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The Wounded Angel

  The Wounded Angel, depiction by Creator's Child Masters

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For the last 3 months one of the great angels lies wounded in the close vicinity of earth. Those who can see at a causal level or 7th hell level would have seen great activity and sensed a terrible stench...

For healers & spiritualists this is shocking news... For many of you have called on this Angel... One of the greats revered in the 3 world spanning religions that have emerged from the middle east... In India he is known by another name... a demi-god's... He is known in Maori as Tawhirimetea...

We will identify him for you only by one of his names ... Aphranzo...

Challenge: Can you get his more common name?

How can an Angel/demi-god be wounded? How was this Angel wounded? Why don't you find out? Use your intuition. {When using your intuition use the words Aphranzo Akueethrah. You can do an aura scan or use open intuition or even a pendulum}...

Challenge: Here are some options, how?
A} Aphranzo got into a drinking brawl with an ArchAngel.
B} Aphranzo fought to heal a dying world.
C} Aphranzo fiddled with Zeus's wife and got scarred.
D} Aphranzo fought with 3 beasts called Kassanzz.
E} Aphranzo was hit with a psychic weapon called Zarza {It is a sword, a cube, a sickle shaped tool.}.

The answer is given at the bottom of this page...

But how can an Angel be wounded?!?! You may ask astounded. A brief bit of angel anatomy.

Angels have broadly 3 levels of being.
- The outermost are its clothes. These are largely shaped by devotees. And so may tatter when devotees leave & change... For 8-10,000 years Lord Ganesha's image has remained fairly unchanged. But in rare depictions, in temples in S India & Central India, Lord Ganesha is portrayed in a Goddess form! But what would happen if a God appears to devotees in other parts of the world? Some mythologists have compared Lord Ganesha to the Roman God Janus... In some depictions Janus has an elephant head! My first spirit guides in this life introduced himself as Ushorion... He in myths is a warrior king, who goes by another name... So a God who appears here in one form may appear in another part of the world in another form. This depiction may tear and tatter...


- The next is The Angel Body. For example, the 'skin' of it is a collection of experiences and matrixes in which saints, devotees dedicated to his path, grow & incubate... This can be cut hurt, damaged, perverted...

- The Angel Core. This consists of 17 complex gestalts. 3 of which are invincible {Untouchable}, 12 mutable {They mutate but always divinely}, and 2 responsive {The direction of shift is unknown}. The last 2 can be attacked and hurt. One of these plays a binding role and so can cause an angel to seemingly scatter {a little like a disembowelled warrior}. The other called the cowl can hide an angel from himself and so cause a rampage...

Challenge: Where do you think Aphranzo was hurt? Clothes? Body? Or Core?

The answer is given at the bottom of this page...

For any who have called on an angel or demi-god, here is a Mission on of Mercy, an incredible opportunity to help, care, say thank you.

We have 18 safe slots for Devadhara Healers, Creator's Child Reiki, Devi-Kundalini & Cosmic Heart seekers... of any level...

Challenge: Will you be one of the brave 18? who can say I helped a wounded Angel... maybe I just kept him amused but still...

You will need to commit yourself for 12 days of healing the Angel... {Over 3 months}... It has dangers, though with the psychic methods we will share they shall be minimised... but cannot be eliminated...

We will not share the methods in this open forum... If you are interested do send an email message to us or whattsapp message to Celia...


Love & God,
Celia & Tarun





























Challenge: How was he wounded?
Aphranzo fought to heal a dying world. Taking the pain of trillions of frightened beings. He fought with 3 beasts called Kassanzz. And was hit with a sickle-shaped psychic weapon called Zarza.

Yes Aphranzo has got into good-natured drinking brawls with ArchAngel. He has not fiddled with Zeus's closest partner who resembles a lightning ball.

Challenge: Where was he wounded?
Outer body.