To Change The World, Try ¬†Humility.  


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The world is filled with inconsiderate a*******s. People who give a flying f*** about the rules. About anyone else. Hell, even themselves. And if you try to interfere it often just makes things worse. So do we just follow the example of the 3 monkeys of See No Evil. Hear No Evil. And basically put our heads in the sand? Or do we kick ass? Fine the F***ers. Jail them.

Zahid Disagrees.

Who the hell is Zahid? You ask. Zahid apart from being an advanced Devadhara Healer, superlative astral Traveller, is also a well known Bangalore Journalist, but apart from this he is a social activist. Known for his work in HSR layout. As we were talking to him about his work he revealed a wonderful story. One worth listening to and learning from.  

To quote Zahid: “The other day, I saw a car parked right in the middle of the road. The driver was nowhere to be seen. I waited for him. In the meanwhile, the traffic piled up. Since it was in the afternoon and generally a non-peak hour, it did not result in a jam. But the inconvenience was there for everyone to see. I had to go somewhere but I waited patiently on the sidewalk. Soon enough, the person walked out of the restaurant with a takeaway bag and sat in the driver's seat. I knocked on the window. He rolled it down and appeared agitated. I folded my hands and told him, "Please don't block the road like this. Please don't make this mistake again." His agitated face turned to remorse. He said, "Please don't fold your hands. I am not too older than you. I am sorry."

First if we wish to change the world we need to take time off from our busy schedules. If we want to make a real change we may need to tap on the window of a stranger. If we wish to get them to listen we will need to get off the high horse.

Zahid has demonstrated for us a powerful egoic lesson. If we approach people as s***s we will get a face full of crap. If we are arrogant we get people’s back up. But if we wish to win people over we need to use a more powerful weapon. Unleash humility. This in turns allows the other person to reveal his humanity. For it wasn't Zahid alone who was humble. The motorist faced with a real appeal, took home a lesson. What could have easily turned into a slanging match. A hardening of positions has moved beyond... somewhere the motorist has another way to approach to life. We see the motorist in another difficult situation going beyond the combative. It isn't just HSr that wins. Life wins.

With the Trumps of the world striding around screaming with fury, we sometimes forget the Gandhis, the Luther Kings. But as Zahid points out, more gets done following their example:“Being humble and forgiving goes a long way and is more impactful. This real story of mine in a bylane of Bangalore proves it.”



Sr Journalist & Media Entrepreneur, Zahid Shares a Lesson in Humility


Now some may think that's wimpy. Think again. Zahid is a senior journalist, he personally knows most of the MPs and MLAs of Bangalore, is on first name basis with most top cops, has interviewed most top industrialists of Karnataka, and has Bangalore's biggest builders as clients, his connections reach from the upper echelons of the Secretariat to the darkest Mohallas of Bangalore. He has at rallies unleashed the fury of a citizen anguished at the state of his city... But he also knows what we all need to learn. A please, a thank you, a genuine haath jodtha hoon can win hearts.