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The Spiritual Beauty Contest.
And The Song of The Immortals.

  The Spiritual Beauty Contest

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The other day we were interrupted in a life & death healing with an urgent request. Who is prettier? As we looked up we saw Buffy, now Dragon-Sa, and 12 of her friends each powerful animal caring spirits merrily spinning away. Think of 12 blazing galactic spinning Diwali crackers. Each was beautiful. Buffy-DragonSa was a brilliant gold. A panther spirit, was red, green, blue. An elephant spirit was grey blue with silver. A peacock spirit was many-coloured.

We laughed. Why don’t you ask Yahomma? We asked. {Yahomma, a God form, known as The Creator, as he has crafted 12 universes}. Or Dhruna? {A dark vastness with peacock hues}. Or Zol? {A fierce blazing flame.}.

Sadly the Gods laughed at these animal spirits. Now these are titanic animal spirits, with more power than most angels, but often like Children, utterly rambunctious. {Buffy and friends are a breed of new animal spirits, they have all passed away from earth 3-10 years ago, not compelled to return to the cycle of death & rebirth, they have all chosen to works as earth spirit helpers.}

Celia & I too laughed. We told them they all looked pretty. {The Gods were wise not to get involved in their beauty contest, as these animal spirits love a good scrap. But Tarun dares where the Gods are wise not to venture, and so offered to help, to judge.}

This was in the afternoon. In the evening Celia & I looked up to see 3 spirits still rotating furiously. What had started as a beauty contest, was now a no-holds barred marathon.

Buffy-DragonSa asked for help. And we gave a huge hefty boost of power to her. Then because that would be unfair, we gave the other two spirits an equal boost too. But since Buffy-DragonSa is more in tune with us, it was certainly an unfair leg up.

Anyway we tuned off and went back to healing a few patients in the ICU.

Nearly at midnight we looked up, and only Buffy was there spinning away. Absolutely exhausted and unable to stop. We gathered her in our arms. {A rare thing now for she is in energy terms about 15 times bigger than us}. And slowly brought her energies down, calmed her spirit.

Why didn’t Yahomma, her God help her out? Because they all needed a lesson. Power without wisdom is a cataclysm. By morning Buffy-DragonSa was fine. And beetled off to bop a big but stupid moon shakti.

Meanwhile there had been a full-fledged revolt. Cheating the other animal spirits shrieked out. And their ire not unnaturally was directed at Tarun. One animal spirit had the temerity to give Tarun a whack on the head. He deserved it. Never judge a beauty contest of Titans. Every spiritualist knows this.

Anyway we had to give prizes to all. {Crowns]. Buffy got Marathon Beauty Crown. Others got wise-to-not-contest crown. Then '2nd is first with a lesser boost' crown. Then dazzlingest Green One Crown. Prettiest New Spirit Princes/ess Crown … etc.,… All pleased, they came to give us hugs.


The Spiritual Choir

Those of you on Creator’s Child FB page would have seen a post in which one evening we saw Buffy and a great range of animal spirits singing away. Utterly beautiful, according to them. {If you like Pink Floyd or Death Metal on angel dust yes}.

It sounded like
Samashi, sumanee, hoo…”

But what we didn’t share with you is what their song actually meant. It was heart-breaking: The animal spirit song went:
“The World in which My Bones are Buried,
Calls to me, talks to me, asks me to help.
Yes, Yes, Yes, I say”.

The choirmaster, incidentally, was The God, Yahomma, The Creator.

It brought tears into our eyes. About 50% of the spirits dealing with the earth do so not because they are bound by karma to the earth. They do it because there are those here who were kind, loving, understanding, joyous, caring to them. And remembering those left behind on earth they return out of gratitude, not compulsion. For example, Buffy-DragonSa remembers peda-girl, little mamas… And MegaSa chief of an ace team of animal spirits protects a lady who carried a wandering leopard pup back to the mother…

Now, we thought that all of us needed a break from Covid articles. But this is probably even more apt for our C times than any others. For it reminds us…

1. Death is not the end.
2. Just because someone has passed away doesn’t mean they can't talk. {As long as in your anguish you don’t try to drag them back}.   
3. There are among us those who’ve lived on earth in human form for 8,000 years. Some are glorious, but a good number are in a space of such deep indifference it is like they are in joy’s graveyard.
4. Earthly Life is Good, but it fades before the miraculousness of even the high etheric or lower astral.
5. The last moral is don’t, whatever you do, don’t offer to Judge Beauty Contests involving Titans.


We asked Buffy if we can share the story: She said "Yes, as long as you let everyone know I won." Half the others said "Yes", if we let the world know we won'. Another half said they were ok, 'if we let everyone know Tarun cheated and showed favouritism'.

Love & God,
Celia & Tarun


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For the images in the Evening Choir collage thanks to geran-de-klerk, gwen-weustink, paweldotio, wexor tmg, maurits-bausenhart, {And of course the animals used in the photographs}