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The Brilliance of Mudras

  Mudra Effect

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Think Mudras and what comes to mind? Which Country do you associate with them? Which Mudra comes top-of-mind?

Mudras, The Global Truth: From all across the world we see icons, images and accounts of spiritualists and healers holding mudras. We see it in ancient Egyptian Frescos, spot it in Byzantine murals, come across it in profusion in sacred Indian texts, witness it in Chinese spiritual texts, see its power used by Meso-American shamans... And as you look at it, you realise that here are spiritual practices from very different worlds, mindsets, and yet so many realise our hands are extensions of the divine touch.

"Yes, our Hands are extensions of The Divine Touch... Significantly, this realisation is not in isolated communes or nations, but is part of the heritage of every part of the world... of diverse religions... and beliefs... "

But that said, in few places of the world are these hand symbols treasured as much as in India. And in India, there is one mudra that is by far the best known... The Padma Mudra. In fact, meditation and the Padma mudra have almost become synonymous to the Indian mind and the new age seeker.

We were skimming through our library of images, cleaning it up {Google-driven} when we chanced upon a lovely image of a Mudra in our collection. A snapshot, with the sun encompassed by the Mudra... and as we looked at it, we realised it pushes the viewer to think about -- What Sun lies behind The Gyana/ Padma Mudra? What does the mudra do? What chakra does it stimulate? What effect does it have on the aura?

Mudra Effect

And as we reflected on this, this fact that it is extremely wide-spread, but though popular, few understand its working that we put this challenge out on facebook. Which chakra does the Padma Mudra stimulate?

Take The Mudra Challenge: If you missed it on Facebook, stop, and use your intuition to answer the question. Don't read furthur.












Now some of you will look at classic texts on the net and find what traditional yogic texts say. Some of of you who have done Advanced Creator's Child Cosmic Heart courses will flip through their notes... and find The Gyana Mudra and its effect in their notes. You may. But don't do this. Answers from books however wise, do not let us experience the truth. if we are cosmic beings, and we are cosmic beings, we need to experience first... Then let answers of others, steeped in wisdom, clarify our knowledge... We would like you to see for yourself... And so with fresh eyes see deeper into the mystery.

"Seeing for yourself, is a critical act that is demanded of every spiritualist daring heaven..."

Wonderful... Now that you have done so... let us share with you what we see underlies this magnificent psychic tool... You will not be disappointed...

After we asked the question of you, Celia & I decided to look at The Mudra's impact in great depth... Tarun held the mudra and Celia looked at him. as she did she exclaimed...

Mudra Effect

"Hey wow... it looks like diwali charkhis turning at your hands..." Celia exclaims... then adds... "But it looks localised..." And this is obviously the first gear of The Padma Chakra! sending new impulses to our organs.

"Seeing for yourself, is a critical act that is demanded of every spiritualist daring heaven..."

Now many aura energy tools begin with local action. Be it breath, symbol, mantra, stance... The local action is a trigger point... But few move beyond this local action. And this means that the local area, the local function is benefitting not the person, or the totality.

Mudra Effect

In the next phase of effect, Celia sees that Gyana/padma Mudrra stimulates the chakras on the central axis of the body. They begin to come alight. Principally the Root and Navel Chakras.

This means that from a local effect, the action has shifted to The Astral Body Level, or Causal Body Level. And it is now that The Mudra truly starts to create deeper transformation.

"There is a point in holding the Mudra doesn't just stimulate the fingers and related organs, but now encompasses chakras, and so one's spiritual totality... What is true of The Gyana Mudr, is true of any spiritual practice... there is a point when stance or asana doesn't just firm the skeletal, when breathing doesn't just strengthen the lungs, when meditation doesn't just soothe the brain... that decisive step is a key point in shifting spiritual gears..."

You now refer to classic Yogic Texts and realise that they point out that The Gyaana Mudras key impact is on the root chakra. And that is revealing. For looked at mechanically, the thumb and pointing finger tips are associated with the navel, and other upper chakras. So one should expect, only the mid chakras to be energised, but in actuality a chakra keenly engaged is the root.

Now when we use the bland word Yogic texts, we have to understand that this is a gross simplification. For there a hundreds of Yogic schools, and each with differences, sometimes subtle, sometimes radical... And also, most of these being thousand, two thousand year old traditions have layers, on layers of information, no outsider has access to.

We now experiment. Celia gets Tarun to shift his hands. Each alignment has a subtle differences. Now traditionally, most hold The Gyana/Chin/Ardha-Padma Mudra and rest it on their thighs.

"As we experiment, one realises subtle shifts in how the Mudra makes a difference to its impact... This is true of any spiritual practice... and life itself... while we appreciate the rules of thumb encased in scriptures, we cannot treat any dictate by any sage no matter how great as set in stone... Never-changing, Forever-dancing that really is the truth..."

When placed on the thighs, The Mudra involves The Root Chakra. How it is placed on the thighs, upward and downward modifies The Gyaana Mudra's impact. And as Celia gets Tarun to experiment, with where and how The Gyaana Mudra is held you get an incredible spectrum of effect.

And you start appreciating The Classic Mudra and the ancient seers who uncovered these tools...

Mudra Effect

"And then whoosh..." says Celia. you are pulled upward out of your body... Clearly when the ancients said that this mudra is strongly liberative in nature they knew what they were saying!

"Many spiritualists tend to be chakra-driven... True spiritual devices like The Mudra help transcend, raising the very level of the game...

As you go back and look at the images you realise just how transformatory mudras can be... and indeed you are grateful for the ancients, big enough, wise enough, trusting enough to see how the anatomy of the body conceals the circuitry of heaven...

"What a magnificent spiritual riddle the ancients gift us in Mudras; how can the way one's hand is held shape the trajectory of the bodiless spirit, the soaring soul?!"

In our bodies, in our minds are secrets planted deep... freedoms so magnificent, words like divine seem inadequate... And indeed we are grateful for the many gifts the ancients gave us... like mudras... This is not to say that we deny the enormous achievements of the last few centuries... but think of what could happen if blind science was lead by wisdom?

"Our job as spiritualists is to not just follow what Hermes Trimegestus or even The Maha Rishis outlined. But to use their words to begin to uncover the truth... To use their mighty shoulders as platforms to surpass what the ancients dreamt of. And if we do so, then we may just rise up to the level of their knees..."

Inspired by the incredible treasures we rediscover from the vaults of history let us reach higher... The greatest gratitude we can show the great wizards of yester years is not supplication or meek following in giant steps... but to rise up, to take titanic strides, to create a future so wondrous that the Maharishis are delighted...

You... You... You... In you is the circuitry of heaven... come be lights in a world that seems sure to sink into stygian terror!

-- Love & God, Celia & Tarun Cherian,
Co-founders Creator's Child.

"You... You... You... In you is the circuitry of heaven... come be lights in a world that seems sure to sink into stygian terror!"



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This mudra is popularly known as the Gyana, Murdhakhya, Chin mudra. It is also called The Ardha-Padma Mudra. We used this name in the original version of this article which caused some confusion, so we are going to a better known name.