Aura & Spiritual Insights into
The Super Blue Moon Eclipse

31st Jan 2018: By Tarun & Celia Cherian



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The Supermoon Eclipse, clouds not preventing, will be magnificent to the human eye. With bloody shadow being cast on the moon’s face. Perhaps inky darkness stealing across.

Both the supermoon and the supermoon eclipse have highly potent effects physically and psychically. It has been established {even to the most sceptical Scientist} that any full moon and The Supermoon in particular has a profound physical and mental effects. {Tides, mood shift.}

Today in The Mega Lunar Eclipse we have 4 key sub events, A} The effect of The Supermoon. A} The effect of The Spring Supermoon. C} The effect of  The Supermoon Eclipse. D} The effect of  other Planets.

So let us study this effect and understand it. First the quick report. Then the fuller understanding.

The Mega Lunar Eclipse affects The Sacral Chakra reducing controls on hidden impulse. Basically, it allows darker past lives to have access to our desire chakras. It frees people to do what they secretly fear, hate, desire. However the effect may not be immediate but the greatest/worst effect is 3 months later in June/July.

1. Ocean Movements: Physically the Supermoon raises tides. So what do we see the scientists have not yet observed that it causes a churning effect from the deep sea to the surface. It causes a spiralling in deep sea trenches, and dredging up of old pieces of buried junk. How will the eclipse adds to this? Makes the movement more intense.

2. Earth crust shifts: The Supermoon will cause some earth crust shifts possibly near Japan, N Europe, Alaska. This is what we aura seers have predicted. Perhaps scientists will confirm. Will it cause a special earth effect? {Perhaps near Japan}.

3. Aquatic Life: The effect of The Supermoon and Eclipse, is mostly on aquatic animals. As expected the shifting light will affect the behaviour of closer to surface oceanic animals & plankton. Strangely it will affect deep sea beings more, they will sense it as a brightening.

4. On humans, the effect of The Supermoon and Eclipse, will be at a number of levels. It has been established The Full Moon, causes hormonal shifts, affects psychotics and the anxiety driven. What will This Supermoon and Eclipse do, what will observing the moon at this moment do?

4. a.  Hormones: Healthwise; minor fluctuations in hormones. Some effect on the hippocampus.

4. b. Potassium levels. Some effect on the potassium levels. Hence a minor rise in heart conditions and cramping.

5. Earth Shaktis: All full moons and the The Super Blue Moon Eclipse, in particular, trigger a profound shift on earth-shaktis and dragons. Wheras normally they swirl across the earth, they now begin to rise up, as much as 10-100 feet.

What this means is your shaktis, living-patterns-of-impulses change the way chakras interact. Principally they move between the sacral-solar plexus, and root-bindu.

Basically, The Super Blue Moon Eclipse on 31st Jan 2018 allows darker past lives to have access to our desire chakras. It frees people to do what they secretly fear, hate, desire. However the effect may not be immediate but the greatest/worst effect is 3 months later in June/July.

Positive: you have access to the worst impulses of your reincarnational cycle. Which you can heal.

6. Sun Father Versus Moon Mother: Now if we look at it astro-psychologically, The Sun represents The Father, The Moon – The Mother, The Earth – The Child. So The Supermoon Eclipse represents the moment when The Child comes between The Father & Mother. And in this case seemingly betrays The Mother. Makes her red, blackens her face.

Now The Moon represents imaginations, and behavioural patterns that are deep rooted. The Eclipse says ‘Mama’s voice is eclipsed. Go ahead let out your secret face.’

7. Astro-family Dynamics: Today at this eclipse time  astro-psychologically we see The Sun-The Father, backed by Venus, or passion. With Saturn, Pluto, Mercury behind opposing The Moon-The Mother. The Moon has only one on her side. Her Mother Ceres. 

In human terms it means that The Sun-The Father is flirting with another. And The Child takes The Father’s side.

The negative is The Eclipse permits us to act out darker, hidden desires. Positive it can bring a greater balance between  the Ego’s refusal to accept Desire and Desire’s refusal to allow the Ego to rule. Typically this pushes The Ego to assault. And nudges Desire to abandon The Ego’s Children. 

8. Swadisthana & Bindu Chakra Impact: The Super Blue Moon Eclipse has a significant effect on our chakras. In particular , it causes a potent darkening effect on the left side of the Swadisthana Chakra. And the moon or Chandra nadi in the womb area. With the super blue moon, passions are accelerated and one’s imagination becomes earthier. With the eclipse the behavioural patterns are dark evolutionary ones.

The Super Blue Moon Eclipse also shifts impact on the bindu, deepening connect with our past lives. But the particular mode of connect is to The Past Lives root chakra, opening connects to survival, reproduction, security, fear/flight impulses.

9. Those watching The Supermoon Eclipse should know ‘The Moon’ feels bespoiled, her worst secrets revealed. Stripped bare & despoiled.

10. To Protect Self: Placing a bowl of water on the left side of your body. Breathing to your left nostril, while visualising a silver ring around your left nostril will help. For advanced seekers, watching The Super Blue Eclipse from above your crown chakra will be magnificent.





Actual Aura Observations into
The Super Blue Moon Eclipse

31 Jan- 1st Feb 2018: By Tarun & Celia Cherian


We were out during The Supermoon Eclipse in Bangalore. While the Eclipsed Moon was covered by a haze from 5.45 – 6.15 pm.  

Roughly from 6.00 - 6.20 pm, the effect was the strongest. We could feel it like waves reddish orange, so it had affected the earth’s magnetic waves to some extent. We researched this and will share findings later… in this article.Later in the evening when the eclipse was fading it appeared as if heavier energy creatures were released. Was it more than during a normal full moon? To some extent.


As we predicted The Supermoon & Eclipse definitely affects The Sacral & Bindu. To give it a figure about 10% above normal: {Effect of any Full moon 5%. Super Moon 3%. Eclipse 2%}. Many women felt the effects strongly in the womb area like Amita P, Riccha S, Bindu, so it perhaps doesn’t affect men as strongly. Or men are less sensitive to this flux.

The Supermoon & Eclipse definitely affects the limbic areas of the brain.

The Supermoon Eclipse definitely affects one’s access to past life experience especially root chakra drives, this was about 2-7%.

Does the The Supermoon Eclipse affect the earth’s crust? In our observation yes. To a minor extent.

Does the The Supermoon & Eclipse affect the earth’s crust? In our observation yes. To a minor extent.

Does The Supermoon & Eclipse affect the ocean life more? In our observation to a minor extent.



We talked to The Moon Consciousness and asked it what it felt? Did it feel despoiled? As we had observed before the eclipse. Its answer was no. It feels the eclipse as if it were a strong breeze. Again leading us to the idea of a magnetic wind. Nasa says that is true. During the full moon the moon is lashed by the earth’s magneto- tail. Yes the earth has a tail! It also said it felt many eyes on it, which it actually liked.

While in Western Astrology The Moon is associated with the feminine, in India astrology, and Japanese Myth it is male. So we asked the moon if it was male/female. It laughed at our classifications. But answered in our terms it is a woman.

As we talked to The Moon Mind it revealed it is part of a vaster solar system consciousness. It listens to only particular range of human consciousness of dreaming & imagination.

It gave us two facts we could verify. First it said the earth/the moon has many moons. 17 are significant but it is almost like an asteroid belt. I did not know this. When we checked, astronomers speak of a significant other moon called Cruithne which has a magnificent dancy orbit around the earth. Nasa speaks of 16,000 asteroids.   

Second The Moon says it has a dust cloud around it, to about 30/70 km radius.  We checked and Nasa says that is true. That in fact the Moon has a Cloud of dust that is sensitive to a number of factors like solar winds, earth’s magnetic shifts during the full moon. To quote Tim Stubbs, a University of Maryland scientist working at the Goddard Space Flight Center.  "Earth's magnetotail extends well beyond the orbit of the Moon and, once a month, the Moon orbits through it this can have consequences ranging from lunar 'dust storms' to electrostatic discharges." Source

To many respecting the full moon and eclipses may seem foolish. The simple truth is we are cosmic beings and we live in a world where vast sweeps of energy constantly shift and eddy. The Full Moon and Eclipses are times that affect the fabric of life, the gravitational fields, electromagnetic webs, and cosmic ray receptivity.

We stayed awake much of the night. Observing The Moon. We wake in the morning and a delightful moon hangs above a lavender sky.