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The God of The Sea. Assurance and Warning.

Poseidon with Celia

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Sometimes he looks like a shimmering white pillar.
Sometimes she seems a giant whirlpool.
Sometimes a dark deep leviathan.

He who? She what?

The first time we met Poseidon or Lord Varuna or Lady Ishunzea… was 25 years ago at Palolem, he revealed himself to Celia as a blue-white being with a paddle. His deep hello was a whisper from over the globe, and a shiver across the land.

Celia loves the sea.
Not in a Maorii sail-a-thousand-miles way.
Or swim-the-English-Channel-in- the-chilliest-month way.
Celia Loves the Sea. And more importantly, The Sea Loves Her.
But she can listen-to-the-sea and the sea acknowledging-she- is-listening talks to her.

But this conversation is not a whatsapp call, or a hey-hello-constant access, or every-monsoon-worship… We have been to Goa, to the sea several times, in the last 25 years, but it’s been decades before we arrived at a certain inflection at which this being who is planetary and trans-planetary would talk to us… with real depth.

Two and a half decades later, he-she showed himself again, in a significant way. The next he may speak, really speak, is a month or 10 years later. And this is one of the most significant issue when speaking to cosmic beings, we may jabber, their speak is conducted at their pace.

According to The Encyclopaedia, “In Greek Mythology,  Poseidon was the god of both the sea and earthquakes. In sculpture… instantly recognizable by his three-pronged spear (the trident) that he held in his hand.” {Hmm sometimes with us he holds a paddle sometimes a snake or rope. Sometimes he is he, she, and water dance.}

So why did he come to us this time? And incidentally, why did he come last time?

Last time was a warm current, “You {Humans}exist in the circle of the arms of us titans’.

This time he has a pointed message. Three images are planted in our minds… Great currents, crumbling cities, choking humans. Translucent jelly-like beings coming ashore. Storm-volcanoe…

He translates this inner message into: - “Get your act together or else. I have clasped too many noble beasts to my breasts choking on plastic, enfouled by nets. I can unleash great waves, sea-slime and earthquakes.”

How long do we have?
35 years.

So what do we need to do?

In ancient times “Poseidon was widely worshipped by sailors as their patron, and they would pray to the "Sea God" for a safe voyage, sometimes drowning horses as a sacrifice to the god.”

Well will killing Horses help?
Are you mad?

Helping The Gods Help Us…

So how can we help shift a grim future in which he washes the earth clean?

His hi-funda answer is “Rejoice. Embrace. Become.”

He elaborates: ‘When we rejoice in our lives the flow of living improves and life itself rejoices. When you embrace those around you, human or animal, you expand. When you truly Become, you can command the waves of the sea.’

More pragmatically: We are given directives to
A} Clean water,
B} Recharge ground water
C} Build floating islands that cleanse plastic pollution in the sea.
D} Use anti pollution nets to clean rivers.
E} Use Eco-friendly water bottles.
F} Reduce Fishing.
G} Sit in a cage for half an hour to know what chicken and fish experience.

Less obviously he asks us to use more circular shapes at home, these will help us to be more aware of Life’s Circularity.

Last but not least, he asks those of us who are earth whisperers to come out to spaces where nature still resonates and celebrate life at its greenest… or should we say Bluest!


-- Celia & Tarun Cherian

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Collage Images courtesy: Images courtesy: ivanovogood, tawnynina, armyamber @ Pixabay