The Pigeon Wars


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Through the grimy pigeon-shit-spattered window you see two pigeons in ferocious battle that lasted half an hour. They were fighting for a window bar. Just a window bar you may think, but a window bar in a storm, on a cold night is home, is safety. Since most in our building have covered their balconies with nets, and shoo off any pigeons on window sills, the pigeons have to fight for what little they have.

Nature shows us and history reveals that we have to fight for what we have. Whether it is a window bar or a continent. Native Americans today are allowed stamp-sized pieces in a vast land. Most Australians are not ‘Native Australian’. From the 9th Century to the 15th Century... India saw innumerable massive invasions from the middle east. Between 50 million to 100 million were killed or died horrifically as collateral. This terrifying baggage lies beneath the Indian Subcontinent’s psyche. As other earlier ‘invasions’ do, like that of Aryan thought & culture, 25-30 centuries ago.

The Mughal Empire was one of History’s greatest. But European traders ripped it apart piecemeal. Why? Because it did not assert its importance... The issue is not whether we fight or not. The issue is how we assert ourselves. Especially as 50% ‘wars’ are about races, but 50% are wars of ideas. Viewpoints. Economics. Technology. Alliances.

In the 1940’s Britain, America, Russia and Colonies, defeated Germany and Allies Italy, Japan, and occupied nations of Europe. Today, Germany thanks to astute moves is the centre of the European Union and it is Britain isolated.

Now at one level, all wars are pigeon wars. We are fighting for a window bar. Now at another level, all wars are pigeon wars. We are fighting for a window bar. And when we stop being pigeons and look back, we will wonder at what was fought for. But the trouble is those who say it is just a window bar are usually the ones who have stolen the world and smirk at the antics of 'pigeons'.

We humans are a lot like pigeons. We are not predator predators, we are broadly peaceful, but we have eliminated all others and have covered the world in shit. We like pigeons are persistent, enduring, nurturing, social... Our success makes us hated, some call pigeons rats with wings... ever wondered what others call us humans?

There are broadly 7 timelines in front of us humans. In two, we wipe out life on earth. In one of these we cause the earth to catapult out of axis and cause the solar system to change. In another we are surgerized into cyborgs and become robot’s pets, their lab toys. In another viruses cause us to go close to extinction, to mutate positively. In another 20 billion live in chicken cages and are fed peace hormones. In one we are ‘saved’ by intense austerity. In another an alternate intelligence takes over. There is an eighth....

Either way, whichever timeline we march on... we will meet death… and after death realise we are not human… or pigeons… but codes of consciousness setting ourselves riddles… In these riddles we have to learn to create realities... which are loving...

But above all they have to be realities...

Standing one foot on a window bar... fighting off a pigeon trying to peck your eyes out, asserting your common flockhood, while your wings laugh... facing storms rage and a terrifying urge to have children... is not easy... Life is not easy... for it is the challenge we souls take, yes souls that can see a thousand years and their noodly intricacies... Yes Life as Pigeon or Human is not easy... But it is beautiful... It rewards... If we can fight and love... win and embrace...

Peace calls for the willingness to fight. Love asks us to lock horns, but not hate. The Soul demands the willingness to rise... And soaring high to bless...


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By Tarun Cherian


All on earth, in this universe and the multiverse, be they Human: {Indian or Paki, American or Russian, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Astartean, CIA or Taliban, Black, White, Brown, Yellow}, Or Animal, Tree, Virus, Bacteria, Fungus, Prion... Stone, Storm, Star... or Ghost, Vampire or Angel... Are Children of The Creator... Children of Creativity... And blessed...