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The Gifts of the 'Socialist' Earth Goddess.


- By Kuldeepak N


squirrel Goddess

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"We live in a small mouintainous island. The land energy over here is different from main urban centres. It's vibrant,  evident,  constantly active. 

"Our balcony overlooks an open foresty space, the other side of which is a 2 storey building, identical to the one we live in. It is now spring, but barely a month back, the whole area was covered with snow. As the snow cleared, the squirrels, ants, bees, insects and birds all started to frequent the garden area. For the past few days, during my visits to the balcony, as I would look down at the vacant green patch, I could sense a thin middle aged woman say, "Please feed my children. Please feed my children." I had once thrown some sugar into the garden thinking that the ants might like to eat some.

"Yesterday, the plea to feed her children came across as very strong. I had tossed half a biscuit pack into the garden. And then, in the evening, within an hour or so, our fridge was stacked up with numerous fruits and vegetables. It was so much, that we could hardly accommodate all that food stuff in the fridge. And thereafter, the woman came to my senses and said, "This food is for your children. Thank you for feeding my children."

"Let me explain what had happened. My son & daughter play with friends in the opposite building. We had never met the kid's parents before. Yesterday, a sequence of events happened - my kids went to their friends'  house and were late to come back; we then called up the friend's parents; they introduced themselves to us; coincidentally, they were making a trip to an army canteen where they get subsidized foodstuff  and had been given much more than they needed; they gave the rest to us. 

"The whole sequence of events was so perfectly orchestrated, that it left me wondering - "If she could orchestrate events to such fine details, why would she have to depend on me to feed the squirrel child, the ant child?"

"And so, I ventured to ask her. She said, "Sometimes, I cannot reach or distribute food everywhere. Sometimes, the squirrel looks away. And so, I hope and ask that you bring the food to where they are." 

"I wondered with a chuckle, if it had something to do with the socialist nature of the government of this land. Rather, if the policies of the government were shaped by the socialist nature of the Shakti of this land. 

"She replied, smiling, "There is only socialism everywhere. I grant people indulgence in capitalistic tendencies just so they can play silly games among themselves. I too, entertain myself with the show that they put up. But it all happens in my lap!"

  Commentary by The Teachers:

What a delightfully revelatory incident. Packed with learnings.

1. Beneath our reality, woven into nature, into life are great spirits that care for the littlest squirrel. The ancients called them dragons, nagas, shaktis, earth spirits, Goddesses...

2. The Goddesses are great energy entities that weave themselves into Earth and planetary realities, but emerge from dimensions much deeper than The Soul, or even our Universe. Many are such superlative beings they are greater than the creators of this universe...

3. These Goddesses can plant ideas in human's heads. Apart from nudging storm, and guiding seasons.

4. We can be their hands. Our caring can extend them. Even though they are vast and superlative our little help can be invaluable.

5. A vibrant nature typically sustains these shakti and Goddesses well.

6. Kuldeep saw the Earth Shakti as a woman, she is a force. Below we present what she actually looks like.

7. Life is socialist below, capitalist above.