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Spring Arrives
and Fights for our Pillow.

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Our pillows are places where a number of ghosts, spirits, children lay claim. Our bed and home teems with spirit helpers, dybbuks, ghosts, astral travelling spirits, ancestors, past lives, tree spirits, land forces, genies, vampires, shaktis, gandharvas, angels, lesser Gods, Greater Gods and what have yous.

There is hierarchy, and privilege.

Not everyone is allowed into this menagerie. Small foolishes are not allowed on the bed. Little helpers are allowed, but for specific periods of time. True uglies, and real baddies are bitten and sent away. Buffy, now Dragon Sa, and 6 major spirits can plonk themselves anywhere. Obviously, a range of Gods and angels can loll wherever they like {who can question them?}.

And yes, hearing about Dragon Sa’s dada-mama’s home and bed many foolish pigeons push in seeking a better place. Once in they often wander terrified looking for a way out.

Anyway, the other day we were pleasantly surprised to find a bright-green swirl on the bed. Who are you? We ask. But the colour is a dead giveaway.

It is The Spirit of Spring.

Spring Arrives and fights for our pillow

For one day he prances around, with us giggling, teasing, dancing, laughing, living… basically showing off… Now he comes more infrequently.

The other day he sat with Celia, attempting to taste her coffee… and spoke of a 100 flavours… the flavor of earth to germinating seed. The glorious dance of bacteria in air. The smell of earth to mole. The fierce metallic taste of blood to jungle cat. The ache of broken branch to tree. A cloud pausing and turning away. A prayer in a temple. A blood sacrifice. The earthy hands of a potter. “Slow down” she said. But how can Spring slow down?

After awhile and slow investigation, and a 100 prevarications, we slowly get that Spring is… a great range of Beings.

Every land spirit has a Spring aspect… So we are talking to Junorra. But while we are talking to Junorra. You are talking to someone else.

For Junorra is, crudely put, the Spirit of the land for 10-40 square kilometers around us, {but to make it properly confusing, it also includes a few humans in America and clouds over Uraals. These have deep roots in Banaswadi}.

So who is Junorra? Think of him like a singer in a choir that is singing ‘Zingya’ or a renewal song. So in Spring, you will be listening to your land spirit singing Zingya.

Zingya is part of a greater dance called Amihavi. Which is a multitude of weather in every corner of the world and Spring here. Autumn in the southern hemisphere and Spring above the equator.

But this Amihavi includes 20 broad earth patterns. For example, one Spring earth song was from early earth when molten rock bubbled and boiled. Then Spring was marked by fountains of molten metal. There were two obvious moons then. {We still have many, do read up on a second called Cruithne}. There were geysers of molten metal, and rain ripping down. Then there were two planets where Jupiter is.  One crashed into the other. Causing the red eye of Jupiter. Then the very wobble of the earth was different. And the North South axis more drunk. Now this Amihavi underlies the current one. So while we associate Spring with freshness. Spring then shook and trembled with mighty storm. Superheated oceans beneath earth.

{Please note these are events that can be crosschecked, moons, Jupiter eye formation}.

Now the Amihavi clearly doesn’t stop with the earth and the tugs of the solar system, the caress of the galaxy is very much part of this Spring.

Meanwhile it assures us that next Spring will be terrible and glorious with something streaking down. Hail? Ash?

Anyway back to Amihavi… well there is an infinitely complex, gleeful dance, Vahendra which is a galactic dance, of which Amihavi is a teeny motif, which covers billions of years, in which are earth patterns today which is a song being sung by many local land spirits.

So the giddy Junorra, who pushed for our pillow, is a tiny part of something so big the mind boggles…

As far as humans it says ‘it likes Humans dancing {Dance and make me more}. Singing {A few songs that plants like}. It says crapping is part of Spring song {Er… why don’t more of you shit in the open it asks.}’  

But the beings it really loves, are insects. The larval stage, when their plump fleshy song fills the air.

But does it get sad now that our local area is largely urbanized. Yesss… but… there is so much to do… and a whole galaxy of influences and memories from 500 years in the future and cattle breath from 500 years ago that…

It plays us a song… a flute song… who plays it?
Who do you think?
How does the song go?

It feels like a swaying snake or a giddy flitterfly.
And it has ‘words’ that are like…
“Oh feet skip with tree root delving.
Rain that may not come falls.
The blood cell is soft green and unfurling red.
the chirp of the little is tickling tomorrow’s storm.
A pyramid, a hill is raised.
The skirt unwraps the hips and the village pond shrieks as it once did.
I am so glad there are those whose feet hear.”

Spring is here. And at our gladness. 3 land spirits and Junorra smiles. As does Zingya. As does the 16th Amihaavi.

It is 5.44 am now. And we will put the pen to bed. And sit deep in renewal. For we have today we have a difficult healing. In fact today we all have a difficult healing. To help the earth breathe again. Dance again. Sing joyous again.
Thankfully, we have someone{s} glad to help. {Junorra, Zingya, Amihaavi}.

So… Plant a seed. Dance a dancy dance. Have a happy crap. Or sing a flutey song.

spring spirit revealed


Grasping The Possibilities. AND OPPORTUNITIES:
You understand that in this seemingly playful article
You have understood the very nature of a season. And time.
Seen aspects of earth mind.
Discovered aspects of your own consciousness.
Found other ways to renew the earth.

>> For all you spiritual explorers, you understand we have opened a host of possibilities. For example: What is the name of the spring spirit in your neighbourhood? Try a dance with the Spring Spirit.
>> For healers: regeneration of tissues and organs occur more strongly in Spring.
>> For those who are ill, you realize that possibilities of renewal are limitless.



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