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When I have nothing more… to give…
nothing more to live for…
When I am screaming out where are you Dear God, where?
{As many times, many of us have…}
I can give up... despair…
Or I can realise… I have nothing…
What is more precious than this?
Than nothingness.
Like after a wonderful shit…
Like after a good cry…
Like after a storm…  

Like wiped clean… a blank slate…
Like I can go left or right, up or down…
Like all doors are open…

Empty. I am.
Such blessedness, is there in this emptiness.
Because it is empty the drum plays true.
My feet follow… the drum… the drum sings with emptiness…
The emptiness is full…
There is no such thing as emptiness.

When I give everything
I have an ocean left.

Here is the dilemma.
Here is the opportunity.
For till I am Empty, till I come to emptiness,
how can I clasp my fullness?

Nobody goes willingly to the abbatoir.
Except sheep, fools, saints, the butcher.
When the butcher brings down his axe.   
He realises instead of the sheep
God placed his neck on the block.

When I give everything
I have an ocean left.

When I give the last rupee,
The rupee sized sun is pressed into my heart.

The suicide has everything taken from him.
But willingly or not he is learning the lessons of nothing.

The one truly miserable one is the miser who stores his money
not realising it is monopoly money.
It buys nothing except on this board game.
In real life it buys nothing.

Only when I learn to give
can I receive.
Only when I have nothing
can I really have everything.

We are all misers.
That is why ‘God’ invented death.

‘Learning can be hard,
But it is actually easy’, God says…

A child gives all.
A lover gives all.
A mother gives all.
A good workman gives all.
A singer gives all.
A saint gives all.
The Sun gives all.

The most powerful people are those with everything,
Like the King coffers filled with Gold, the wiseman head filled with books.
And those with nothing, the slave with rage, the fool looked after by God.

If ever you or I come to a point of nothingness,
When life, stupidity or cruelty strips you bare,
Let’s try this…
Remember our emptiness makes us eligible for being the most important thing,
Our emptiness makes us first choice as Lord Shiva’s Dumru.
Our emptiness makes us prime candidate for Lord Buddha’s bowl.
Our emptiness makes us blessed in Christ's Eyes.
Our emptiness makes us perfect for the Great Artist’s stroke.
Where the mighty are stopped insignificant dust goes.
Where all is stopped emptiness seeps.

When truly nothing I have… the doorway to everything opens…



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