The Green Imperative
By Tarun & Celia Cherian



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We have all read about how we are burning our resources 3 times quicker than the earth can sustain. We all know that the mid century can be catastrophic. We all know that between 1-4 billion may die mid century. Ok. So what can we do? So what can we do?

1. Conserve water. Use kitchen water to water plants. Move to taps that use less water. Change bath patterns to use less water. Conserve rainwater for example like Shivakumar…
2. Use less toxic products. Eg:- Insecticides, Shampoos, Soaps.
3. Reduce Meat Consumption. It is heavier on the environment. Ban the killing of whales, their consciousness is hugely protective.
4. Recycle: Paper, Cloth…
5. Repair: Junk less…
6. Grow more Plants and Trees: Just a few more plants will make a huge difference. Try terrace gardens. Plant vertical gardens.
7. Fight for Trees: By fighting Celia protected 3 trees in our neighbourhood.
8. Help Revive Tanks, Rivers. Consider the example of an IT pro who cleaned a lake on his own… Or the inspiring villagers who revived rivers on their own!

9. Realise Trees are Family. You know they are. For you have felt their aura energies. We know they are because we talk to them. Incidentally we will be bringing out a book on How Trees have Been our Friends, Helpers and Spiritual Teachers.

10. Forests: Realise forests are not just a bunch of trees. Since forest cover is rapidly declining, and hence nature’s protection is declining find ways to enhance personal immunity.

Spiritual Processes:
11. Link Mind to Life Sustaining Patterns: For 3 minutes a day breathe out through your left nostril.

12. Water Energisation: Chant: Sangrashi Mavahi Dey. It begins to stimulate the consciousness of water, and help nature find other modes of more earth sustaining patterns.

We have about 10-20 years before the damage to the earth environment will become irreversible. At which point, the deaths of billions mid century will become inevitable.

What we do may be too little too late. But in cosmic terms the way things work out on earth is not of paramount importance. In soul terms it is purity of heart and intent which is critical.





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