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American Gods:
Is God Fuelled by Faith?


The grunge spiritual serial 'American Gods' throws up an interesting question, is a God weakened if starved of faith? Can he be limited to a nation? Celia & Tarun question the Gods and find answers.

Note images used from American Gods animators are only illustrative, review purpose.

American Gods Spiritual questions

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Perhaps you have dipped into a serial or a book called 'American Gods' that Tarun has been watching. It is in season 3. There are Leprechauns, the undead, afrit's, djinn's... and... A Prime God 'Wodin/Odin/Wednesday'. The serial occurs in present day when the ancient Gods are threatened by the younger gods. The Gods of Tech. And are at war with them. But why can't the primal Gods sweep all aside, and stride across continents? Well, Odin of the Norse, the erstwhile being of Northern Europe reveals, he is bound to North America. and even though he commands powers these are fuelled by the faith of supporters. And as the faith in the old Gods dwindle they are but shadows of themselves. Why the Goddess of Love had to stoop to selling love in street corners.

Now the serial is formulaic. The tone is grunge, dark, sinister... there's a mix of violence, sex, and save the world mega battle... And a cast of Gods, disrespectful humans with attitude and courage, magical powers, a maha yudh. But one also has a humanist, or neo-democratic bias.
1. God's Power = Quantum of Man's Faith.
2. God's can be bound to nations = Read God is a nation.
3. The Gods can be at War.

The serial maybe comic bookish. But the questions thrown up are not.

One of the greatest of world religions of Astarte and Isis lasted 6,000 years who hear of them? And if you call on Astarte could you really? Have you heard of UMA? She is a primal Vedic Goddesses.

And so today we examine these 3 questions. The Gotterdammerung.

Can the Gods starve without Faith?

"I enjoy the adulation" says one God who inspired one of the world's most widespread religions. Let us call him Holy Flame, Or Jhazun. "It inspires, motivates us."

We ask another God: Do The Gods Need Faith? "I do not enjoy the excessive grovelling, but acts of worship help maintain the connection between us and you." Says a God, who we shall identify as the Creator, Akkranthur.

"Without faith and worship, why would we peer into you and your{disgusting} hovels asks a Goddess?" Who allows us to call her the ancient one, or the neo-name Sharyunnn.

Then a God in making, an Angel in formation butts in: “Neither do we want adulation or praise or worship. We want Love. Give us Love. Show Love. Demonstrate Love. Be Love. I help those I once knew. And their friends. I do this out of Love. I am free. I am fed on joy. I do not need your praise or worship. I help because if your asking reminds me of Love I be doing. I know what it was like to be hurt, hungry, helpless, so I help the hurt, the hungry, the helpless. I ask you to help others, or to be happy, but if you want to give me something, give Love. I do not need your Love. I am in a place where the ground I live in is joy, the sky freedom. Take the gifts we give you and be happy, that is a gift. Take the gifts of happy and share it, that is a gift to us. Or tell us pretty things. But do not gift without love, that makes us angry. Most of God’s work is done by us – call us Junior angels, or God’s helpers. If we get angry we will bite even if God tells us not to. He may shout later. But we will bite.”

"Without faith the connection between 'planetary species' like you and us fades. Without that we need to generate tremendous force, within the bylanes of your existence, to reach to you. But why should we? if a sparrow struggles you will see it in a thorn bush. We do not see you. Faith, worship, belief, adulation helps trigger bonds. That entice us.'

"You see" says a God called The Rainbow One, "our usual level of operation is above universes. You are creatures less than ants to us. So any act that helps us see you, convince us to engage, be it stupidity or worship has a significant role.

American Gods Devotion

Does only Human Faith nourish The Gods?

"Obviously not says" Says The Rainbowed God, "Your worship, faith, prayer is attractive to many. But hardly not the most powerful and potent. Personally I prefer the soul cry of animals. Wolf or deer. The most powerful voice obviously on earth is that of the Earth."

"But we do not only help you because you call. We may help you, called by others. For example, the earth's cry has been heard by many. And so many hovering over mankind are not interested in man, but the earth." Says The Creator

"Now few of you realise who or what you are." Says Sharyun, The Goddess, "You are my children. You are that which may grow into titans. But till you cry out... we think you are sleeping. Just as no mother would unnecessarily wake a sleeping child... we hear your hymns, prayers, cries and then know this one is stirring... But just as a mother can differentiate between crankiness, and real hunger so can we. The cranky and spoilt brat may get a tight slap."

"If you look back you will see many questions are answered. Faith or its lack does not {In a real sense} increase or reduce us. But it does help catch our attention, build bonds, inspire... It does help forge connections with you." Says The Creator "Remember we form universes, worlds... your faith is but local currency... that said, you are nothing but the same substance as us... the same infinitude".

Can Gods be limited by Geography?

Can a God be restricted to a certain country? "A universe by its very nature is a way to restrict, to codify certain area of existence. And like a child's birthday party with a merry-go-round and swings, it is a highly stylised environment. a stage. So when we enter into this play, we are expected to keep in character of the play, to enhance not ruin it." Says The Creator: "Well, some universes are difficult for the cloaks of certain Gods. Some worlds are impossible for certain 'Gestalts of Exalted Consciousness'. Read Gods. But to imagine a God may be restricted to a land or area is laughable." Akkrandor explains.

"However some 'lower' consciousness forms with God like powers, can be limited to certain spaces, lands and areas. these entities that some may call lesser Devas, or Demons, are often extremely powerful within a universe, simply because they do not understand as we do, this is but a Kindergarten play, and so we are careful not to destroy the play. The broad set of daemons, or Sarshandhas {Note you cannot use this name to summon them} do not have such a compunction."

{As an aside: Introducing us to Sharshandhas.}

Let us expand on this: What is a Sharshandha or Daemon? Basically power that aspires to knowledge and eternal reality. When knowledge is low, and the connect to eternal reality is not completely stable it is a Sharshandha. Usually Sharshandhas are powerful, have a good footing on a plane of eternal reality, but their love and knowingness is slow.

But recently, Divya while scanning someone encountered a being we may very loosely call a daemon. {You may call it stupidity married to power. Or overwhelming existential inertia.} Divya called us, Celia and Tarun. It was a great delight to deal with this being. But for her it was like drowning in a sewer. Being a formidable spiritualist, she held her core luminosity safe.

To return to the question: even a God of the highest order finds some portions of the totality difficult to access. But no true God is limited by any earth geography. But many lesser daemons can be.

Is there such a thing as a Daemon of a Nation?

Yes there are spirits of nations. And there are shaktis of a land. These 2 daemons are different. So the spirit of USA is different from the land spirit of America, which also includes parts of the ocean.
Chitra when exploring a past life @ Varanasi, found herself connected to living knowledge from humans alive roughly 7000 years ago.  Steve in a PLR revealed a civilization long dead, yet its mass alive. But that is knowledge for another article.

Take India. The shaktis of the Indian subcontinent are not restricted by human boundaries. But recently we dealt with a man guided by a mountain spirit/ devi, she is in what is now Pakistan.

Can The Gods Be At War?

"Yes. No." Says Akkrandar, the Creator.
“You are all parts of my body, all my children. Can children squabble? Yes.” Says The Devi.

Celia & I sum up our understanding with: “Since real Gods, as opposed to Sharshandhas have power, deep connect to the totality, superlative understanding such battles are both titanic and yet always self-healing. The war of Sharshandhas can tear a universe apart, and temporarily shake even a God, but rarely more than that.” 

"What few of you realise is that every universe is actually a daemon. A Sharshandha. Meaning the maintenance of the illusion of the universe is a mesmerism, a spell, that is a living entity called a demon. And so every time one of us, luminous beings steps into a world we are actually permitting ourselves to be half swallowed by a python of stygian ugliness. Every avtaar consciously says, i am willing to be blinded, to be swallowed alive. Even for us with no real danger of being trapped, this takes resolve, courage, compassion. "

The Greeks described the weaver of such illusion as a spider. Well, that is where we are. In a spider's lair, in a python's stomach. So yes, you & I live in a Sharshandha. A daemon. Equally you can say we nest in a tree. The tree is delighted to have us fly. Equally it is delighted when our bones add to its roots to follow the metaphor.

Can Gods be Hurt? Die even?

But if Gods can squabble, war with each other, confront titanic beings called Sharshandas, or demons, especially in zones where their power is restrained then, Can The Gods Die?

"For example in mid 2020, many of you helped a wounded Angel or God, and that was because a universe had become sick. In his struggle against the 'demons' and sickness of the universe, The God/Angel had been injured. Could he have been killed? No." Answers Creator Akkranthur.

See: The Wounded Angel. An article and a mission of mercy. Pub: June 2020.

"Can a God die?" we persist in questioning  Creator Akkranthur. "He laughs, “‘The greater I’ did not destroy itself when it exploded into countless worlds and beings. And so any of us who know ourselves as 'his' child cannot die. we can transform... "

Adding to his statement: Akkranthur comments: “When I Akkranthur speak for the totality which I am rooted in, this I say: “The birth of existence came from a titanic collision. Of myself with myself. After my birth I barely survived. So I have to ask: How many I’s died before I arrived? Unknown is such to me, who embraces all, who uses the power of the totality.”

How many Gods are There?

As we read this we wonder: How many Gods are there? One, None, Many?

“There is a Totality, an Amirihassan, an entirety containing it all, a one-manyness encompassing its unencompasssibility. This Amrihassan has 11 or 17 variations of its primality without lessening its full fury.” Says a Rainbowed God. Yassun.

“Only a few of us can approach, The Primal ‘God’ of Emergence, Of Allness. So of the 17 versions there are but 7, 12, 28, 37, 129 who can approach such an entity and not melt. Multiply 17 x 129. So there are between 100 to 2000 beings who can approach the primality. But not a single such being can walk in the realms of your world for a meaningful length of time. To be present here, we tone ourselves down a thousand, a million times. Even to talk to you, we need to create layers on layers to prevent you from ripping apart. Our words are potent.” Continues, a Rainbowed God. Yassun. “When people talk of The Creator, or The God of Gods we laugh, to conceive such a presence would wrench your world apart.”

There was a time when Tarun was catapulted into the presence of a God it revealed it could tear the world apart with just a change in its hum.  

Since we are talking about a toned down God by a million. Which means that at the level of what we humans call a titanic God, able to shift galaxies we are talking of about 2 billion Gods. {2000X a million}. Now these are God-Gods. Beings of superlative power, deep connect to the totality, unerring caring and ‘intellect’. If we add some 47 realms of angels. 700 realms of Sharshandhas… The numbers of beings with titanic power that can swallow our planet in a jiffy are well beyond our human ken.

To make things ever more interesting, every atom has a seat that has a place where the original totality sits. Yes the mighty Amirihassan. So there is One. None. A few billion depending on how we look at it.

Now we ask yet another question, why have The Gods revealed such strange unknown names?
Because if they answer in traditional names we are insulated. Each of these beings is a familiar God, but as seen by another universe. And so offers rare freedoms and possibilities.

We started with 3 questions.
1. Is  God's Power = to the Quantum of Man's Faith?
2. Can Gods can be bound to nations? = Is God a Nation?
3. Can The Gods be at War?

We have answers. Answers that stretch the mind.
They may not comfort.
But by God, they stretch the mind.

-- Love & God, Celia & Tarun Cherian.







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