Spooky Talk: December 13, 2005, Oxford Bookstore. Talk by Tarun & Celia Cherian

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December 13, 2005, Oxford Bookstore: {Alas a Tuesday not a Friday}. Thanks to Pooja and Shweta inviting us, we had a talk at Oxford bookstore on Ghosts, Guides and Angels. Around 60 humans turned up. Ghosts attendance figures were unknown. {Buffy was miffed at not being invited to the bookshop. Especially as she is under the impression that chapters are bones.}

Actually, by one account it happened a few days earlier. Mr Murali’s wife had dreamt about the whole session a few days ago, including an incident where a member of the audience with a problematic leg, shifted from the front row to sit next to them. The implications are not just awesome they are huuumungous. If we are a rerun of yesterday…

For those who couldn’t make it, here’s a brief teaser. The talk started with: Ghosts of the present: humans spotted astral travelling. Went on to talk about temporary ghosts: people in transit. Zipped through more permanent ghosts and the fact they usually have unfinished business. Then switched to the Ghosts of past lives. Then Ghosts of the future. Then we did a quick tour of stone, plant, animal and mountain beings. Spirit guides made their appearance. And angels were heralded by the quote from our spirit guide ‘E’ who described them as ‘Peons of God’. The talk was dotted with a lot of your experiences. S’ near death experience. The cases of Angel’s & Arun’s house hauntings. Veena’s dramatic OBE’s. Seema’s rattling house. Z’s ghosts.

Quoted from Tickle 15.