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Empowering Predictions for Mar Apr 2024 By Creator's Child


By Tarun & Celia Cherian & Creator's Child Seers..


March April Predictions 2024


True Predictions OVER THE DECADES... We had made predictions that have come true like Covid, the Ukrainean Conflict, Middle Eastern erruption... Some of our foreseeings for this year have already come true. We looked in Nov-Mid December. Like a Storm in UK (end Dec), Volcanic activity in Indonesia, Phillipines, storm in Japan.

  Our broad Mar-April 2024 predictions are...


- Naval Battle. In mediterranean Sea, Warship damaged or Sunk. US? Israeli? Russian?

- Tectonic event near Japan. In April?

- Volcanic Activity in Iceland worsens.

- Major Underwater sea cable damaged. Japan?

- Near Stuttgart Germany, some nuclear destabilisation begins. Plant? Nuke? Leak?

- Slight Economic Downturn.

- Increase in Whale Song

- Beginning of Underwater Sea Current Shifts.

  2024 Mar-April Planet & Earth Predictions

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Predictions 2024 Mar April Earth

- Icelandic Volcanic activity worsens.

- Tectonic activity near Yellowstone increases
- Forest Fires in S America. Colombia, Ecuador. Bolivia?
-Earthquake near Argentina
-Tectonic shifts off Antarctica, few 100 km from Esperanza base.
-Tectonic shifts in middle of Atlantic, 100 mile vicinity of Santa Cruz Da Flores.
- Tectonic activity off the coast of Norway
- Forest fires in Chad/ Sudan
- Tectonic activity at Iraq, Iran, Tajikistan one of these affects north India.
- Storm near Oman
- Major Tectonic activity foreseen in Japan, North & South.
- Tectonic & Volcanic activity in near Papua New Guinea & Polynesian Islands

- Some Virus, Bacteria, Pathogen released in Western Russia, maybe, Sakha republic, perhaps near a river. Is it a permafrost melting Zombie virus? Actual hit to humans will be 6-7 years from now.

Is the release of viruses, bacteria, algae and pathogen, from permafrost a serious threat? Yes in 3-10 years.

- Algae activity off West Coast of India, off Mumbai, Gujarat? Is it a known algae that is worsening? Read of a major enviro threat.

- Beginning of Underwater Sea Current Shifts. Believe it will intensify in a year, many deep water to surface water shifts may occur.

- Insect activity changes in Jordan, Turkey, Syria, middle east...

- Heat wave in late April-May-June in India...


2024 Mar-April {Thought, Biz, Tech, Politics} Predictions


2024 Predictions March February  Emotion business tech war

Regime Change Level Emotion In :

- Intense emotion in Middle America, desire to change.
- Regime Shift in Uruguay,
- Massive shifts in thinking, in South America, near Argentina. {Thoughtful}
- Political intensity in Greenland,
- Political intensity in Namibia,
- Political intensity in UK & Especially Ireland,
- Political intensity in Norway,

- EU break up continues

With Brexit, and the rise of nationalistic parties is the EU's days numbered? No. we foresee a restructuring 3 years from now.

- Intense emotion in Saudi Arabia,
- Strong emotions in Russia. Moscow? And surrounding Areas, Maybe Tatarstan? Navalny death anger?
- Massive emotion, desire for change in Burma/ Myanmar.
- Massive effort to move forward in North China...
- Political emotion in Western Australia


- Israel-Palestine conflict continues. Spreads to Jordan. {Already sparks have happened}
- Temporary peace moves in Gaza.

Will The Israel-Gaza war resolve itself soon? There is a possibility of a major peace initiative in October-November, if that fails we will see another chance 3 years from now?

- Rage in Ukraine continues,
- Anger in Mexico... Spills to Southern USA
- Rousing energy is S Africa.
- Rousing energy is Central India, turbulence in South India, Bitterness in North-East India
- Darkness in Hanoi/ South-West China. Is it pollution?

- Increasing use of Drone tech swarms.
- Assasination attempt on Putin in the next few months. Now to October.
- Assasination attempt on Netanyuhu, slight hurt foreseen. Now to August.

2024 March-April Biz-Tech Predictions...

- Slight economic Downturn
- IT industry in slight turmoil.
- Massive semiconductor industry turmoil anticipated with huge outage/ disruptive attack in a plant, either Taiwan/ Netherlands.
- Near Stuttgart Germany, some nuclear destabilisation begins. Plant? Nuke? Leak?
- Boost in Phrama industry with new launches of Chest driven drugs, dealing with post covid complications.
- Case against Covid Vaccines gets momentum.
- Massive agricultural protests in Europe, India, Australia, Russia
- Death of a major tech figure by heart issue, can't rule out attack.

- Massive tech innovations in optics and laser.
- Turmoil in 5 g tech with medical concerns.

How can you benefit from it? Which semiconductor-producing nation will benefit the most? Which companies focus on heart &lung drugs? Which countries with strong agriculture will thrive?

- Not specific to these months we see an increase of Magnesium in sea water. Especially in the last half century. "In the United States, demand for magnesium grew from six million tons per year to an impossible 800 million tons per year in just a matter of months..."


2024 March-April Spiritual Predictions...

- Spiritual surges in USA - Los Angeles Area, Atlanta,
- Spiritual surges in Canada, Toronto area?
- Spiritual surges in Central S America,
- Spiritual surges in Norway
- Spiritual surges in Central Russia.
- Spiritual surges in India near Mumbai.
- Spiritual surges in China, Hefei, Nanjing, also Tibetan Province.
- Spiritual surges in Australia, Near Karlgoorlie.

- Increase in Whale Song by about 10%. It calls for change.

- Shift in Wolf Behaviour. To receive Earth Knowledge. Facing North? Howling increase at Full moon?

- Massive Alien Conference including 3 species. Concerning Earth & Moon. At present this will have no direct effect on activity except, ocean cleaning tech action.

- 3 New Angels from other realms join the Earth's Helpers Circle. Making the number of major spirits connected to the Earth Roughly 18 as opposed to 10 in the last century.



Why is looking forward so significant?

Because we can hold the steering wheel of existenxce
and shift it to a more joyous path.
Especially the next 3 years are critical.

Make no mistake most futures are grim.
But if we align with Earth Joy,
the planet may arrive in 1/2 century at a remarkable place.


The Power To Transform: First is that you may use the information to enrich your life. How? You may do so with specific actions like rethinking life & business strategies, investing wisely, pushing harder in certain directions. Sending energy to transform an event.

Celia & I foresaw a virus outbreak anywhere from 2016-2018. We could have invested in pharma shares then. Did we? No. We could have. Should have. So every hint of tomorrow we give is potentially enriching.

Understanding The Power To Transform And Its Limitations: Now looking ahead, and transforming it is not easy. We foresaw a week or two ago, a potential tragedy. It had a silvery wheel and some dark around. So Tarun drove extra-careful, and sent energy to that scenario. Our drives were uneventful. Thankfully. A few days later we encountered an issue on a credit card. It had a silvery motif, and was dark.

As we checked we were told there were a choice of four different stones in our path. When the first was unchosen the second was elected. We were 'gifted' anxiety for a specific reason.

Many years ago, we had related to you a similar incident. We were going on a Journey with Buffy to Goa. The night before Tarun had a dream where our car turned turtle. Should we cancel the trip? We both sent massive healing to the trip. Somewhere near Tumkur our car brokedown as a rat had bitten through the onboard computer. We spent about 3 hours on the flyover, the cars passing made a whooo noise. Buffy was convinced she had heard the sea. "It's nothing great." She told them. "It makes lots of noise and has bad smell."

DISCLAIMER TO ALL READERS: We are Not All Seeing All Knowing, But More-Seeing & More-Knowing: Now predictions are like looking through a dusty windowpane, at a misty landscape. Besides what we see are etheric, astral energy buildups that may coalesce into events. Next we use numerous energy sources, from direct aura seeing to animal conversation. And so all who read it are advised to use good sense if they want to take it forward.

-- Celia & Tarun Cherian

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