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The Long-distance Touch.
“We were giving healing to a spiritual seeker 8000 miles away. We in India. She in USA. We perceived the energy as a crackling triangle touching the back of her heart. What did she feel? “A bluish cone between my shoulder blades” she replied.Wow!”

Remote aura healing proof

The 8000 miles between us had shrunk, the invisible force of thought & will had stepped out of the shadows and become visible. The simple truth is we are no longer lonely islands. We can touch right across the globe,with just the power of the mind, the force of the heart. Today we take pleasure in welcoming you to the real world, the interconnected world.

But when we say this we hear howls of protest. For example, in an article on animal communication and distance healing we had the head of an Indian animal  association argue that we are charlatans. And that there is no scientific evidence to back us. Actually he couldn’t be more wrong. Yes, there is no such thing if you are a 17th century Newtonian.  But if you live in today’s world there is proof, proof, proof, not just from one study, but from hundreds. 

Remote Healing is Scientific Fact.
Scientists Dean Radin, Marilyn Schlitz, and Christopher Bauran reviewed and meta analysed hundreds of 'scientific studies'. They concluded: "The proof-of-principle question has been examined through 3 classes of experiments: (1) mind-to-mind connections, (2) direct interactions between mind and matter, and (3) laboratory analogs of DHI, known as experiments on “distant mental interactions with living systems” or DMILS.

Hundreds of experiments in these 3 classes have been published and meta-analyzed. Cumulatively, they provide evidence that the answer to the first question is “Yes, A can affect B at a distance.” The effect sizes observed in these experiments tend to be small in magnitude, and it is not entirely clear that the interaction is causal in the classic sense of that term, but the correlations observed in controlled experiments have been independently and successfully repeated in laboratories around the world."

Quoted from: Distant Healing Intention Therapies: published in Global Advances in Health and Medicine 2015 Nov, archived in the US National Library of Medicine. { }

An Interconnected World and Self is Scientific Fact.
In fact, the researchers  Radin, Schlitz, and Bauran. Went on to argue "Today, the “nonlocal” connections of quantum entanglement have been convincingly demonstrated, establishing that instant physical correlations over macroscopic distances, as well as connections that transcend time, are no longer startling theoretical possibilities but empirical facts." 

An Interconnected World is Our World. {When we are not distracted}.

Now over the last many years we have covered innumerable stories on interconnectedness. For example, a decade ago, we searched for a friend of Kanak’s and realised the was caught in a fire. When we told that Kanak told us that indeed his friend was trapped in a fire in a hospital at Kolkota. A day later it was confirmed that he unfortunately died in the fire. {Déjà vu Tickle 18}

But it isn’t just articles, all of you who have done a Devadhara Healing Course or Cosmic Heart Session or an aura scan know for yourselves that remote healing works and long-distance connection is a reality. Yes, we’ve all experienced it. Used it. {Hey or at least, should use it}.

Says Devadhara Healing Adept: Amita Palat: “It's true... A mother who cares deeply for her children is always connected to them...if we r distracted by other things...the connection isn't so deep. When my son got injured playing football... In my dreams I got the image of a boy playing football...the next day, I came to know of his injury...”

We are not alone even when we think we are alone.

-- Celia & Tarun Cherian


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