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We all know what it is like when we face insuperable odds. When everything we touch seems to crumble. When all we face seems ugly & perverted. When nobody believes in us. But if at that time we feel an arm encircle us... And if that arm is not a human one but divine, then we can face it. We can face anything.

The Cathars, a sect of Christianity was persecuted by Orthodox Christianity. Many were burnt alive at the stakes. Their faith was so strong that many died without a cry. The masters of their tradition were so deeply rooted in the divine that some sang hymns even as they were being burnt alive.

Now Nirupa faces a difficult morass of problems. They may seem almost insoluble. But no matter how mountainous the problems may seem she has received an assurance, a blessed assurance. She is loved, she is supported, she can count on the cosmic to back her, most incredibly she is hugged by the cosmic.

In our last 20 years as healers we have seen miracles. Children recovering from 'fatal' illness. Patients with terminal cancer erasing it from their cells in a week. People without jobs getting a million to one breaks. Yes, we are happy when illness recedes, we are joyous when someone's mind clears. But we truly applaud when a patient or seeker meets God, encounters the cosmic. The truth is sooner or later we all die. Sooner or later, all the money we earn will pass on to someone else. Most of our achievements will vanish years after we die.

But when someone encounters the truth. Whether he sees it as The Divine Mother, or a spiral of completion then we 'break out the champagne', for then we know that patient has not merely been healed, but saved. For when we meet the divine, truly meet the divine, we are safe not just in one life, we are literally safe for all lives. We have hit the jackpot.

The Doubter's God: Now the doubter may ask 'But when shit hits the fan can't we fool ourselves into believing?' Yes. That is why you have us. Everytime we invite you to see the divine we crosscheck. 'Which side are you feeling it? Where is it touching you? What colour are you seeing? We ask you to get a name whose phonemes {Bija sounds}we have already glimpsed.'

So for example, when Nirupa felt the Divine blessing her, we saw that it was touching her at the hip, indicative of deep support. It was a swirling mass dark with flickering lights like a galactic swirl, consistent with a Devi swirl, it came from the primal matrix. What could it do for her the key image it showed us then an image of a child bathed by a mother. It basically could cleanse and renew her spirit.

Calling On The Divine: When we were naming Devadhara a decade and half ago, we had many alternates, some used more neutral names like soul, cosmic, or those derived from science. We named our healing system Deva+dhara, which means the River of God. Because that is what we literally do. There is a profound intelligence, creativity, joyousness, love that stands behind our existence when we tap into that, deep and subtle shifts happen, sometimes with outwardly dramatic effects.

Feel The Difference: Many of you here are doing precisely that. Every Devadhara Healer always begins by formally connecting to the Cosmic Core, the Godhead, the Oneness. Done with dedication, or faith, the chants trigger a palpable difference. Uma D said that she had learned many grades of Reiki. But the experience of the throbbing of Devadhara Healing pulsing through her hands was hotter, fiercer, more real. Kalpana a healer learnt Devadhara healing because when Suresh M gave her healing she felt incredible waves of healing energy pour out of his hands.

When with our pitiful mouths, leaky belief, poor hearts, uncertain minds we call, sometimes something greater decides to join in. The very air is filled with a crackle of force, a deep goodness, an immensity. It may arrive with deep tenderness as it has for Nirupa, or with manic fierceness as it did for another seeker.

Sometimes the chants that you may have heard us, the founders Tarun & Celia vocalise are the classic Devadhara Mantra but then the chants seem to stray, as overtones of a Divine form specific to the client makes its presence felt. As if a God form takes over our lips. Lord Jesus, Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, DurgaMa, Kali Ma, Arch Angel Raphael, Lord Michael, Maha Ya...

With God often arrives miracles... Sometimes the entry of God is like that of an indulgent parent. Sufferers of bad backs leap up. Cancerous illnesses stop in their tracks. Incurable viruses vanish. Sometimes the healing touch may address a bad financial situation, a broken marriage. In one person's case facing a hopeless financial and emotional situation we pleaded with her Goddess{a form of DurgaMa} and the sufferer facing an absolute disaster received a new job, and incredible assistance.

But it isn't as simple.

Consider Non-performing Miracles! One of our most brilliant seers, and dedicated healers is suffering from a bad back. We uncovered key emotive issues, we opened past life cabinets. One particular session at the patient's home was 3 hours long of frenzied power. We had stopped temporarily, were sipping chai with a friend who had dropped in, when suddenly a box of medicines on a table in the room leapt up and fell down. The power generated in the healing had created a poltergeist action. The Power of God was real. And that surely is miraculous. But did the sufferer immediately get off the couch? No. There was pain relief. But...

As we questioned the divine form that supports that patient, Kali Ma, the divine said, "I knocked the medicines off the table to point out that the divine, the inner spirit rules over matter, but while I have the power to move objects and worlds, I offer you a greater gift; I reveal the precious lessons beneath the bad back. The spine of the soul's life, bone by bone in different lifetimes had got twisted, the pain revealed the whole was twisted. You have to find ways to untwist a life, a whole set of lives. If I had just repaired the back, as I could, it may have been miraculous in your eyes, but it would just have been a spiritual bandaid. You would have gone on with a twisted spine of thought inside."

In the hierarchy of healing there is something more beautiful than just a physical condition disappearing. Yes, sometimes the miraculous doesn't just change a bad back, it changes the whole of one's life. Like this one of Nirupa, or that of Amita S.

Now, when we are in pain, or up emotional and financial shit-creek miracles are welcome, but there is a gift even greater. And that is the presence of God. Many try and fail utterly as they try to speak of how deep the feeling goes as you are touched or surrounded by God. Arcane words like 'ineffable, effulgent, too much, magnificent are used'. For many of us life is a desert. Or a dark place where even hope has fled, where meaning has died. And so the presence of God does something no mere pain relief, no healing recovery, no antidepressant can. It places a Sun in the Sky of a Dead Planet.

The Reason for God's Disappearance. And Promise of Steadfast Support: For many of us there comes a terrible time, when the touch of God vanishes, when in the bright sun, or cold hard Doctor's clininic it all seems a lie. And we wander, scream, moan... Why? Why? Why has God abandoned us? Through Nirupa we get the answer "It is not the Lord or Goddess who abandons us, but we humans who turn our faces away."

The Wound of The Goddess. The Great Gift: We were giving healing to M* a woman with magnificent spirit facing crippling arthritis at just 30. Why? There were many levels of reasons. First, a viral attack before the emergence of arthritis. Then, life shifts with the birth of her 3rd child. Then anguish in childhood. Then a past life of great cruelty. Then a past life of incredible promise. Then last, the reason for her illness was a force we Indians call The Goddess. And why would you, The Divine Mother curse your own child with life-crippling arthritis... The answer is a swirl of light which when translated reads like this. "Words are cheap. Those who follow me will slip in the shit of the vahan I ride. Will be attacked by the fierce raging tiger cubs that follow me. Dancing behind a plaster of paris statue is cheap. Dancing through Life's Jungle paths, through pain's path, now that is something. Sometimes I wound you to let the pus out."

Our despair, offers us something magnificent. The grounds for the reemergence of light. A message of blessed assurance. "The Gods are there for us. They have always been there for us."

The Last Blessing: Which leads us to the last gift of the divine. and this can be particularly challenging or self bloating. The assurance that we are but an extension of her. That we are God in human form.

One of our finest seekers was going through a time when she had innumerable experiences where she was one with God. A friend challenged her if you are so close to God get the waves to move, they were on a beach close to mumbai. She tried but couldn't, much to the amusement and derision of her friends. Ironically God seat was a place close to her root/anus chakras, and so she was actually capable of such awesome feats. But to perform that feat she would have had to rip off her clothes, smear her body, drink her shit and piss, chant a long forgotten neanderthal prayer for half an hour. And with that power she could have either got a puff of sand to leap up strangely or got one wave to rise 3 feet higher. She could have also given the questioning friend an intense stomach upset. She could have, but didn't. And it is good that she didn't for she would have been unable to live with her family after that as her behaviour would have changed radically.

But do we have to go to the forests, rip off our clothes, give up all niceties to be with God? Being continuously and beautifully connected to the divine with incredible grace, while being on the earth is possible... many of you have experienced it for days, months, years... Many of you have felt what it was like to be a part of a vast cosmic entity... A creature formed of countless lives...

We are all on the lap of God... or if you find that saccharine, we are all the matrix of the infinite focussed on a micron's cube... If we choose the first metaphor 'All we have to do is trust'.




-- Tarun & Celia Cherian, 13 Aug 2017



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