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Ancestor worship is one of the oldest forms of human worship, dating back 300,000 years, and perhaps even more. As burial sites in Spain, and Croatia testify.

One of the most stunning and haunting images we've seen is of an african using his father's skull as pillow.

In India, ancestor worship is still very much part of life. With two weeks often givent to such ritual. For example, the ritual of pinda daan where crows are fed is an extremely significant part of post death rituals. But as time passes, these rituals seem silly and lapse. Few sleep with their ancestors as pillows. Few remember them. Few consult. Few think they are anything more than fading memories.

Are we losing out?

We were doing an aura scan for Lekha*, when we happened to notice a shadowy figure behind her. As we connected to that form we realised it was a positive influence. We linked up with the figure and asked it who it was, and what was its name. It said it was Lekha's aunt and she gave a name. When we told Lekha the name she said that it was almost identical to her aunt's name. While we had dealt with Lekha for more than a decade and vaguely knew she had 3 aunts, we only knew them as mami 1,2,3. So the fact that we got the mani's name near perfectly indicates that her aunt hasn't died with her death. As we continued the discussion the aunt revealed she had come for a few years to help Lekha going through a dark patch.

{We have an attested proof by Lekha, testifying to the amazing facts in the case.}

So are we losing out?

The answer is obviously Yes. We are losing out on the deep support our ancestors can give.

Should we treasure them? Connect? Should we worship? The answer is Yes. But a guarded yes.

To the question, do we treasure them, the answer is an emphatic yes. Connect? Well since many spirits have a difficult transition, also may have to cut ties to move on the answer is a guarded yes. Should we worship them? Well, while some spirits rise above their earthly perspective most don't. Also some have ugly hangers on which can be dangerous.

The modern world has given us great conveniences. But it also steals great truths. It often imposes narrow Western blinkers in the name of science and rationality. That is not just cultural invasion of a pervasive kind. But a mental lobotomisation that is tragic.

We are immortal beings currently wearing suits of gravity.





  By Tarun & Celia Cherian, Lekha & Lekha's aunt.  
  You may also wish to read: Death Arrives. Then the Goddess by Divya Subbanna, 2015