterns shift in the space between Africa, India & Australia. Will it affect monsoons? Hope not. {Early Jan 2021 Update: Statellite images and unusual rainfall in S India, both Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, bear witness to a new weather pattern.}

1d. Water Creatures: We have also seen some kind of some kind of creature/ algae/ bacteria emerging from the sea/lake water. Celia & Tarun got this when we encountering a shakti/angelic dance in December 2020. We have to wait to see what emerges. {May 2021 Update: An algae killed 4000 tonnes of salmon in Chile. Reference: June 2021 Update: In Turkey a giant outbreak of sea snot an alagae development is choking fish just off the coast. Reference:}.

Tanya had a vision that adds to the story:  “While on your topic {Looking ahead} I kept seeing the whole day… a small sea horse kind of creature turning into a giant sea horse boat and the whole scene of men in synchronised rowing like allepey boat race.”

1e. Water Renewal: Significant news on water renewal will appear. Some kind of mesh technology will be developed to cleanse water, offering promise. Perhaps this will alleviate one of the huge problems affecting the world. {Early Jan 2021 Update: Breakthroughs in technologies of water filtration have been announced.}

2. Meteor Trails, Cosmic Events:
2a In Feb-March-June we are seeing a significant meteor touching earth atmosphere over N Russia/ Siberia/ europe. We do not believe it will hit the earth, but burn up before. But if it hits??? The other possible location we have for this is Peru in S America. {Early Jan 2021 Update: Other mystics like Nostradamus have also predicted such an event. {Feb 2021 Update: A major Comet lit up British Skies! Not in N Russia, but still! {}}  

Comet Prediction

2b. Also there maybe a significant meteor strike on the moon. {March??}. Hopefully not too bad.

2c. Mars will be in the news with fresh discoveries. {Early March 2021 Update: Mars Curiosity Rover has triggered many new insights.}

2d. Jupiter rings will show fluctuation.

2e. In March 2021, we looked ahead and got a strange beautiful prediction, in the tropics, a phenomenon a little like an aurora will be seen. {May 2021 Update: A major halo around the sun was seen in Bangalore.} 

3. Major Mantle Shifts, Some EarthQuakes:
Tarun sees there will be major earth mantle shifts but oddly these should not result in exceptional number of heavy earth quakes. But roughly 10% more smaller quakes.  Now EarthQuakes happen all the time.

3a. Tarun sees a 6+ quake in the middle east.
3b. September – Col Rakesh Sidhu sees an event in Central India. And earlier in Pakistan/Punjab.
3c. Rakesh sees an event in October - China (earthquake) 

4. Geomagnetic shifts:
Tarun sees major geomagnetic shifts, the north pole especially will move oddly, and may trace a butterfly pattern. {Early March 2021 Update: The magnetic weakening in S America has grown and even threatens to split!}

5. Forest Fires:
While there will be some significant forest fires in Australia, Brazil, USA, Celia and Tarun do not see it matches the fierceness of 2020 fires. Diana & Tanya  however both see significant fires.

6. Economic Recovery and DeGlobalisation:
Most see economic recovery, this will be tempered by major financial scams being uncovered at the end of the year, probably in the eastern markets. Major global stock reforms are possible.

A major gold find may occur this year in a place with dark/swarthy skinned people. {Early March 2021 Update: A hill of God has been found in Congo!!! What makes Master Celia's prediction so amazing is that it is so out-of-field. {!} 

 Congo Gold Prediction

7. Health Etc:
7a.While Corona won’t disappear it will be less focused on. {Early March 2021 Update: The Virus Mutations indicate Corona will be with us for years!} According to Rakesh, China will see a resurgence of the Virus esp Feb-March. We see one major vaccine being withdrawn in USA. {Early Jan 2021 Update: Early Jan media reports seem to reveal that a major outbreak is occuring in China. However, June updates show other parts of the world are more shaken than China.}

7b. We have held over the last year that Corona while serious { estimated death rate of 1% or .5%} has {thankfully} not {yet} exhibited the virulence of terrible historic pandemics like the Black Plague that killed one in 3 humans, or The Spanish Flu with a 10% death toll.

7c. Haldi will return in people’s minds as a miracle drug.  {Early Jan 2021 Update: We also see the re-emergence of a herb in 2021, with the name starting or prominent with n... Is it Nigella Stivum or Kalonji/ charnushka? Or is it Plumeria/ frangipani?}

72.Vasu sees: “I see a big green place and the microbes are in the air... but they are flying in swarms like birds... they are here to help the earth.... I see orange butterflies...”

7e.Vasu sees:  “Looks like a new kind of children running through the woods.... something different about them in a nice way.” Does this mean there will be a more nature bent of mind? Or a new kind of mutation occurring?

7e. On a less sweet note we see that Fungal infections will rise. And can be especially bad in 2027. {Early Jan 2021 Update: There has been a marked rise in serious fungal infections afflicting serious Covid patients, literally eating away noses, faces, or just killing.}   

8. Governance, Conflict, War:
7a. Expect significant reforms in global organizations. Especially UN and World Bank.

7b. We believe Politics will be dominated by US. That Trump will come back into prominence mid year! Jai believes a popular global leader will breathe his last and wonders if it will be Trump? {Early Jan 2021 Update: Tarun did see the significant death of a politician in 2021, but he intuits it in Europe/ N Russia. Probably Scandinavia. It could be an Alt Right politician.}

7c.There will be strong attempts by Australia to Lead.

7d. A political rethink may happen in Europe with France and Scandinavian countries leading discussions.

7e. Eastern European countries will making major demands. Diana sees a new government policy in Eastern Europe .... 

7f. Major secret pacts will be signed by Russia & China. 

7g. Will there be a war in 2021? In 2020, there have been significant flashpoints between, USA & China, The Quad & China, India & China, India & Pakistan, Armenia & Azerbaijan, Israel-Palestine, Syria & Syria, Iran & Saudi, Turkey-Greece. Jai believes that there will be a war in 2021. Certainly some of these conflicts will worsen. But will there be a war? Now in 2021? We believe that a strong possibility exists in 2022 of an all-out conflict.  

8. Science & Technologically Speaking:
8a. China will lead technologically. {Early Jan 2021 Update: From quantum computing to unhackable networks, to fusion reactors, China is in the news.}

8b. There will be a major scientific rethink on physics with strongly divided camps. {Early March 2021 Update: From Virtual Universes to No Big Bang to Schrodinger Reincarnated, the field is wide-open!}

8c. There will be major discussions on the presence of ET’s. Fuelled by archaeological discoveries, Mars and far universe messages. Jai* gets that there will be a ‘non-human civilization contact publicly exposed’. {Early Jan 2021 Update: The debate has already got a fillip with a major israeli spy master claimng UFOs real.}

8d. Water renewal tech as we said earlier will show promise.

9. Emotionally, Psychically, Spiritually:
9a. Emotionally people will start shouldering burdens. Getting things done.   

9b. There will be more rage outbursts, especially in US & Europe. {Early Jan 2021 Update: The US presidential appointments is threatening to explode. In fact we argue that 2-3 years from now major political turmoil will grips USA.}   

9c. Intuitive capabilities especially understanding will rise.   

9d. East Africa/ Sudan will see the emergence of a new movement, probably named after a lion warrior.  

9e. A figure from Tamil Nadu will shine for awhile.

9f. A major Shakti pathway from Iceland, Scandinavian Europe, N Africa, Indian Ocean, S Australia will emerge.   

Filled with Hope? Or Difficult?
Says Vasundhara Vee “Seems like there has been a general shift in a good way. It's all about how we choose to meet the new-ness.... everything depends on that.... so we need to really get into our emotional capacities and fix them.

“It makes sense that after the Earth chose a quarantine for us .. it's now our turn to ingrain our lessons in different ways so that the change can pan out for us according to how we make it pan out for us…” 

While Vee proclaims hope is round the corner, we believe the year will be troubled politically... Also we may discover asteroids come too close for comfort... Plus other rinderpest kind of disesases will attack cattle and bird farms... {This clarification added in early Jan 2021}

In 2021/2022, we humans stand at the brink of a major choice. The more humans and creatures that open their hearts and see their interconnectedness, the greater the chance that planetary wipeout occurs in the 2030-2070 decades. But how? You will naturally ask.   

{Early Jan 2021 Clarification: June-July will be particularly difficult in India/S East Asia.}

The Healing Eye Image:
Celia got an image that will help us individually and together. She got an eye in which things are fragmented. In which the iris is fragments.

From this comes a healing process.

3-6 times a day, when looking at things that are troubling, difficult, intractable,visualise a multi-colour circle behind it. Or an eye with a multicolour iris. Stay a moment with this thought that you can see the wholeness, the possibilities of goodness in any event, anything.  

Healing Eye Image by Creators Child



by Masters Tarun & Celia Cherian & Seekers Diana, Tanya, Jai*, Rakesh & Vasundhara

Published in Last Week Dec 2020: Will be continuously updated. Updates to be highlighted in colour.



Note: The world is a dance of energy. Time in continuous motion. Everything around us is a crystallisation of thought, emotion, divine dictate, energy. When we look ahead, we are reading Which means there is a build-up of energy intention which may possibly lead to event A. But that same build-up can result in 6 different outcomes.

So our predictions do not imply they have to occur. These predictions point to a buildup of energy that may manifest in the way predicted. The reason we shared with you these predictionsis not to wish these events on the earth. But to give man a heads-up so we can think on trends, use waves of energy-thought, modify, or change events entirely.

{Early March2021 Update: True Predictions and The Nature of Time:  Another 2021 Prediction comes True! This one by Master Celia was completely unexpected!

Then so many of our other predictions like > Corona isn't going to vanish > Feb-March Comet lights N Europe {We got Europe/Russia but it blazed over UK}. >Major magnetic shifts, >Major Arctic ice break up, > Tech Leadership of China... have been borne true or broadly true...

In all fairness, many of these could and have been anticipated by informed observers of world trends... But still we stuck our necks out... Especially as we believe 'time is thought that crystallises' 'matter is consciousness that temporarily freezes'. So we believe Time-space matter is forerver in flux. {The Future Is Already Made. And Yet Modifiable.}

HYPER ADVANCED THOUGHT: We know many parallel timelines exist, so what did not happen, but happens to a neighbour-time is real and yet here a lie... So a true prediction may be true just not here!


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