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and Blood-stained Aliveness



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The world is magnificent. It's magnificence grows many-fold when we begin to glimpse the realities that lie beneath the reality. Stonehenge is one of the world's great spiritual monuments. Its raw power, and immensity is visible to all. But when you see it through eyes that can see the dance of power, your appreciation for its potency grows.

The Power is Incredible.

Roshni, one our most advanced Devadhara Healers,  visited Stonehenge and gives you this report...

"The energies were incredibly powerful at Stonehenge . There was bright golden light emanating from the center. The entire area is pulsating with energy. I could feel/sense/see flashes of ritualistic worship from the past (pagan rituals involving sacrifices). It is so weird that the power is so vibrant despite centuries passing! The energies were golden and red alternately. It was golden towards the center and golden light was flowing upwards from the outward circle of stones. Quite humbling & fascinating all in all!"

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The Implications & Questions:

As you read the report, some of the more salient points are worth recalling.

1. What Mastery of Power! As healers creating a psychic impact that lasts a day, a month, a year, a decade or lifetime is an achievement. Here something like 2000 years have passed since the mighty temple was raised. Time has taken its toll, causing rocks to fall, the circle to break. And  yet it is still psychically potent trembling with energy. 

2. Blood Sacrifice & Divine Force. What's going on?!!! The Sacred Circle of Stone Henge, certainly used burial, death rites, even blood sacrifice, yet its heart is golden. Posing questions, why would greater entities wish to feed on blood? Why does that which has been baptised in blood sacrifice, have such a magnificent core?

And, by converse, is any knowledge that doesn't pay a blood-price really earned? Did you know that many Cathedrals are built on battle grounds? Case in point being The Se Cathedral of Goa. Did you know that at the 4 gates of Delhi a convict was sacrificed?

3. Who?! What?! Why?! Who are the mighty priests that raised this monument, magnificent outwardly and inwardly? Were they all human? What did the circle of blessed stone seek to do? Be a place of worship? Or a place of psychic power aligned as it is to the solsitice? Is it a place of remembering the dead, of praise or healing? Is it a place of earth-binding? Or a receiving circle for wayfarers from other dimensions?

How can such a question be answered?

Archaeologists say that the site began to be used around 8000 BC. At first timbers are used. Then giant blue stones were brought from 250 kilometres away. How has not been established. Logs, sleds, iceage sleds, or even levitation?

The dead are buried there. Some cremated. Some children. Was it honourable death or sacrifice too?

The stones when struck make a clanging sound. Was drumming on the stones part of the ritual. What did the drumming accomplish? Awaken ley lines, call psychic angels, open death portals or transport the tribe to another realm.

The strange thing of such a mighty monument is there appears to be no written records.

There is one in our advanced circle Ravi Tiwari who was part of an ancient set of shamans in prehistoric Britain. But we will not share his story here. Instead we throw you a challenge.

The Challenge:

Please wear psychic protection. Now look closely at the stones. Connect to StoneHenge. Is it safe to do so? Only if the answer is yes, go ahead.

Now ask What lurks within?  Who lurks within? Do you sense the same vision as Roshini did?

What was this place? What rituals happened here.

Who were they? What did they look like?

What did the priests/ Shamans wear?

How did the buried ones die?

What energy emnates? What does it do?

If it touches elemental energy what kind? Earth, fire, air, water, space?

We pose these Questions to ourselves: Creator's Child Seekers and Devadhara Healers. Let us attempt to answer these questions. And in so doing, trace the mighty alphabet of mystics, deep, perhaps even cruel, before whose hands stone bowed. But before you do so, protect yourself; for who knows how the ancients have protected their secrets? Who knows what our bumbling questions may awake? Who knows if it is gate or stone teethed trap, or even mighty prison perhaps?


Love & God Tarun & Celia Cherian



"In an apocryphal tale, a student of a Zen Master came to the 'ashram' after 6 months... The Zen Master asked "Why so much to-ing and fro-ing? In every breath the world comes to this place and from here our great secrets go... So, why so much to-ing and fro-ing?"




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