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The War Hero's Secret Weapon: Rakesh is a decorated soldier having fought in numerous theatres of war. In one of them he added another weapon to his arsenal. Yoga and spiritual growth. This proved extraordinarily useful, as we related in SMILEnces, in an ugly war against motivated guerrilla troops.

Retired, and yet not retired, for he has a keen interest in the military becoming a respected strategist, with numerous articles under his belt, and two books, well on the way of becoming best sellers.

His greater war, his greater mission is spiritual growth, spiritual transcendence. And for the last few years we have been privileged to be his Gurus.

Now mysticism and psychism has long been a joke for the pragmatic, in most parts of the post renaissance world. Associated with charlatanry, new age wimpishness…

The Quantum and Spiritual Revival: But over the last 2-3 decades, as quantum ideas have begun to spread… And it is everywhere… the sun blazes because of quantum freedoms… photosynthesis is perceived as quantum in nature…  consciousness, the mind-brain links are thought of as quantum fields not skull imprisoned mush… And as the very approach to existence becomes one that thinks vibrationally, that sees through the prism of consciousness… a confluence between ancient mystic possibilities and modern sciences is occurring…

War n Peace

The Sci-fi-ness of God: For example, how many of you have seen NEXT? This 2007 American Sci-fi-psychic thriller centres, around a Las Vegas magician who has precognition that can see seconds into the future. This ability makes him the focus of terrorists and the FBI. Now many of you can relate to this as so many of you can sense auras, spot illness… But… But… can your abilities stay relevant in a situation where bullets are flying?

Yes, yes, yes… The pragmatism of the spiritual is startlingly apparent in the session between Rakesh and us occurred that in the beginning of 2021 {Jan-Feb}.

From Earthquakes to IntuitiveQuakes: We had begun the session with examining the possibility of earthquakes in India. Why? Because in December 2020, when we were foreseeing what would happen in 2021, Rakesh had discovered strong earthquake potential in a line running from Gujarat-Maharashtra, running diagonally across the subcontinent. {And indeed from March to July there have been mid-level earthquakes in Gujarat.}  

After relooking at the faultline, discovering what we could do to mitigate it, we turned our attention to other parts of India.

The Hidden War: Since in May 2020, some 60-100 Indian & Chinese soldiers died in the brutal Galwan skirmish, we began to look at the Northern frontiers of India. So what was happening there?

Rakesh got that Galwan area was tense, but it was stable. But it was when our intuitive attention reached around Sikkim we got a feeling of fierce-red, raging-force.

As we took our natural break in the session, {these one to one session are incredibly exhausting}… Rakesh picked up the phone and talked to friends about the border situation. He discovered his intuition was like a laser-guided, deep penetrating missile.

“That very morning” said trusted media sources, “Indian and Chinese armies had clashed, but this time using armoured vehicles”. The fighting had begun that day in the morning. As we were in the session the fighting had reached fever-pitch.

Attack Foreseen

Days later, the papers carried stories about it, and the fact that these clashes were so serious one could have had a full fledged war. This lead to intense peace talks…. And today an uneasy truce prevails…

Will this peace last? Intuitively we expect the peace to be troubled in August-September 2021. And more drastically turbulent in early 2022.

And as we intuitively discovered in 2020, a range of silent, {presumably Chinese} drones are in the Bay of Bengal mapping territory, and American stealth submarines have {possibly} visited a similar area.

Spirituality is Real: What is incredibly revealing is that we should be able to tap into an event occuring so secretively that no national or international media was in the loop about. And that too separated by 2000 miles.

The significant lesson is that we see how real intuition can get. For if something can climb into the trenches, spot bullets flying as it happens, it is bloody real…

Now often many of us see Gods. And it is reassuring. But it changes little in our lives. And that is because we see God as up there and not down here. And when shit hits the fan, we drop God, or put him aside, or if we turn to him, it is not believing he is harder than stone, or faster than a bullet… But that’s not the truth… God is relevant here. Yoga and intuition helped Rakesh save lives {And his own} in the 90’s in the 2000’s… And now in the 2020’s, it is helping uncovering conflicts and resolutions…

The other lesson is that the hidden is not necessarily hidden...

Weaponising Peace: Now some will object, how is spirituality here not being used in the same fashion as a war-satellite? Good question…

But we now come to our 3rd lesson. We are all inter-connected.

Now we cannot share all that happens in our sessions, or how they are carried forward into the world. But suffice to say, as spiritualists we understand that all of us, Indians, Chinese, Americans, Pakistanis are all souls on earth. And so our greater responsibility is not to be psychic assasins, but to the possibility of an enduring but real peace. Not one where we all sit with our heads in the sand, but one that lifts our eyes to the stars and claim our divinity. A more terrible prospect than conflict, is descent into ignorance where souls repeat like stuck records lessons inb bloody fury.

So the learnings are not about weaponising nations with spirituality… But to weaponise souls using spirituality…  and so eventually peace...

- By Tarun & Celia Cherian, starring Rakesh S {Jan-July 2021}


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