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The Universe is a Balcony
-- By Creator's Child Founders, Tarun & Celia Cherian

  The Universe is a Balcony

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We encounter the lost,
And yet in that lostness reveal such oceans.

Jr Fatty peers in trying to come in.
Jr. Fatty the pigeon on being asked why he wanted to come in
said “it had rained, his home had flooded,
And so could he come in?”

The balcony was wet not because it had rained.
But because he had shat up the balcony.
And so Shanta our home help had washed it.

He did not see that it had not rained.
He did not see it was his shitting that had triggered the flooding of his balcony.
How could he?
And if he did?

Awhile ago, a set of pigeons were told by Celia they had to shit unmessily.
Instead of the white splotches we saw more pellets.
The Pigeons had not only heard, their intestines had.

Did Jr.Fatty realize it was his shit that had unleashed the storm?
Would it mean he had to be clean? Or shit more forcefully?
For it was his shit that had such 'mana', such power that it had triggered floods.

Every corner of the universe uncovers such dilemmas.

Two pigeons fight.
Jr Fatty and White Cloud.
Every day they fight.
They should.
Keep to your side.

Losing a balcony is life and death.

We remember a time earlier when there were two others who fought,
more viciously.
Sr Fatty and the White Pirate.
Sr Fatty walked like a Family Man, Bureacrat or Wrestler.
White Pirate was vicious and elegant.
Rarely have we seen a pigeon try to attack the mate of another.
White Pirate did that.

How vicious could the fights get?
Their fights could last an hour.
One day Sr Fatty's baby, an ugly mass of feathers ended up on the balcony
with a broken neck.

But both had helpers.
We were supportive of Sr. Fatty in a broad United Nations way.
Amma who was staying with us, took the side of White Pirate.
Amma would stay with us a few months.
Then go back to her home in beloved Coonoor.
But even after her months with us in Winter, she'd ask after the two of them.

When we looked behind them,
We saw White Pirate had broader etheric wings.
Sr Fatty had a deeper heart.
Deeper still, we see that behind one is a God of War.
And the other the Lord of Death?
Are there Lord's of Death and War?
At a lower etheric level, Yes.
We ask them later why they support who they support.
He who fights for life is supported by The God of War.
He who brings the greatest richness to Death's table
is supported by The Lord of Death.
Now it is not clear who supported who.
We think Sr Fatty was backed by The Lord of Death.
And White Pirate was backed by The Lord of War.

While White Pirate was a better fighter.
Sr Fatty was however a Family Man, he had more to lose.
And he had us.
We could have ended the argument with a single blow to White Pirate's wing.
But that would have been unfair.
Besides White Pirate had a crippled foot.
Like many pigeon's do.
That's something to think about.
Finally one day White Pirate did not return to the balcony.

Yes, spirituality emphasizes Love & Grace.
But War, and Strong Arms lie behind enduring Peace.

Every corner of the universe uncovers such dilemmas.

The new generation of Pigeons are a different breed from White Pirate and Sr. Fatty.
They fight but not viciously.

They are both welcome and we do not take sides.
Actually we do mind, the fact that this generation has reverted to messy shitting.
But Celia cannot be bothered now to educate another generation
through psychic shit training.

We understand one of the things that keeps the balcony yours is shitting mightily.
For it marks territory.
Lets everyone smell your power.
Know it is your lair.

Like Sr Fatty, when we look at him Jr Fatty is more.
The etheric sparkles. Upto 6 feet away.
Then the astral rises like the chimpanzee he once was.
Then a meta species energy complex, we humans have no such equivalence.
His divine body does not sit with him, like with us humans.
It forms a complex dance linking the vertexes of his being.

Sometimes the messiness of the Pigeons,
push us to the point where we object and say it is our balcony.
But the moment we say that, we realize it is not our balcony.
It is nature’s and we are just trying to hold on to it.
And it is not nature’s it is the galaxy’s.
No not the galaxy’s it is.

Who is Z****tr**ndo?
That causal being who regulates
cause-effect and virtuality
in our sector of the multisect.

As this conversation goes forward Celia wonders:
“Where was fatty the first of the Pigeons
to lay claim to our balcony?”
Celia checks.

He is in a high school for astral spirits.
Run among other things by Buffy, now Dragon Sa.
Sr. Fatty does not quite deserve to be there,
But he is.
Because he knows Buffy’s Dada-Mama.
And in conversations with us he realized he is more than pigeon.

In the psychic school, he is wabbit.

In our little balcony called the Earth, we are in trouble.
Because we have shat it up.
So what is the solution?
To the pigeon in us,
We need to shit more mightily.

To the soul?

The Universe is a Balcony.
It is ours.

Not ours.



Reflecting on The Truths of The Universe is a Balcony:


We are all like Pigeons on a Balcony attempting to imagine what Life really is like. Adding up the facts we come to absurd conclusions like the world was made 4000 years ago, or Newtonian Physics. Instead of the absurd truth. Time does not exist and the world is a balcony.

Like Pigeons our small actions and lives lead to gigantic consequences. Protecting our space on the Balcony. Attracting Gods. Shaping our Afterlife.

Like The Pigeon we too are Limitless.

We have identified the Ruler of our Galactic Neighbourhood. Z****tr**ndo. Imagine any of us approaching him. To him you & I are even more absurd than Fatty is to us. He may toy with us, for we live in his balcony.

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