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Here is a copy of a letter sent to someone who lost her cat:

Dearest J,
It is lovely that you love your Cat so much.

The reason we asked if you can see sloping tiled roofs from your window is because that is what your cat showed us. Second, it showed us bars on the window, also horizontal bars. Also when we got a glimpse of your cat we could see her with mouse and a half moon behind. When we checked with the almanac we saw that the detail was right. so we are sure we are talking to your cat's spirit. 

{This means that your cat is alive, the direction we pointed your cat is in is probably right.}

There are many unknowns when we talk to animals. 
Are we talking to the right cat? 
Are we seeing things today or a week ago? 
Is it alive or spirit?

We are talking to your cat. For the details are right. Since it is catching mice. It is probably on her own. But got that it ate a fish so is it near a stream or a fish stall?  

The thing with cats are; they are independent, and have a wanderlust. Your cat is content with its new life. Doesn't like rain. Thunder. Hates a black cat {?} But when we reminded it of you, it had a mouse and thought perhaps you'd be hungry. So, please use the chant we gave, it will reach to your cat {hence the stanza about feeding you mice}. You may get a dream where it will communicate. 

We know how devastating it can be when you lose someone you love. But here you may need to think of it like a child going to hostel in another city.

Love & God
Tarun & Celia. 


Commentary By Tarun & Celia Cherian:

1. The Coldness & Warmth of Cats

What we didn't emphasize with the owner was that The Cat didn't really want to be found. It loved its freedom, but when it heard its mama was distraught it offered to shatre its rat that it had caught. The fact it was miles away, and the mama had no real way of finding it notwithstanding we see... the proverbial independence of THE CAT. And its wonderful GENEROSITY.

2. Helping with The Pain. And The Adolescent Dating...

Now you have peeked into someone’s letter and pain. You have felt how devastating it can be when a child wanders off for an hour or so.

When we look we get snatches. We interpret those snatches. Sometimes correctly, sometimes wrongly. For example, once we were asked to search for an adolescent child. We got he had fallen ill. We saw him sitting next to his bike, so we presumed an accident. Later we got that he was lying down, with a white sheet, so presumed he was in hospital. It turns out he had felt a slight stomach upset, and was a little dizzy, so got off his bike, sat at the curb. His bike was on the ground as then he hadn’t the energy to put it on stand. Since his mom had locked the house he had gone to a girlfriend’s house, because the mom had gone out on a shopping trip. Enjoying the pampering, and then the party as a second friend came over, he decided to stay on. Returning, the mom found the son missing wasn’t at school. Or at home.

3. A Thousand Unknowns...

Now getting those snatches is immensely difficult. We may make it look easy. But at times, it is very tiring, for we are swimming in a river of a million impressions. Getting snatches from a mind. Wondering if we are seeing our mind’s presumption, the target mind’s knowledge. Whether that knowledge is its reality or imagination?

So, is the cat’s moon an earthly moon or an astral moon, a dream moon? Here we see it is an earthly moon.

We used to charge for searching for lost animals. This is now one of our many free services. But at times if the effort is heavy and there is a real chance people may find the pet, we at times levy a bill.  The other day we looked for another cat of a ‘rich woman who kept whining about costs’ {We hadn’t mentioned any}. We gave a rough direction, NorthEast, and a rough distance.  A week later she called saying "I don’t know what directions are." Who is lost? The woman or the cat?

4. The Goddess Of Cats...

We get a message from The Ancient Spirit Guide of Cats, “Why are you worried? She is safe!” She then adds this worrying reassurance. “You are always safe. Even in Death’s worst whirlpools you are watched over.” Then probably noticing our anxiety, adds, “The cat you are looking for is your side of life…” {She sniffs as if our earthly side of life is very low class}.



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