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It is late on a February Night, 2024.
What will ensue will knock the socks of your mind off.
It is 2.00 am. Tarun is awake.
Because Celia is asleep, he leaves the bedroom light off.
And is looking at Facebook.

There are 2 posts that he is responding to which open his mind. Both with the same theme of innerness and outerness. The first is a post by Nishigandha Nirgudkar, the incredible mystic we have talked of over the last few years.

The second was a post in a group called 'All is Poetry' by a a talented photographer called Ron Hubeur who specialises in shooting textured surfaces. A brilliant photograph by him was accompanied by a text that had great depth and subtlety.

"Our eye imitates the life
our inner mirror hasn’t outwardly reflected at times." Ron Hubeur (All is Poetry)

Enthralled by a thought which rivals the twistiness of the famed Gordian Knot that Alexander The Great confronted. Tarun spent intense minutes attempting to understand the intricacies of the thought.

He then began to reply to Ron Hubeur...

"What a deep insight. And photograph. One can get lost in each, both, all. An insight 'born' from your ouevre... Where in so many images of paint peeling, the outer and innerness is confronted..." 

He then began to elaborate, to applaud the philosophical depth of Ron's thought "What has the inner mirror not outwardly reflected? Or projected? And that non-reflection. That the eye should imitate that, should change focus at that. And so that which is not there but very much there, is uncovered by an eye that follows... Like little Bo peep's sheep. But by its faithful imitation of what is not there, the eye is the prime instigator. No longer can it claim neutrality. For like a magpie Robin it is active in its passivity." 

As Tarun did that typing silently in a darkened room, Celia mumured half awake in her sleep and said "You are speaking of innerness and outerness... Did you say this aloud?"

Tarun assured Celia 'No", he had not said it aloud but he was thinking that very thought.'

He went back to his post...

"There was a time when I looked at Rodin's thinker. And saw his gigantic frame twisted around a conundrum impossible... And I thought what? What would he wrestle with, be stilled by? Your thoughts is worthy of a Rodin's thinker. Slipping fingers between reflection and eye. Which is where reality sits gathering the broken mirror shards where sits suspicion of sky.

As he did so, Celia half woke again and said, "You are speaking very loudly of innerness and outerness..."

Tarun assured Celia again, 'No", he had not said it aloud this time either, but he was thinking that very thought very intensely.'

"Oh that's scary" Celia said and went firmly back to sleep.

Tarun continued the post to Ron Hubeur and added... "Anyway to make it truly complex : consider this -- I am typing this message at 2:39 am (deep night). To not disturb my wife who is sleeping, the bedroom light is off. She wakes midway through this message and says, "I can hear your mind saying innerness and outerness"... Which is precisely what I am typing silently... And the space your {Ron Hubeur's} thought occupies... My wife could hear my thoughts... And yours... (The fact she is mystic is another thing... Aren't we all)..." Ron Hubeur wrote back an appreciative post... for clearly he has a formidable mind of great depth, and it is rare that his thoughts are understood and appreciated...

Now many dismiss social media like Facebook as crude, as fluff, as marketing, as egoistic idiocy. Far too many share the inconsequential, falsehood, and the disgusting sewer of unthought, self-justification can be overwhelming.

Yes, and no.

For there are times when genuine interactions occur, where long-lost friends connect, where the inner majesty of Life does not hide.

Everytime I read a post with Ron Huberesque depth or genuiness I am blessed... "Our eye imitates the life our inner mirror hasn’t outwardly reflected at times." Ron Hubeur (All is Poetry)...

But that only is the foretaste of what this incredible experience reveals... For clearly, even asleep Celia could hear my unspoken thoughts.

There is an inner Facebook, an inner internet that is alive and active. It has always been alive, will always be alive. Tarun's Mom used to call it the web of life. Yes there is a web of life all of us share. A great river of being all of us swim in.

We have shared with you many articles that speak of the great inner connectivity that encircles, binds, teases, and supports... We include some below...

Beneath our world are arteries of speech and dreaming...

May it bless us... The dog alone in a thorn bush, a mother with her dead in child, a warrior blazing with rage, a lover alone, a prisoner... a patient with 20 tubes sticking in her body, a ghost clinnging to the sreds of time, a world about to sink into rage and war...



-- Tarun & Celia Cherian, Early 2024,
Co-Founders, Creator's Child & Devadhara Healing


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