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  Kundalini and the rich taste of life

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She trembles with it. You would too, if a thousand volts find their way from way below your feet, rise up between your thighs, shiver up your root, and your abdomen quivers helplessly as if you are neck deep in a winter lake,  all the while your heart does giddy somersaults moving from human feelings to the knowings of a thousand, meanwhile your throat shifts between wanting, to scream weep, rejoice simultaneously. And if that were not enough, your head is doing a dissolving act, now thinking it is a strobe light…  now cloud…

An avalanche of Life’s Problems. You are named Shravya* {True Name Withheld}, after music… But you are not feeling musical as you called Celia & Tarun. A} You have 3 kids. One hitting late rebellious teens, one reaching know it all 10, and the last at a cutesy 5. For even the Southern Europe where you live, is freezing this winter, going in and out of lockdowns, the children are studying from home, and even your large 4 bedroom condo is not enough, tempers are raw as your husband is struggling to finish a business deal for the last 6 months, in the far east… Meanwhile, your hitech job has become even more challenging… And to top it all, your family is going ballistic as a brother is going through an ugly divorce… And if that is not all… you are undergoing a brilliant, and mind-stretching kundalini awakening… In an earlier time, you would be in an ashram, but now you have to grow a thousand arms, to manage it all… and to make it hairier, a relative screams at you, because she missed a flight, your boss vents, because a client kicked your team in the gut…

Now the good thing of having an avalanche of worries {in hindsight} is that it tears away the indifference that encases us. We shall draw a curtain over the earlier part of the session where, we help Shravya* rise above the sense of being hit by a never-ending stream of events.

The problem, pushed out of the way, we now focus on our core directive, accelerate Shravya’s spiritual soaring. We ask Shravya to visualize herself sitting on Devishree’s* lap as her Goddess introduced herself {Devi’s True Name Withheld}. As that happens there comes a time when the veil between Devi and seeker drops.

A Titanic Force is Unleashed at The Root. We realize that the flow of force at the root has formed a strange loop, and so very delicately we straighten it… the moment we do so, a huge jolt of force tears through her being.

While this is happening, the children troop in wanting dinner. Now in an ideal situation the meditator should gently take 15 minutes to uncoil limbs and attempt to worldly matters, no such luxury is afforded by hungry stomachs and our zip-zap-zoom culture. So there we have Shravya*, a shakti dancing in her being, serving, cooking, heating, feeding, cajoling, settling fights… Now many meditators can react intensely, rejecting such distractions, and this can tear family apart… Or one can get the Shakti to tuck her saree in and help out…

The Shakti’s Eyes Embrace Life. We realize that with the force of the Shakti racing though her body, her senses have expanded. We realize the Shakti’s touch allows Shravya* to see the 3 noisy kids, with a warmth and richness that makes a humble middle class table glow with a festive joy…

The Shakti’s Touch Invites Reincarnational Sensing. And then we realize The Shakti, rejoicing in the fact Shravya* is willing to stretch her senses, offers an even deeper gift… We guide Shravya* and she now uses her eyes to see the same scene through the eyes of 3 past lives. And as she experiences the same scene from different eyes, new possibilities emerge, new ways to handle age-old mom-kid conflicts appear. Looked at with the lives of other selves, the mundaneness declines, the preciousness of it grows.

Cross-checking Keeps It Real. Naturally, we are cross-checking, for example, the other reincarnation’s eyes Shravya* looked at life through was one who manages a home but doesn’t enter the kitchen, dust, seep, pick up clothes… Shravya* gets her attitude and looks, it matches what we saw.

From Looking From The Outside To Tasting Life. Minutes, quarter of an hour goes through this and we realize we can step up the experience one gear higher. One gear higher than seeing things through a Past Life’s Perspective? Yes.
Only, here take a deep breath for it is going to get really, really zany. For we realize touched by The Shakti, Shravya* is more Shakti than woman. And so when as shakti she looks at her daughter eating she gets…
We ask Shravya what she is feeling?
She whispers, “It is like I am tasting the food, through my daughter’s mouth”…
We laugh… and what of your middle son? We challenge.
There is a long… pause…
We understand why she is hesitating… but she needs to vocalize it…
She says “I feel I am tasting the food in his intestines...”
“Precisely” we confirm, delighted.

The Courage of a Spiritual Seeker.
Reread the earlier conversation.
Yes, the mother could taste the mush or is it shit{?} moving through her son’s intestines.

But why in God’s name would the mother want to taste her son’s intestines? Well, because Shravya* was worried about her middle son’s digestion. And The Shakti knows from deep within.  

The simple truth is that many think of God and his helpers as being all-knowing. And indeed he-she is. But few realize how superlative in detail and intimacy the shakti’s all-knowingness is.

We also see why spiritual awakening especially, our Creator’s Child process, while so outwardly gentle is so deeply challenging. Unlike other Gurus we will not ask you to whip yourself. Rarely, will we demand you fast. We do not impose rules of poverty, or celibacy. We will not request you to pull out your hair. But because we take you to the stratospheric reaches of the divine, the G forces on the seeker are… er… does the word challenging… do it justice?

Now that said, most articles you have read here, have centred around some patient, seeker’s experience… and each one has paid ‘a price’ some as gut-wrenching as Shravya’s tasting her son’s intestine.

But equally each has come from a joy, magnificent and profound… For as Shravya* went deeper and deeper into the shakti’s world… she sounded drunk on light… Till there came a time when Shravya* could not answer… for Shravya* was not here… but somewhere where all is light…

By Tarun & Celia Cherian



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