Shabari Devi and a box of 10 mithais… An incredible awakening, related by Tarun & Celia Cherian in 2016.




We have been revelling in an incredible feast of magnificent spiritual awakenings. At least 6 full-fledged awakenings in the last two months… and so many over the last few years... One of the strangest in 25 years of teaching, which happened a few years ago, was triggered in an advanced Devadhara workshop. It had originally 6 participants. One participant had just recovered from a psychic attack, and so we ruled him out. Another’s mother had to have surgery. One had to go on an emergency trip abroad. Two fell ill. That left one student. Should we postpone? We were emphatically told No. If there was one worthy student, that is more than enough.  

As many of you know a blessing or shaktipat is one of the first things we start a session with. It is a joyous act of welcoming the divine into your being, accompanied by a detailed process of clearing, opening, retuning, lighting up chakras, nadis and many bodies. It covers 20 chakras, 10 nadis, 11 energy bodies, uses 30+ symbols, 30+ Chants and Mahamantras, calls 10 devas and angels, touches The Soul, Shakti… Some of you have seen swirling colours, others have had whirlwinds rip through them, one of you has physically levitated {Yes, actually}, some have seen Gods, some have wept, some haven’t been able to stand.

As we conducted the blessing, the shaktipat, suddenly the chants changed and a chant to Shabari Devi began {I had no clue who Shabari Devi was, merely imagined it was a sound of power}, the student’s whole body began to tremble, her aura blazed and luminous Goddess figures rose up, the  power just kept rising, rising, the chants almost began to be sung by the walls, chakras flared like suns, nadis lit up, the aura shuddered in glory, the very tone of the room turned golden, the physical became transparent… Then incredibly the student’s body disappeared and to amazed eyes, a Goddess took her place. From someone awakening a student, I became worshipper.

After 2 hours the attunement, the blessing ended, the student kept sitting, eyes closed, beatific smiles, aura dancing. Strange perfumes and unearthly music emerging. When she finally came out of the trance, her face was glowing and her eyes pouring with tears. Thank you, she kept saying. She also asked for the addresses of all who couldn’t make it to the session to thank them.

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Later, on the net, I decided to find out who Shabari Devi was. My jaw-dropped. There it was. Shabari Devi was a disciple of Lord Ram. ‘The student’ when we caught up a week later of course knew who Shabari Devi was, having encountered her once years ago at a past life session. Shabari Devi was a disciple of Lord Ram who with great love pretasted his food so he wouldn’t get spoiled berries*.

So what had happened? The most obvious is that Shabari Devi appeared and blessed the student. Second, the Shabari Devi image has been etched into the racial consciousness of man and emerged. Shabari is one of the many facets of The Kundalini. Fourth, the student was a reincarnation of Shabari Devi.

Gift 2: Glimpsing The Reality beneath Maya. If the first gift of the session was the incredible vehemence of the awakening. This is the second. We often treat mythological characters as mythological characters. But what if they aren’t. What if Shabari Devi is Shabari and a Devi. What if Lord Jesus Christ  is Jesus The Man, and Christ The Light, both, not either. The other day I saw a pillar formed by a whirlwind that caught up leaves and dust, it looked like a human figure pointing at the sky. It was both breeze and dust. It was storm in sky and figure on earth. What if that is what we are? Pillars of breeze and leaves? Myths have shadows that come alive in our human. We begin to sense the Reality of The Myth. We begin to sense The Reality beneath the Maya we think is life.



Gift 3: The Power of God. Next had Shabari Devi actually got the other 5 participants to drop out? No, she said only two of the five, who dropped out, was her doing. Ah yes, this is the third gift, the power of it. The Power of God. We are so caught up in our actions and doing, our tactics, plans, strategies, trajectories we forget, our existence is like tattoos on God’s sinewy arms, or The Devi’s undulating waist. They are not constrained by our reality. They are merely respectful of our little cardhouses.

Gift 4: We can be instruments of God. ‘Was it essential the awakening happened through us, Tarun & Celia?’ ‘No, we are merely useful’. Besides if the time was not right, The Devi could wait a lifetime or two. Fourth she puts us in our places. Our agendas, our sense of importance. We gurus can be instruments of God, that's a privilege, not a necessity.

Gift 5: An answer to the eternal question, who am I? Who is she? We ask Shabari Devi. “She is like us all” she argues “The Arm of God”. She offers this metaphor: “Humans are like hair on the chest of God, Devas like God’s Arms.” {Interestingly she speaks in third person as if a translator is translating from very deep knowledge.} She shows us we are integral parts of God, that’s Gift 5.

Gift 6: Stop thinking in Human terms. ‘Is She a She?’ We ask. ‘Yes she was a She. She was born as a human in an obscure part of India. But she is not a She, She is like us a presence’. ‘God has 12 Genders, or 12 primal divisions’, she offers. Like The Zodiac? ‘No. That is a minor feature of a universe’. That’s Gift 6, stop thinking of ourselves and the universe in human terms.

Gift 7 & 8: What is Important and The Growth Imperative. ‘So what are the gifts the student will receive?’ We ask. ‘Is there anything more than my darshan?’ She retorts, showing a fanged face. That’s Gift 7, realising what is important. ‘The student has an opportunity to remember she is Vast. That recall of vastness has opportunities, freedoms, challenges and a price’. Building on that recall must happen in 2-10 years… If the student does not know the vastness, use the power, grow in Devi force, the Devi will leave. And that has consequences’. That’s Gift 8, the gifts of God are not ego pats on the back, but growth imperatives.


The Self Nested in The Self , From The Yantras of Light Series


Gift 9: A Gift of God's Core. ‘You are like children… you do not realise whose children you are… You are children of God: The Primal, The Becoming, The Askrangadhe… ’   She shows me images to explain, one that of a child measuring up against a little fridge… Second she shows me what happens if we neglect or misuse an awakening… the image is of a crippling… Third what is God… It looks like a wave on an ocean, or a dark rock on a desert. First we see Gift 5 elaborated, Gift 8 reinforced… Now we arrive at Gift 9, a glimpse of God’s essence.

Gift 10: The Steps to God.‘We will touch all of you… that is a promise… Your job is to make yourself ready… Not by being correct, but by being alive, by following your passions to your joys, by following your joys to your truths, building your truths to your selves, following your selves to your shadows, following your shadows to your possibilities, swimming in the waves of your possibilities to the reality…” – Shabari Devi. ‘There I have described our steps to the Temple, we call it the southern steps.’ ‘In your scriptures I am a handmaiden of Lord Ram {Rahua*** sound of the full name lost}. In the true scriptures we are the 6 that define the vertices of reality.’ Here we tear open Gift 10, an elaboration of the steps to God, a glimpse of how we should grow spiritually.

The Gods can speak through us. The Goddesses can wait lifetimes for the right opportunity. The Gods can change sessions from 6 people workshops to one. The Goddesses can show us what we are. The Gods are the real reasons we celebrate Diwali. The Goddesses can gently wake the sleeping child. The Gods can burst through our being… like a Diwali Night…



*Scripturally: Who is Shabari Devi? According to ancient scriptures Shabari was the daughter of a hunter. Obviously a proud forest king, for he wedding, her father planned to kill thosands of animals for the feast. Horrified she fled, renouncing the world, and to the ashram of a sage. Years pass, the sage at the moment of his death reveals a gift that she will receive Lord Ram's Darshan.

Awaiting her Lord, wondering what to give him, Shabari went to the forest, and pluck the wild berries. Afraid, that the wild berries would be khatta, or bitter or poisonous, she would nibble at the fruit. If it was sweet she stored it.

Moved by her devotion, Lord Ram went to her Ashram,before other yogis who were more classic in their practice, or more learned. "So many great yogis of exalted practice awaited you, why choose me, an unworthy devotee? She cried out when Lord Ram arrived at her Ashram. "Nothing I have to offer you, My Lord, but this, my heart, my bhakti and these few berries." While Sree Laxman, Lord Ram's brother was horrified that she should dare offer thenm jhoota fruit, Lord Ram was ecstatic... "Of the many delicacies he had had, none came close to these nibbled at berries, offered with devotion. Whomsoever, he goes on to reveal offers any gift, even water with love, that he prizes. Lord Ram then exponds 9 ways of true devotion, of Bhakti: Satsang. Stories of The Divine. Sevice to The Guru. Kirtan. Japa. Bhajans. Dharma. Seeing the divine everywhere. Being content. Total Surrender.




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