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The Blessedness of Menstruation.

  The Goddess Force behind Menstruation

In a healing which happened a few years ago, a sufferer was undergoing a severe identity crisis, we asked her to use her menstrual blood to draw a symbol. It triggered a cathartic dream, in it she died and was reborn in blood. In the months later she realised a deep obsessive fear had been released. and A worrying cellular formation in her womb area that her gynae called anomalous and precancerous, that too vanished. With it left a nagging, uneasiness, which she worried may have been a harbinger of a serious illness.

“I see a light shining out to every corner of the world, from my womb, it seems as if the air is writhing with force…” Describes a seeker. The discussion about the session, went on for the next half an hour when she interrupted and said…
“Tarun it has happened again.”
“Er what has happened again?” You ask.
“My chums started.” She said.
The spiritual seeker in question is growing along what we call the Creators Child Goddess pathway. Interestingly every time she has a stupendous awakening it occurred just before her chums/periods. This time before we started the session, we had seen a heaviness in her womb. Was she having her chums or had she just had her chums? "Close but in a day or two.” She had answered. But half an hour later into the awakening session her chums had arrived. Why? Possibly because the menses energy deals with letting go the past and preparing the way for the future.

In many parts of the world Menstruation is taboo. Unclean in many sects of all the major religions, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam. However, a significant minority regard it to be accepted, even blessed. For example in the Ambubachi Mela, an annual fertility festival centred at the Kamakhya Temple the Goddesses' menstruation is worshipped.

On a personal note: a few decades ago, Celia was having her chums when it had happened to spill on the floor as we looked at it we were amazed. It had formed a perfect 5 pointed star. Now as all who are familiar with symbolism the 5-pointed star, the earth pentacle, is linked with the Goddess Venus. Clearly in purely human terms, the symbolism reveals menstruation is blessed.

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Now we have been meaning to write this article for a long while, but it is only with the recent Indian Supreme Court ruling on Sabarimala that we have been impelled to write the article.

Menstruation through human history has been linked to great psychic power.
The very word ‘Menstruation’ derives from the Latin word ‘mensis’ which actually means ‘month’. Similarly the word for menstruation is sanskrit is rtu, resonant with the word for season. Thus revealing a deep understanding of the connect between a woman’s cycles and lunar and cosmic cycles. And by corollary the recognition that Kanyavrata or menstruation is a moment of deep psychic power that can command cosmic forces.  

Indeed from time immemorial Menstruation has been linked with power. Among the Cherokee, menstruation is considered a source of power, including the power to destroy enemies {Blood Politics: Circe Dawn Sturm}. According to Pliny The Younger, Imperial Magistrate & Governor of Ancient Rome, menstruation can impact storms, whirlwinds, lightning storms {Natural History}. Both among The Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Greeks menstrual blood mixed with wine was seen as a powerful way to connect with the Goddess, and formed parts of festive celebrations.

But while psychic history universally acclaims the power of menstruation, it is isn’t alaways perceived as sweet, nice or necessarily good. Among The ancient Egyptians menstrual blood was used in an ointment to protect newborn from demons {Source: Petra Habiger}. Among the Mayans this ambivalence is evident. Menstrual blood is seen as as snakey, cockroachlike and so has two faces.

So how does Menstruation actually affect healing and healing energies?
We, Celia & Tarun, the masters of Creator’s Child take a deeper look at the energy dynamics of menstruation. Here is a quick summary of our aura observations.  

1. Overcoming Pain: There is often enormous physical discomfort during periods. And so a healer who heals or does any ritual during her periods, is battling pain, and showing a deeper sense of will power.

2. Lower Chakra Focus: During menstruation a woman taps into a differing kind of chakras. While normally women tend to use a bandwidth from the heart to abdomen chakras, during menstruation the bandwidth changes from root to knee chakras. If someone is giving you energy and their heart is principally active and someone is giving you healing and their root chakra is active, then the organ systems the healing works on, the emotions they impact, the kind of energy emitted will be significantly different.

3. Heavier Branched Energies: And indeed, the healing energies associated with menstruation work faster. They are heavier and are structurally more branched. {Think of a plug point, normally one device can be connected that's how normal energy is like. In a branched energy it is like a plugpoint to which numerous devices can be attached}.

4. Differing Nagas: Shaktis and Nagas are deep forces that shape earth rhythms and patterns, world events and trends. We can connect to them at different levels. During menstruation at a woman’s feet, we see she is connected to a ring of nagas there, these are very earthy, shaping deep environmental shifts and governing survival issues. During non-menstruation time the nagas are more linked to the waist, nagas at this level deal more with human drives, dreams and reactions.

5. Powerful Physical Action, Variable Emotional Action: During menstruation healing energies work powerfully on the physical, clearing useless impulses, strengthening integrity. It is not that they don't have an effect on the emotional. They do, but the effect is like an amplifier. Old patterns are cast aside, and the rage to live is intensified. So you can end up firecely positive but also enraged and depressed.

6. God Connect: During menstruation the very way we connect to the divine is different. Wheras in normal time the connection is predominantly the upper chakras, during menstruation the chakras used are the heart and other lower chakras. Is this only true of the woman menstruating? No. It can affect a close partner, to a small but significant extent.

The effect of visiting the temple during menstruation.
We have not visited the Sabarimala shrine, seen pilgrims only pre and post their visits, and the only women we see going are kids and grandmothers, so how can we answer the question? We asked what would a menstruating woman find different if she made such a pilgrimage? What would the effect be? We astrally walked through a menstruating woman’s visit to the shrine and dicovered that basically her right pingala nadi will come heavily alive, a certain block in the abdomen chakra could occur. But remember, here this is an astral walkthrough so our conclusions are sketchy at best. Indicative that a Sabarimala pilgrimage may not be gender neutral.

The right thing for the wrong reasons?
In the recent Indian Supreme Court ruling on Sabarimala, the court ruled that menstruating women should be allowed into the temple. In an odd twist, the 4 male judges ruled for permitting menstruating women in. The lone woman judge argued the court was violating its limits, and the fundamental right of a religion to define its practices.

Now we have only seen the effects of the Sabarimala ritual second hand. We have observed the aura of the faithful on their journey. The effect on the root chakra is profound.Not the usual passionate red, but a controlled blue. {Read: The Train of Chakras 2014-16}.The psychic effect is real, genuine, powerful worthy of respect. The priesthood has nurtured a tradition that impacts, cleanses, the auras and minds of pilgrims. The priests perpetuating the tradition may be obdurate and blinkered by Western eyes, but what the Judges do not see is they can be accused of Cultural and Spiritual Vandalism. The issue is who can answer the question whether the divine, the cosmic force enshrined in Sabarimala can or cannot have positive effects on pilgrims undergoing a psychically potent phase? We have to side with the dissenting judge. The judiciary cannot answer this question. The judiciary should not have answered the question.

The Sabarimala Temple would have liked to exclude menstruating women. But do all Indian temples share that restriction? No. Are there not many temple festivals, in Kerala, that are for women alone. For example, one has women lining the streets with bowls of food as offering. Should gender neutrality imply male homemakers should be welcome, as should be spouse-caring transvestites.

The truth is some religeous mores are religeous mores. Some are social mores disguised as religeous dictates. Let's examine the logic. Many Christian sects have women priests. But Catholicism doesn't. Does equality demand that the court command the Catholic Church to take women priests? But should this reform come from without? Or within?


So who should have answered the question? And on what basis?

So who should have actually answered this? A recent report in the papers said that in a movement emerging in Kerala, women would voluntarily choose not to be pilgrims to Sabarimala, till the age of 50. The answer is clear who should have actually answered this?: The Faithful, Spiritualists, Priests and The Divine. Who actually attempted an answer? The Government, the Judiciary, Feminists and The Traditional.

We turn to the next question: On what basis should this question be answered? To throw the debate open, as opposed to giving the final word, here is our tentative perspective on spiritual and energetic aspects. Q1: Is there an effect that menstruating women encounter in the Sabarimala pilgrimage that will be more challenging? To summarise what we observed earlier: In a small percentage of women The Pingala may be overexcited, and the abdomen chakra may experience a constriction. Q2: Can a menstruating woman going to Sabarimala use the same ‘male’ mantras and rituals that most use? Perhaps not. Q3: Should a menstruating woman go to Sabarimala or instead to Kamakhya? Really that’s a no-brainer. Q4: Now in our personal opinion, is the historical ban on menstruating women in Sabarimala valid? We cannot say, but if you press us, we do not think so.

Reexamining male and femaleness.

Now let us take the issue furthur beyond mere judicial wrangling. Both Celia and Tarun have seen reincarnational existences that shift gender, species, and orientations. By recalling a past life as a woman strongly enough, Tarun can nuance a seeker's response. Often in her warrior mode, Celia draws on a forceful King's experience. Fairly similar issues are encountered in humans with split/ multiple personalities. Meaning male and femaleness in a spiritual stream that believes in past lives and reincarnation cannot be rigid.

A top woman cop consulted us many years ago, after a few hours with us, she made this observation... 'You shift beyond your gender roles. Sometimes Celia you drift to a masculine approach and Tarun to the feminine.' Should we take it as gender insult, or insight? Having feminine aspects does not make a man less male, no more than being a tough cop made her less woman. If Tarun or The Top Woman Cop should stand in a pilgrimage queue to Sabarimala, who would the divine see beyond physical form as male or female?

The Sacrifice Denigrated.

Menstruation or KanyAvrata can be terrifying to the young girl turning into woman, the pain, the physical yuckiness, the deep wrenching of muscle can be unbearable. But it is not a one-time thing, it is repeated over and over again, month after month. The hormonal shifts, the physical sensation can be unbearable. What is even worse however is the emotional turmoil, the feelings of uselessness, for the body is proclaiming, 'not pregnant, did not want the child, was not receptive, am not carrying or nurturing, am barren, let's try again.' In one patient's case, her chums were so unbearable she used to scream in pain for days. When she she had exhausted her normal tolerance, she'd call, we'd heal her, and in half an hour the screams on the phone would turn to bearable whimpering, whimpering to a sleep that would last a day.

So how do we approach Menstruation? Not just with clever, sympathetic Tampon ads. Kanyavrata is the sacrifice paid by women so earthkind can flourish. Menstruation has a deep evolutionary past, and so over a million years women have from prehistory taken on this pain. But it doesn't start with the human species, but primates, mammals, scattered across 100 million years have borne it.

But menstruation is more than just a physical function, more than evolutionary dictate, more than social and cultural attitude. Physicality and life are profoundly sacred. The ugly, the repugnant sometimes even more so. Menstruation is a physical function in which eternal issues of barrenness and fertility, mourning and hope, death and rebirth are interwoven. Menstruation is the dark side of fertility, of opportunity lost, of barrenness, of child let go, of hope dashed, of life returned to the earth. It is also of death accepted, so fresh life can emerge. It is a price paid by the feminine. So should society or religion add to that burden? Denigrate that sacrifice? When a culture, society, or religion treats you as impure and filthy, at your lowest and most vulnerable, at the moment when you are in fact unfairly taking on the major burden of bearing life, or mourning lost opportunity, that culture is doing itself a profound disservice.

But Menstruation is much more than a socio-cultural act, a chess move in the game between matriarchal and the patriarchy. It is a deeply sacred energy action, that helps us connect with the earth, with nature, with the shaktis. For example, Lynne Andrews, internationally acclaimed writer when relating her apprenticeship with shamanness Agnes, speaks of a time she was having her chums. She did what many would do, feel dirtied, shamed and used a napkin. She was instead shown an alternative, she was asked to go out into nature and allow the blood to drip onto a sacred green mound. She psychically offered life's gift back to the earth, strengthening her connection with the earth. We are shown a different way of dealing with Menstrutation not just as an act of dealing with an inconvenience, flushing away filth, or perpetuating shame, we see it as an act of power, a way of reconnecting to life.

Spoken like this it sounds lyrical. But we are missing out... on the reality of approaching a shakti, a primal pattern in all its force. Picturise a volcano, covered with snow and forest. All seems pastoral. Then the volcano stirs, blazes, explodes flinging lava, fiery molten rock, screaming out the rage of an ending, destroying the forest, an island, maybe a continent even... When calm eventually reigns, ash settles, the landscape has shifted, the very soil is different... heralding a new beginning, but bathed in blood sacrifice. Menstrutation is not just about connecting to green earth, but with the earth's birth...

But the roots of rtu or rtva lie deeper than even earth's creation. It wrestles with death, uselessness, with the birth of galaxy, the stretching of space, the dance of time. Consider the terrifying moment when a snake moults. It is shedding its face to the world. It is learning to meet death. We see this even clearer at menopause. To understand the magnitude of metamorphosis, consider a star at the end of its life, once blazing it turns darker into a red giant, then collapses terrifyingly into a black hole, or blazing radio star.

The very first image we included in this article is one that helps us glimpse the power of the primal pattern that underlies menstruation. We name the cosmic gestalt with the energetically-potent sound Su-KanyAvrata. As you stand before it you realise that menstruating women, that wounded, bleeding men, can set their feet on the path of a greater pilgrimage, they can knock on the doors of temples -- greater than any shaped by man. A dark moon night can be said to be Death & Rebirth's great doors. But even greater than the planetary is the humble temple of blood and bone, the temple of the body. Here is a psychic secret: The root chakra on the first day of Rtva leads to a titanic power.

To many menstruation is a great curse... But from its bloodied altar comes the promise of life... desolate winter's bloodied snow welcomes a vibrant spring...

Love & God,

Celia &Tarun Cherian



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