The Power of Mantras.
By Tarun & Celia Cherian.
Co founders Devadhara Healing & The Creator's Child Spiritual initiative.

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In the early 20th century, Quantum Physics shook the world, with the extraordinary claim that matter is simultaneously thing and vibration. From one perspective, it is one of the most significant events in world history. To mystics however, it is old wine in new bottles.

Roughly 5,000 years ago, The Vedic Tradition presented the world with NadaBramha, the incredible revelation that all creation emerges from a primal vibration. This insight finds deep resonance in Jewish cosmogony where creation unfolds through The Sephirot, the emnations of allness. The Bible leads us to a similar truth with the triumphant words : “In the beginning was the word. And the word was with God. And the word was God.” In a magnificent passage, The Quran reveals that things are the Word of God crystallized: "When he intendeth a thing… he says unto it: Be! And it is."

Whether it's spiritual or scientific all speak with one voice of an impossible truth… Reality is Vibration. So how use it? There are a million ways. The most widespread being Mantras & Prayers. Yes, kicked in the butt by life, most of us say them. But do they really have power?

Consider the following incident. Faced with the Japanese earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster, we conducted an online mantra-healing session. On a particular date and time, hundreds of participants across India and the world placed bowls of water in front of themselves and chanted a universal healing chant for Japan . As we did so, there was an enormous sense of power being generated at the many centres. But the most remarkable experience happened in Mumbai. 12 meditators gathered by Meenakshi, a well known ad & marketing professional, witnessed an amazing sight – in the bowl of water they had placed in front of them, the water began to revolve in circles, moved by the power of mantra alone!


Yes, the power of mantras is jaw-dropping. According to legend, the pyramid's huge rocks were lifted precisely into place by levitating them with chants. Modern eyewitness accounts relate how Tibetan Monks lifted heavy rocks through chanting. But it isn't just mystic curiosities. Sonic levitation is scientific fact. Industrial scientists have created devices that can cause objects to levitate using the power of sound alone!

Perhaps mantras will one day replace bull dozers. As of today, they are adding to the medicine cabinet. A clinical research project, conducted by Monghyr Hospital , India , in 1993, divided 448 pregnant women into two groups. All received the same treatment. One group of 112 practised Bhramari during the whole pregnancy and the first phase of birthing. The results are eyeopening. The ‘bhramari group' both women and children fared noticeably better. Lower BP, fewer abortions, shorter & less painful labour, and fewer Caesareans. The babies in the ‘bramharari group too were markedly taller & healthier.

Mantra chanting has obvious positives for hi-stress careers. Creative Director Arun Shankar relates how mantras have helped him – “I am able to rise above the instant react mode and create a more positive energy around me... I've realised reacting and creating are the same with just a few letters switched.”

Mantra's spiritual gifts can be eye-opening. Dancer, Chitra Vikram, had a homa done in her home. Hit by the power of mantras and giddy incense, that night she went blind with light, seeing only dizzying colours. Ravi Tiwari, an IT Consultant, a week after a deep meditative workshop conducted by us, relates: “As I was driving I had this extraordinary experience, where a marvellous unity bound me and everyone on the street, we became one massive entity. We all became one. We all were moods of God!”

So dust off your sacred books, The Alleluia chorus, The Gayatri Mantra, Kaballah Chants, Muezzin's calls… But before you actually start chanting, a cautionary tale. Mantras can bless. But they can also burn. Madhavi had come to us for healing, we'd given her a healing chant – specially created by us for her. Without our knowing she began practicing the Gayatri mantra. In a week she began giving people intense shocks and affected her kidneys. The power of mantras need to be respected.

Instead, the sensible simply chant the name of God. From all traditions come wondrous words that are blessed & potent, safe & beautiful. Om , Amen, Shivaya, Yeshuay, Immanuel, Wodhan, Adonai, Allah, Elaha, Manitou… Shalom, Shantih… These great sounds are paths, are doorways, are dress robes of the majestic… As you chant aloud, then silently, you will be lead to deeper truths. Freedoms, powers, joys and glories will beckon. Your blood will laugh more often. The ground you stand on will sing.



  Tarun & Celia Cherian, Are Spiritual Guides. Aura Masters. And Founders of Devadhara Healing. They help sufferers fight the incurable, the lost find clarity and seekers touch the ultimate, through their spiritual initiative – Creators Child.