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30th July 2021: We are teaching an advanced student Savitha Mudaliar. As always we have been spending the earlier 2 weeks brooding over what the next step should be. Each one-to-one spiritual awakening session has a broad plan and always seeks to build on opprtunity. We had earlier taken her to meet her Godform, {Spectacular}. But if spirituality sits up there its a marvellous sunset or rain cloud. But for it to make a lasting difference it needs to weave itself into our daily lives. And so on reflection we realised we needed to bring in another spiritual teacher, The Hairbrush.

Most use it everyday. Hopefully spiritual practise is as regular, as comforting, and helps us groom our outer and inner being.

Anyway we asked her to bring her hairbrush along, and Tarun pulled out his hairbrush, removed the hair and made it relatively clean.

The Rightness of It: Savitha swept in for the session her hair looking stunning. Who had layered it? She had visited Beauty Parlour Savitha with expert couturer Internet. When had she done the snip job? 3 days ago, before we asked her to bring the brush. Our other alternate items were shoes, hank etc,. What this clearly meant was that clearly hair was more in focus in the week before.

Wow! Feeling Energy, Magnificently.

After pleasantaries, Celia & I pulled out the hairbrush and laid on a surface and asked Savitha to feel the aura and see what she would receive intuitively.

She felt the aura of the hairbrush realising it had 2 levels of energy. One high and spiky {High inspirational} and one dense at the etheric astral level. This was totally accurate. These were the 2 energy levels that were connected to the hairbrush.

Does the person using it, brush hair regularly? Thoroughly?
No. Savitha answers.
{Now both Tarun's Mom and Celia's Mom believe their children's coiffeurs need better maintenance.}
But anyway that's again on the money. Savitha scores again.

Ok, we now asked Savitha if it was Celia's, Tarun's or Celia's moms.
It feels like a man has used it, probably Tarun. Savitha answers. Brilliant.

You realise that the probability Savitha got the answer just by guessing is 1/12. Less than 10%. That's 4 times above chance!

Looking at the Savitha's hairbrush!: Celia & I now look at Savitha's hairbrush aurically. As we bring our hands down, Savitha appologises for having washed it. {Embarassing bringing a hirsute brush with scalp skin}. We thought she would.

When we felt it, we got that the hairbrush was infused with 2 levels of energy. The Divine and the Astral-etheric. This is significantly different from Tarun's. And we point it out to Savitha.

We tell her: 'For her brushing her hair was a spiritual act. A ritual.'
Hmm... she thinks it over, and agrees. She says "I am not attached to anything physical. Probably the only object precious to me is a hairbrush."

We are delighted and impressed. Imagine a seeker so detached that the only 'thing' she cares for is a hairbrush. {Also the sheer humorous possibilities of it will strike many. Imagine one day, half a century later, on her deathbed Savitha calls a dear one close and whispers I have something precious, a family heir loom to give you -- and there with bollywood music rising to a crescendo she hands over a plastic hairbrush!}

Then we feel deeper and realise unlike Tarun, Savitha brushes her hair every morning throughly. Celia gets the lower level energy feels crackly. We cannot decide if it is because she uses the hairbrush to charge herself up or calm down? After due thought we plonk down that is a calming act. Savitha confirms that brushing her hair is calming.

We feel deeper and get that Savitha while she intends to brush her hair twice a day pragmatically ends up doing it once a day.

Now as we completed this part of the exercise, as always we gathered the great wealth of learnings as we sat at the feet of the humble hairbrush...

The Treasure Trove The Hairbrush Gifted Us.

1. We charge things around us. The things we use constantly, link up to emotionally, invest in spiritually get charged by energy...

Implication: Cherish the old. Welcome the new. Since Habits, desires, thoughts, emotions, and intents can change objects around us. So it is important to cherish things from loved ones, and to constantly introduce newness into life. Fresh clothes, new routes, new places...

Now many of us grew up in times of hand me downs. Clothes, shoes, books, bags... Sometimes especially a generation before one longed for clothes where the waist hadn't been tightened or skirt lengthened. But then we see that it wasn't always a hand-me-down but a baton being passed.

Implication: The Power of Yantras, Idols & Temples can be Real. The fact that our feelings, thoughts, habits can infuse into things has very practical spiritual implications. And that is we can infuse into objects, buildings, even landscapes a new promise,

A client/seeker had come to us with a deep depression, apart from mantras, meditations, something that made a huge difference for her was a beautiful stone, that we charged for her. Even though she has drifted apart, she to another continent, sometimes the stone whispers to us of her progress.

Today when we think of Vandals we often think of the Taliban and Bamiyan Caves. But as we reflect on it, you realise that possibly the worst vandals are scientists and archaeologists ripping into ancient tombs, pulling ancient idols and putting them in cold life-less museums and galleries.

During Tarun's first art show Sacred Body the energies at the India International Centre gallery was so palpable, a student exclaimed: "Hey it feels like a Stonehenge in here." Ironically, at that show, Tarun sold exactly one painting.

So powerful can the process of charging of objects be that the power can last centuries. How many here remember The Spiritual Traveller and Blood-stained aliveness?

2. If we can charge things, can we de-energise things? The things we use constantly, link up to emotionally, invest in spiritually get charged by energy...

When we felt Savitha's washed hairbrush, we compared it with the hairbrush a week before, there was a clear decline of etheric astral energies by about 25%.

3. Dead Objects Can Speak. Be witnesses. Many of us judge people by the cars they drive, neighbourhoods they live in, restaurants they visit... But few looking at someone's merc will think of talking to their car. And if you do would your impression be as shining? If we could talk to the car, eavesdrop on conversations, on the blood, the hormones, the energies in a person, one would get another picture. We think of cars, houses, as objects as dead. But they listen, absorb, energies...

Implication: What will they speak about us? Yes objects speak. Look on the outside and you may get an impression of wealth and power. But listen to the energy that charges objects and you will hit the motherlode. For objects don't just speak the lies the ego repeats to itself. Objects absorb etheric energies. How calm are you? How jumpy? How life flows in you, not just how many steps you take in the day. It won't just measure biceps, but see if you are tiger or hulking pig. The testimony of objects can be deep and personal. And so we can use this ourselves. If you are a runner also listen to your shoes.

Implication: Psychic Jasoosi can take objects and learn about people. We have used this to find lost objects, identify potential thieves...

For example in one case we related earlier we identified the thief by looking at the hand that opened the almarah {Metal Sheet Cupboard}... Now some will be thinking we should use this to find buried treasure. Consider this, if we had a queen like Savitha who left a buried treasure we would uncover a plastic hairbrush.

We have stopped searching for lost treasures and potential thieves because this can be misused. One client had 3 months prior lost a stash of gold, psychic energies pointed to a stocky, fair, clean shaven man. It could be one of 2 relatives. Instead of leveraging this information into conducting a deeper investigation into the possibility that either had a hand in the robbery, of the two she went ahead and denounced the relative she disliked more to the police. Not having a shred of physical evidence to back her up, not only did the cops dismiss the charge, but she created a family shit-storm.

4. Charged Objects Let Us Step into Someone Else's Shoes and Life. There is an ancient proverb, do not judge someone till you have walked a mile in their shoes... Here we see we can, we do, we have...

We were conducting an Adept Level Devadhara Healing Session with numerous students... to say the session was intense is an understatement, for they had dealt with the ugliest of the ugly... like any workshop while it was free-seating they had gravitated to specific chairs. Then as part of the exercise we got them to sit in the others chair... "Oh God, one had exclaimed it feels like my ass is on fire!"

Many ancient spiritual traditions and ones like Islam, Buddhist, Catholicism revere relics, for sometimes in our bones is a glimpse of the vitality we carried, the spiritual grace we touched... In Jan 2020, Celia and I had gone on an extensive 'pilgrimage' beginning at Varanasi, proceeding to Sarnath, Chamundeshwari in Mysore... And St Philomena's church, Mysore. A replica of a French Cathedral, it is impressive in photographs but the actual church appears, painted and a trifle tacky. The Church itself was large but nothing stood out to our psychic senses. Then we stepped into the crypt where a relic of St Philomena's is kept. The power was incredible, dense, heavy, almost overpowering. Incidentally, Celia's grandfather has a plaque there as he donated generously to its construction/upkeep.

Ancient histories are not necessarilty ancient.


For a long while, mankind was blinded by Newtonian Science to believe that things are things, and the mind is mind, and they are things apart... Here we see there is a conversation between you and your blanket, you and your shoes... a conversation worth examining.

To quote: Nobel Prize Winner Jean Paul Sartre in La Nausee "The Nausea is not inside me. I feel it out there in the wall, in the suspenders..." {Incredibly Sartre was part of Existentialism, a philosophy as diametrically opposed to the spiritual as possible.}

And so yes your joy, hate, hurt, love pain, are not just inside you... they are in your shoes, your clothes, your car, your world... and Hairbrush...

Love & God, Celia & Tarun Cherian,
Starring Advanced Seeker Savitha Mudaliar.