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The Aura Vibration of Spiritual Stances:

  Lyrical CXhakra Painting by Spiritual Master Tarun Cherian

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If you peered over Tarun’s shoulder when he was an associate Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather, chances are you would find him with a brush in hand. ‘Er… but I thought he was in copy not art side you may argue’. True. Like all advertisers he blurred lines. But most times he was not really doing anything for a client, directly. He was painting, exploring a spiritual dimension. Again many creative people do precisely that. Be they admen, designers, code writers…  Allow a deeper passion to come to the fore, in turn enriching the so called more mundane work of making creativity serve the world. We will not here pursue the idea of defocus as a way of focus. But let us get back to the topic. As you peered over his shoulder you could see one particular style… A languid line, half suggestive of a body, and chakras blooming in them. Now this art nouveaux style, or astral luxuriance, as you may call it, is lyrical to some, chocolatey to others, and illustrative of the inward to still others.

Lyrical Images:
To carry the spiritual grace forward, we had put one particular such image out on a site called red bubble {} which offers merch like posters or t’s… Anyway we shared it on Facebook. While some admired how good it looks… Few talked of the message. Of stance, chakras and how auras bloom with different stances and attitudes…


The Challenge:
So we then put forward a challenge, on FB, on WhatsApp, and Email… And it is this, what does the dance/ yogic stance, actually do to the aura? Now, we are going to give you some space to sense it for yourself. Devadhara Healers, Reiki Practitioners, Cosmic Heart Seekers, and Yoga Adepts this should be right up your street.  So what do you think?

Spiritual Stances challenge


You can use your hands to sense which of Tarun’s chakra is more lit, or a pendulum, or just aura sight. Or you can ask a friend to stand and check out his strongest chakra… Whatever you do, do not read further till you have tried this exercise for yourself.









Now, obviously the depicted image, and Tarun standing are related stances, but slightly different… and will offer slight differences… Okay have you tried?










The Answer:
Many of you took the time and trouble to look deep and reply. So what did we get? Celia was asked to take a deep look at Tarun’s aura as he held the stance…  and she clearly got that a central torso chakra comes alight. Is it solar plexus, navel, or even abdomen chakra? Tarun too got the Solar Plexus Chakra lit brightest. The root stimulated, the feet area lit and a high crown area mildly awakened.

Spiritual Stances seen by aura Masters Celia & Tarun Cherian

If the stance is held like Tarun does, it is solar plexus and navel. But if it is held like a bharatnatyam dancer, legs more curved, hips angled, we would expect the root and abdomen to be activated, exactly what Soujanya got -- the abdomen chakra as the one most lit.

"I feel root, Navel and solar plexus chakras very strongly" Ravi Tiwari.

Tanya got The Root, Navel and Heart chakras.

"Using a pendulum, I got that Tarun’s solar plexus and Crown were energized... interesting that it worked with T’s photo..." Says Amita.

Very interestingly Kanak got two answers. For himself it was Root and Navel chakras. But when scanning Tarun's image it was the Solar Plexus.

As you look at the answers you see how similar they are.

Now critical in any pose is of course one’s attention and so if one’s eyes are horizontal then the chakras or aura portion activated is the torso/lower torso. But if the eyes are raised up, then an area high at the uplifted hands come alight.

Obviously any stance, any physical, mental or spiritual action, works with the body of mental and physical actions. So if the person doing such a stance is a soldier, a dancer, an athlete, a martial artist, a farmer, an additional area at the feet will come alight. So for example this stance if held by Rakesh will create a small circle of energy around the feet. When Soujanya {Also a dancer} holds the stance it is a softer wider circle at the feet. When Divya & Nishi, once both martial artists hold the stance, an additional set of energy points hover around the knees.

Now the difference between how Rakesh and Soujanya would hold the stance, points to energy bodies. Since Rakesh was an army man, and is still an active trekker the additional bodies most awakened are the ones closer like the etheric. Soujanya being an erstwhile dancer is perhaps more concerned with the expressive quality of action and so the astral and emotive bodies are more lit.

Gratitude to the ancients:
As you mull over this, you realise that indeed we owe the ancients a debt of gratitude. From across the world, there are stances that promise to significantly empower us, be it in terms of health, mental attitude, and spiritual grace. Islamic prostration, Sufi whirling, Japanese martial stances, Chinese animal stances, Wiccan Prayer Moves, American shaman actions, and of course Indian Yogic stances...

But to many brought up with Western 'puritan' traditions or post renaissance attitudes such lip service to stances and mudras may seem the height of the ridiculous. And worse... difficult to stomach for it seems to almost insult the infirm, and physically challenged...

The Body-Mind-Spirit and Stances:
To the thinker or someone with a damaged body, be it from childhood or by accident, the whole thing of stances dictating spiritual grace may seem offensive, even unfair. Is someone kneeling holy? Hey and both Tarun and Celia when meditating and connecting rarely practice any stance except, slumped or lazing.

We are not saying that stances are essential. We are not saying that one cannot meet God without sitting in a stance or B posture. What we are saying is that the stances, be they physical, emotional, spiritual do reshape the totality of our being and the connect of ourselves to the core. However we are emphatically saying that the mental freedom of post renaissance West is actually both liberative and an amputation and abomination. Mind thinking is not the only way to think... stances and mudras urge us to be 'aware', no aware is the wrong word, no the push us to be alive to the immense possibilities written into world-body-mind-spirit-soul…

We explored this but recently with the gyaana/padma chakra challenge… We have thrown this up again in this article… Hmmm... consider this... Just a year ago we had gifted you an experience where Celia had been in 2 places at the same time. Revealing the illusoriness of the body. {The Incredible Double Body Experience.} Today we invert this revealing how stances reshape the spiritual.

Now clearly while Celia in 2 places is a far ‘greater’ crowbar for the mind, the spiritual stance and gyaana mudra are far easier to access… Neither is greater than the other. Lightning is more furious than a battery… but aren’t both welcome?

The body is temple to the divine.




By Celia & Tarun Cherian