Here's Proof: The Dead Can Talk!  


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From time immemorial have come rumours, hints that The Dead are not Dead. That we live on. That birth is not the beginning, death not the end. That physical life must not be regarded as the real life. But just life in gravity suits.

But when someone you love lies dead, unmoving you wonder if any of those rumours are but wishful thinking. And we have to ask ourselves is death really the end or comma?

Now many have glimpsed beyond death. Felt presences, seen shadows. But are we being fooled?

Here's a wonderful case that happened in 2015. It decisively reveals that Death is not the end.

"You may have spotted her at the club, at art galleries, at caring organisations, at The Bridge Championship table, on an elegant man's arms. Roshni E is one of Bangalore 's luminaries, brilliant white hair, elegant, a formidable Bridge Champion. Unfortunately, her husband who she spent 60 marvellous years was called away. Heartbroken, she turned to us. Could we? As you know we do not lightly communicate with those who have passed on. The dangers are very real. We reflected and agreed. Yes we would connect.

"Celia got an amazing connect with R's husband. Since Roshni Kochamma was heart broken, we asked the husband for a sign. He gave two magnificent pointers. First, when asked if he was happy with the way things were, he said that things were fine, but something red like a mug or jug had been taken from his study and he wanted it put back. Yes, a red vase had been moved and it was returned.

"Then, we wondered could there something that Roshni could use as an emotional anchor. He gave the message to open his table/ cupboard in his study. There would be a smaller cupboard. In it would be something with the prominent number 6 on it. When that was done, lo and behold a golf ball fell out. On it was a large #6!!!" -- Quoted from Tickle 48. {}

Now if you would like to explore the subject in greater detail why don't you pick up The Chronicle of Death & Rebirth: Read a preview at

We start the book with a number of proofs. First hand reports of those who have returned from the dead, out of body examples.

The example above however does more than establish that we do not die when we die. It reveals that the dead can communicate. Even give very practical assurances. Roshni's husband gives us not one but two 'solid' confirmations.

The other day Nanlini K had come home. She was mourning the death of her brother-in-law... As we were talking to her she revealed that when she had gone to a place he used to hang out at she got a distinctive smell of a ciggarette he used to smoke. She looked around, investigated. There was no one smoking in the vicinity. Either her mind was recalling a memory. Or he was giving her a sign.

We pointed out that smell is an indicative of an intense spirit. Reserved for angels and demons.






By Tarun & Celia Cherian