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Trinetra Trishakti Experience

In the following video The Trinetra TriShakti Experience you see how Seeker Colonel Sidhu now in his 60's goes back to a powerful but mystifying experience he had as a 13 year-old. It was an experience he could talk to no one around him. It puzzled him for 50 years. Yes 50 years in which he turned into a Yogic explorer, used Yogic force in the battlefield. We have been taking Colonel Sidhu in on an intense spiritual awakening pathway that focusses on elemental forces. Recently in Aug-Sep 2021 he asked us to help him discover the truth of what he had encountered as a 13 year old. In that spiritual awakening session, the experience revealed its secrets, revealed that behind it stands a cosmic being, behind the cosmic being stands an impossible unity. But before we move forward do see the video: The Trinetra TriShakti Experience


Examining The Questions The Video Throws Up.
Now that you have seen the video you will realise that there are many questions we need to answer. First the whole issue of The Childhood Spiritual Experience. Or Spontaneous Spiritual Experience. Spontaneously many have sensed greater truth but do not find it fits the official versions of truth. Second, Colonel Sidhu initially attributes the experience to a luminous meditative man, that he calls Lord Shiva. Why do we push him to go deeper? It is clear that The Trinetra-Trishakti Experience offers us a new way at grasping The Cosmic -- How take it forward?


Trinetra trishakti


The Earthquakiness of God!

So many of you have had deep spiritual experiences, and many have befriended them... But few who have not been swept by the currrents of God can understand how terrifying it is.

Imagine you are 13 year old. And one day as you get up you feel your entire bed vibrate. You get up but some strange currents run through your hands. You go to the bathroom, in the grim light of a fitful bulb you see your face in a tarnished mirror but your eyes are playing tricks... Your face, it seems to be vibrating. You wash your face, some relief, but then you touch the tap to close it and you feel it grumble away like it has a monster truck inside.

You go out for breakfast, Pa is reading the paper, but the floor is grumbling, groaning... You tentatively, speak about this feeling of shaking, shakiness, trembling... But find no one in the family seems to hear a rumbling, you quickly change conversation... School is no better, in fact worse as Shivani sits 3 seats away, and you become acutely aware that your head feels like a drum.

Sports is a relief, everyone comments about how you are flying around the field like Milkha Singh. Nights should give relief, but it is as if you are sleeping only are hyperawake, you get up both very rested and very tired.

Your body is trembly like a racehorse before Ascot. Your bones are shivering like someone caught in a rain.

And this does not happen one day but for weeks, months...

Now many of our spiritualists have known this... Been flung of beds... seeing figures... finding the mundane turn into a bonfire... so...


QUESTION 1: Have You Had A Childhood Spiritual Experience That You Have Not Talked About?

As you have seen in the video, Col Sidhu had an experience at 13 that was inexplicable to him. He kept quiet about it. Have you had a deeply mystifying experience that you too have kept hidden because it would be socially embarassing or conceptually difficult to handle?

Do you recall the article by Swati V Is The Astral World Real? Yes! Yes! Yes! released in Jan 2017... In that Swati a senior HR manager had puzzled over an experience. 'Was it real? Was it hallucination?' For 20 years she agonised before a session with us helped her discover the truth.

The other day we were having a discussion in a family group. At which point, a senior member spoke of having out-of-body experiences. In the outer world he is a director of a company. But he has seen more than the rules of the pragmatic world. Has he proclaimed this? Can he announce this? Can it be part of his Corporate Resource Empowerment Methodology? Can he speak about it without damaging his business?

There is an official version of the world being pushed by old-fashioned science. Most cannot break free from that and so suppress the real truth of limitless self and life, which is in fact closer to 'Quantum' science than what has been taught in school.

We are not saying that every experience one has 'is real'... But the limited version of science is certainly limited and limiting. A child saw Ghosts... years later he realised they were real out-of-body travels of a loved one.

REALISATION 1: Fear that one is going mad can prevent us from examining experiences that can be revelatory.

REALISATION 2: Fear that family may react strangely, even savagely to a new experience is not unreal. And can interrupt self-discovery.

REALISATION 3: Newtonian 18th Century Science with its blinkered ideas of reality can prevent us from sensing a greater truth.

To help understand what The Colonel Sidhu's undergo let us ask a hypothetical question.


QUESTION 2: HYPOTHETICAL: What would have happened if The Young Sidhu had spoken about his experience?

What would happen in your family if you had spoken about your own spiritual experiences or one like Col Sidhu?

Now there are many scenarios what would have happened to young Sidhu. A} His father may have taken him to a doctor, worried that it was a nervous issue. The Doctor would have examined him, recommended more physical exercise, vitamins and mild calmatives. And B} His mother may have taken him to a Guru connected with the family. There was a likely future where he would have joined an ashram at 14, there would have been a spiritual crisis at 35 and then he would have leapt to full force or broken down. C} In a more more modern setting, he may have been classified as ADHD or mildly anxious.

Now consider what Sathya Sai Baba experienced when his spiritual grace became apparent! Quoting from Wikipedia:

On 8 March 1940, while living with his elder brother Seshama Raju in Uravakonda, a small town near Puttaparthi, 14-year-old Sathya was allegedly stung by a scorpion. He lost consciousness for several hours and in the next few days underwent a noticeable change in behaviour. There were "symptoms of laughing and weeping, eloquence and silence." It is claimed that then "he began to sing Sanskrit verses, a language of which it is alleged he had no prior knowledge." Doctors concluded his behaviour to be hysteria. Concerned, his parents brought Sathya back home to Puttaparthi and took him to many priests, doctors and exorcists. One of the exorcists at Kadri , a town near Puttaparthi, went to the extent of torturing him with the aim of curing him.

On 23 May 1940, Sathya called household members and reportedly materialised sugar candy prasad,  and flowers for them. His father became furious at seeing this, thinking his son was bewitched. He took a stick and threatened to beat him if Sathya did not reveal who he really was, the young Sathya responded calmly and firmly "I am Sai Baba", a reference to Sai Baba of Shirdi This was the first time he proclaimed himself to be the reincarnation of Sai Baba of Shirdi—a saint who became famous in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in Maharashtra and had died eight years before Sathya was born. It was then he came to be known as 'Sathya Sai Baba'.



QUESTION 3: Why Go Beyond Cultural Images? How Go Beyond Cultural Images of God?

There is a famous aphorism "If you meet Buddha on The Road to Buddhahood Kill Him".

We all come from a background, Be it Religeous, Regional, Racial, Cultural... those frames of reference while deeply significant and integral to our personality, beyond a point becomes limiting.

Awhile ago we had a session where 4 of us with open eyes saw a being of light descend, arms outstretched.

Was it Lord Jesus?

Well, all we know it was a high spiritual being. It could have been Sai Baba, Lord Narada, Lord Merlin or Lord Jesus.

He did not introduce himself. But the power, miraculousness, clarity was incredible. As we question that being it says "I am the way to the truths of truths."

If we had defined the light as Jesus we would have been lead to the path of conventional Christianity. If we had defined the light as Lord Merlin we would have gone towards Shamanism. But if we trust the Light-being we are lead to a new path, a great truth.


Now in the video you see that Col Sidhu reexperienced the vibration. But where did it come from? Who did it come from? When we asked, Col Sidhu experienced it as emerging from a seated luminous figure, that he identified as Lord Shiva.

Most teachers would have stopped there. Stopped with this... We asked him to pursue it deeper... Why? Because he would have stopped with a cultural answer, not a Cosmic One. If Col Sidhu had been Christian or Buddhist he may have interpreted the meditative figure as Mother Mary or Lord Buddha. Beyond Jesus is The Father. Beyond Siddartha is The Truth. Beyond Lord Shiva the human, is MahaDeva The Cosmic Entity.

Beyond the Human is The Cosmic. However that cosmic existence, that being above all beings, is beyond names, beyond definitions. It reveals a sacred connection with humanity, with life, with the world when a seeker is brave enough to stand naked of assumptions...

Besides, we watching the process, had seen deeper into the connection of the childhood Sidhu and The Divine... What had we seen?

Trinetra Trishakti



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QUESTION 4: Col Sidhu saw the vibration come from Lord Shiva, what were the real dynamics?

Closer lo0ok at the Trinetra experience

As we pursued the experience that Col Sidhu had as a 13 year-old, Col Sidhu saw the vibrational experience as coming from God. From Lord Shiva. A true answer but not a full one.

When we looked at it, we saw that the experience had a long trail of entities, people, chakras and forces.

At the highest level is a golden arc at the divine body and inspirational body. This extension or directive of The Cosmic, has this meaning or name: "I AM ALL. I AM WHERE THERE IS NONE. I AM AFTER ALL ARE BURIED. I AM FLAME BEFORE CANDLE. I AM TRUTH BEFORE STONE. I AM THE WORD ON WHICH STONE STANDS, WORLD'S EMERGE."

This I AM at the beginning end, and middle of Colonel Sidhu's reincarnational cycle has a unique pattern of cords to energy-consciousness points across his aura. And multi-reincarnational energy aura.

One to his ancestral force, thence to his root, thence to the shakti, maha and kundalini. One to a set of deep spiritual teachers. One to his egoic field of actions. {This I AM and its connections are different for every physical entity. But has certain charecteristic patterns.}

When Col Sidhu saw the force coming from above a luminous figure, he was seeing a space where 3-6 spiritual guides of his are connected. One used to sit in a traditionalish padmasan. This Spirit Guide had in one avtaar been connected to a meditative forest practice, which paralleled but was not worship of Lord Shiva per se, but a divine being conception with similar charecteristics. The Divine Being Conception the sage once worshipped {Or manifest} is Makara, or MahiMakara. Now Makara or dragon is associated with the kundalini and adorns both Shaivite and Vaishnavite practice as well, as the spiritual practice of many traditions across the globe. seeing this sage Col Sidhu spoke about his spiritual grace coming from Lord Shiva.

Truly I AM inspired a great inner presence MahiMakara which stimulated ancestral patterns which stimulated the sacral chakra {Adolesence} and egoic action.

QUESTION: Why should I be interested in the finetuned dynamics of Col Sidhu's spiritual growth?

ANSWER: Because in understanding his growth you understand your own.

Now let us delve a little furthur. Tarun is the principal human guide of Col Sidhu, and Celia the resource. His explanation is detailed, intricate... difficult tyo understand. If Celia had to speak about this she would have more succintly said. "The Shaktis, Adolescent Forces, and Family dynamics of Rakesh were stimulated by God. He could have awakened then. But that would have made him a strange person so he has chosen a more drawn out awakening."


QUESTION 4: Examining The COSMIC UNITY, The Trinetra-Trishakti Experience...

Question: Why is The Trinetra-Trishakti Experience so significant?
Answer: Because one more seeker has a direct connect with The Cosmic. Life on earth has one more artery to God.

In Indian scripture and world literature is the revelation that there exists a God of Gods, a unity of BRAMHA-VISHNU-SHIVA and their Devis. This oneness, call it the Paramatma, The MahaDeva, is what Col Sidhu has glimpsed.

Question: Why is The Trinetra-Trishakti Experience so significant?
Answer: Because it gives us a fresh new look at The Cosmic.

Now when Col Sidhu saw it he saw galactic space, great weaves of existence-energy streaked through with meteors. When he asked this for a name it gave him TriNetra, TriShakti. Or 3 eyed, 3armed one. Or thrice knowing, Thrice Powerful.

The Cosmic here gives us two gifts.
First a new way of looking at itself. Galactic Space.
Then a new name to describe itself to us. A 6 faceted name.

From hereon Col Sidhu will engage with internalising The Cosmic, elaborating its powers, and formulating ways for seekers to walk the new path. But to anticipate some of the many exercises he will be given, consider this... Below are 3 images... You have heard of Col Sidhu's experience which one do you feel evokes the force the clearest?

Trinetra Trishakti which represnts

Col Sidhu is a celebrated soldier, a writer on critical military issues... it has taken him many lifetimes to reach such a point, and many decades to earn the right to speak about it, and yet retain the respect of hard-headed pragmatists. He is saying "The cosmic dragon's tail that shook me in childhood... that disturbed me so deeply it has remained a secret... you do I have the courage to try and ride today..." Where will it take him? Obviously to the stars beyond the stars.

But has he taken too long? Has he wasted 50 years? Well, his inner spirit guide who we may call loosely MahaJarath or MahiMakara Dasi, found enlightenment at 80 when on earth, and penned his thoughts at 99.

-- Celia & Tarun Cherian

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