Spirituality is The New Rationality. Science Agrees.

  Mystic & Scientist by Tarun Cherian

Science has moved from the Newtonian, Science we were taught in school. As we examine it, we realise science has moved to a position that is surprisingly in consonance with The Spiritual. Read on...

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The Physical-Centric Universe
of Newtonian Science


The Spiritual-Centric Universe
of Creator’s Child, that resonates with Modern Science.



The world is physical.

The world is a dance of conscious energy perceived as physical. {As Quantum Physicists &  Bio-centrists agree.}


The world is dead. With a few living beings evolving out of the deadness.

We live in a living universe, every atom conscious.  


Science’s confirmation: 1. Gaia and Process theory. 2. Double-slit delayed choice experiments reveal every atom is alive to observation/consciousness. 3. The simple truth anything we know exists within our consciousness of it.}


Trees are wood. Animals are meat sources. Hills are stone. Rivers are our drainage system.     

Every stone, worm, ant, bird & animal is alive.


Science’s confirmation: 1. Experiments with chimps reveal their intelligence surpasses man’s till age seven. Many human discoveries like farming, anti-biotics have been predated by creatures from apes to ants. 2. Gaia and process theory. 3. Animal and plant communication by mystics for millennia and Creator’s Child encounters with Animal, plants, Hills, Rivers.


We have 5 senses that show reality.   

We have innumerable senses. Including Cosmic Ones.



Science identifies 10 human senses, numerous animal capabilities that include electro-magnetic ones. And proven remote sensing. Add to this multi-millennial observation by mystics and now by Creator’s Child masters & students.


Thoughts sit in the Skull.

Thoughts can touch the world.



Science’s confirmation: Detailed research, across decades proving 1. Remote healing is real 2.Emotion is contagious. 3. Pheremones go beyond our skin. 3. Electro-magnetism’s influence.  And long-distance animal alignments. 4. Remote healing is proven. 5. Millennia of Mystic experience. 3+ decades of Creator’s Child distance sensing and healing. 6. According to Quantum theory there is no point at which we are not.}


We die when we die.

We are immortal beings, come to learn here. {Science’s confirmation: Near Death Experiences. OBE. Encountering Ghosts.}



Ghosts don’t exist. 

We are all spirits, some in bodies, some without bodies.


Science’s confirmation: 1. Ghost photography. 2. Poltergeist knocking. 3. Core quantum assertion that all is energy. 4.  The creation of virtual creatures. 5. Millennia of mystic observation and Creator’s Child encounters.}


We are limited by time, space, matter.

Time Space and Matter Bend to our Will & Touch. One part of us is outside time, space, matter.



{Science’s confirmation: 1. ‘Entangled Particles’. 2. Quantum experiments proving particles existing in 2 places simultaneously. 3. Retrocausality proved doble slit delayed choice experiments.  4. Bio-Centrism.  5. Remote healing. 6. Millennia of mystic observation and Creator’s Child encounters.}


This is the only universe. The only level.

There are many universes and realms.


Science’s confirmation: 1. Theory of Parallel universes. 2. Superstring theory of multiple realms and planes. 3. The primordial state of the universe before its is not ruled by existing laws. 4. Millennia of Mystics and Creator’s Child Masters have visited other worlds and planes.


God is a myth created by Man.

Cosmic Oneness.  A Cosmic Logic is The Start Point.


Everything is a projection from the supreme reality. We are the supreme reality thinking it is man, living in the illussion of a fragmented reality.

1. Virtually all Science’s Creation Theories involve a Cosmic Oneness as a start point. 2. Quantum Theory and Experiments point to reality being responsive to observation. Intelligence underlies existence. 3.The Conscious Universe Hypothesis is fast gaining ground . 4. Kurt Godell’s God Theorem allows us to conceive of an absolute. 5. The search for a grand cosmic unity argues that the existence of the world begins with logic/ logos. A definition of the divine that many non-deistic religions use. 6. Superstring Theory at the 10th/ 24th level give access to all universes and time. 7. Millennia of mystic observation and Creator’s Child encounters.}



“… We are in a world made by rules created by an intelligence. …Governed by rules that were created, shaped by a universal intelligence and not by chance.” Asserts Dr. Michio Kaku,  Cofounder  String Field Theory, one of the most influential Physics theories.

"God does not play dice." -- Einstein.


Every Creator's Child encounter, be it a Cosmic Heart God Seeker, you learning Devadhra Healing, or an Aura Session is one that uncovers the reality of the divine, every one of the sessions is a truth crucible. You are witness. You are proof. We include have 150+ Articles. And 50+ Tickles each with a minimum 3 first person accounts uncovering the ddivine.