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Now you know all this is truly exciting. Imagine being able to sense what someone is wearing long-distance. Enough to make a hollywood film. Or to become a psychic spy. But it is much more than that...

Here's furthur proof we are not islands. The other day we were doing a session with Trishla, one of our band of seekers who are trying deep spiritual waters. She was 2000 kilometres away in another city. That is when she asked me "Are you wearing a dark T-shirt Tarun?" My answer is "Yes". We are overjoyed. For we once again know our 30 years as spiritual teachers is not wasted.

For many of you who have been through Devadhara Healing, or gone deep with us in a Cosmic Heart or Kundalini Awakening session with us, this is a constant refrain. What colour are you seeing? Where is the energy dancing? What chakra is coming alight? Are you hearing from the left or right ear. And an incredible 80% of the time your intuition is marvellously in synchrony. {For other such intuitive revelations. dip into Useless Intuition Priceless Revelations in 2016.} But you may ask why is this so important?

Because with these small certainties you are building a ladder to heaven.

When Celia and I had just met in the late 1980's, I had just encountered one of my most profound spiritual experiences, The Cosmic Heart Experience... And I realised something huge had happened. But the sceptic in me, even after 10 years of escalating spiritual experiences, still asked. Is it happening in my head, a marvellous facility of the brain, or is it real? Celia & I began a series of ESP experiments. After 3 years we concluded that indeed we are connected. That the oneness we saw for ourselves and the ancients have talked about is indeed very real.

Here's proof man, cat & the world are connected. A few months ago we were searching for a lost cat. We asked it what was the view it had out of its old home it showed us horizontal bars on the window, and a sloping tiled roof. Both details we had no clue about. But were proved on questioning the client searching for her lost 'baby' to be real.

But what we are establishing here is much more than the fact that you can feel an energy sensation accurately across 9000 miles, or that Celia & I have mind-bridges, or that Celia & I can communicate with cats long-distance. What we are establishing is that you are much more than you think you are. That we are all inter-connected.

We are not Islands. 
 Love knows no separation.
In dreams lie reality
My Mind Scratches, His Body Moves.
Oneness in Real Life.

Here are 5 of innumerable articles written over the last 2 decades that reveal we are not islands in ourselves, but that a great unity ties us. That the only real rational view factors a deep interconnectedness. And yes that is a marvellous assurance that we are not alone in life. That in the depths of hell we are connected. But interconnectedness, however deep, falters before death. It bows before an atom bomb that wipes all life out.

Astral Travel frees us from time, space, matter. And... But then we at Creator's Child protest, NO, we say, We are not just our bodies. Because we can travel out of body we know gravity and death holds less terrors. Of the innumerable examples you may recall Sumi's dramatic example in Astral Adventures: Coming Face to Face with Me.  Or for those who have been with us longer you may remember Dhiraj's superlative astral travels. Going to people's bedrooms astrally and revealing what was there to us. Well, this is defintely hollywood or bollywood stuff, but actually it is more. It is shake the pillars of life stuff.

But can anyone take on Death? But astral adventures are one thing you may argue but death is death. And that's when you remember the dramatic case of Not attending your own funeral !!! Or the person who came Back from the dead! 

Okay you tell yourself, well, yes we do not die after we die. But how does that help? Is the afterlife hot? And reincarnation... what is it like? To discover how miraculous it can be, you could pick up The Chronicle of Death & Rebirth. Or you could ask some of our Depth Spiritual Seekers or Devadhara Healing Past Life Adepts. The simple truth is that there are worlds beyond delirious in their joy and intensity. Says advanced seeker Bela, Sucked out to an infinite space, infinity, pure infinity... don't want to return...” 

There are worlds and beings out there which make clinging onto earth life a trifle ridiculous. But who a sceptic may ask has seen these other beings and realms? Well we have, recall the dramatic encounter where 4 of us met visitors from another world. Visitors from other worlds describes an encounter where we were not one witness but 4, actually 6! Or perhaps you are not so hot with aliens you may instead wish to brush with Angels.

Here's proof: that God is Real. The other day we were taking in a deep spiritual seeker in, we asked her"where is God touching you right now?" "On my left thigh" she answered. Exactly where we could see the force was touching. Now this seeker lives 9000 miles away from us when we had this session. She got the answer on her own. We are interconnected. Not just to other humans, or other worlds, but also to cosmic presences so vast, the word God is the only one we can use. And this precisely the conclusion that so many have come to at Creator's Child. You may take the case where four of us saw Jesus or you may prefer to feast on a host of articles that underline the fact Life is Miraculous! God is Real! .

We do not ask you to believe in a spiritual text, we ask you to stand before the cosmic, and experience it for yourself, to ratify the reality of the invisible. That it is not mystics who are flakey. But that the scientific establishment needs to shift from 18th century rigidities and embrace mystic possibilities, that quantuum physicists have begun to realise is closer to reality.

The simple truth is God is real. We are standing on God, that we are surrounded by the infinite, that we are embraced by the divine, we are Living in God .

Is God is Real? God is Real! One day a spiritualist blazing with the kundalini rising asked, but what if this is just my imagination, cells firing? Well, we replied for the last 6 months there were innumerable instants when we confirmed exactly where and how the force was moving, separated from you, a thousand kilometres away. You know that at every step we didn'i show you experiences, we also helped you through mini experiments realise that those experiences were glimpses of reality. You have felt it, touched it, crosschecked it. 'Yes', she conceded, 'it is real, I can say I don't understand, I can say that I feel God's not listening, I can lash out at God who is not helping, I can plead with God who is punishing me but I cannot say She is not Real. The Devi is Real.'



Love & God, Tarun & Celia Cherian, 21st October 2017.