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Mr Suresh*, a real estate magnate, and a future politician had come to us for an aura scan. What did we know of him? Just that he was the husband of one of our fine spiritual seekers.

As we looked at his aura, to see if a small health issue was significant, our attention was drawn to a significant coiling energy connected to ancestral forces, and connect with animals. As we told him about it, it struck a chord. He related an amazing story.

This is from the time when Mr Suresh was a baby perhaps a year and a half old. About 4 decades ago, from rural Tamil Nadu. He was playing in the courtyard, in the sunshine. Safe, his mother and grandma turned back to their bharanis {ceramic jars}. They were making mango pickle. Checking on him, they peered through the kitchen window only to see a sight that would freeze the blood of any mom. Around their darling was the coils of a gigantic King Cobra. It was about 12 feet long. The unfurled hood was inches in front of his face.

The full grown King Cobra can grow from majestic 12 feet to a humungous 19 feet long. It’s venom packed with Neurotoxins, alpha Neurotoxins, cyto-toxins, and 3 finger toxins, these much more potent than the average cobra, causes paralysis and intense cardiotoxic reactions.

What could they do?

Disturb the snake and it would almost certainly strike.

What they could do was watch, pray and… marvel… For far from being scared the Junior Mr Suresh was gurgling and laughing… tickling the snake’s hood, yanking its tail.

The 2 playmates laughed, giggled, and had a glorious time for about a whole hour. Yes, one hour.

Then, the snake having had enough of its game departed perhaps to get a spot of lunch. At which point, the grandma, mother, and gaggle of servants swooped down and lifted the child in their arms.

The story has a bitter-sweet ending.

By evening, the powers that be, sent a local snake-catcher, he discovered the King Cobra’s home and it was dealt with. Probably hacked to death. Now in India, Cobras are revered and feared. Killing it carries serious Karmic consequences. They represent the earth, are messengers of the devis, and are part of nagas or divine presences.   

The Lessons:

As we reread the story, we realize how incredible it is.

Lesson #1: Rising above Conflict: First, that a baby and a venomous snake should bond so incredibly, joyously gives goose-pimples. We often live our lives hopelessly locked into terrible conflicts. And this story reminds us we can rise above it. The ugliest wars in most civilisations are often between blood brothers. In Russia, a terrible conflict between old believers and new believers cost thousands their lives, but now who even remembers such a debate? In India there was a long struggle between Vaishnavism and Shaivism, but now most prayer rooms have both. In Europe a ghastly struggle between Catholicism and Protestantism dominated, barring a few parts of Ireland, few elsewhere are touched. In a similar example to Suresh's shared by Nishi, Love’s Triumph: Mama Dog Feeds Kitten we see an amazing mama dog and kitten suckle a kitten!

Lesson #2: Rehumanising Man: Next we often think that animals are beasts and we humans are humane. But that is an assumption that does not bear scrutiny. The snake could have killed the baby with a single strike. But finally it is adult humans in fear who probably killed the snake. We humans are far uglier than we think, having driven thousands of entire species into extinction. If we believe in Karma, or divine retribution, or divine balance, what does this say about our future? Clearly there is a need of rehumanising man. How?

Lesson #3: Focussssssing on primal bondage: Third, while many are familiar with concepts like Karma few of us are aware that a deeper bondage exists which is even more binding... The power of deep terrors, fears, hatreds... There is a specific word for it in Indian scriptures, can any tell us what it is?

Lesson #4: Species-reincarnational-ancestral heritage reveals we are more: As we asked ourselves why there was such a deep bonding between baby and snake, we were drawn to 3 possibilities. A} There are many examples of curious friendships across barriers, and this is an example of that. B} Suresh was connected to snakes in another lifetime. C} Suresh's ancestors had such a deep connect with the land even a venomous snake respected them.

So is Suresh more assured in himself and so able to have friendships across groups? Hmmm, and Mr Suresh deals with an entire spectrum in real estate, his assurance puts some seriously threatening individuals at ease. Yes, to possibility one. Second, does he have a connect to snakes reincarnationally? Yes, he carved some snakecharmer’s flutes 2 lifetimes back. Did his ancestors have a deep connect with the land, that to the snake the little child was prince of earth.? Yes, Yes, Yes.

All three are true... but mostly...

Lesson #5: Ancestral Forces shape not just our behaviour, but the very lands: In today's world we often forget the full force of Ancestral Forces, equating it with mere DNA transfer, thinking it merely explains how humans behave... Here we begin to see how it shifts even how animals react to us.

Lesson #6: Ancestral Histories birth tomorrow: Suresh has grown up with the story of the snake. This has shaped him, so he knows that even though the world is a dangerous place he is protected, and so in any situation, he can take the worst and transform it into harmony... From a businessman he is stepping into the role of a Politician...

We once again thank Suresh and the many of you whose lives have flowed through our lives revealing impossible secrets, precious treasures, infinite deeps...


Suresh's Story related by Tarun & Celia Cherian


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