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By Nishigandha Nirgudkar

Now it's raining, gusting, tree-trembling…
I read the world... with tears running down my face.

Where have I hidden that part of me?
Which was able to feel beyond emotions,
sense beyond the 5 organs,
think beyond logical thoughts?

A part of me is dead…
or at least hibernating...
so that it can revive itself
when the weather is more favourable,
the land more fertile

Why is that ‘precious’ so fragile in me?
Why can it not make 'me' all year around?
Why do I play this hide and seek?

Met an interesting grand dad...
its nice discussing life with him...
he 'saw' Shiva behind me and that’s how this started.
Thought? Poem?

Work is less and less of research ...more and more of 'baniyagiri'
I feel like a vendor on fashion street...bargaining...

Rains... revival.


The marvellous poem by Nishi will be sure to strike a deep chord with all spiritual seekers.

Scatter Light by Tarun Cherian is a digital painting that can be viewed in hi-res and acquired at Fine Art America @

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