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Zippy* is a feisty mix of Spitz, Indie, Wire-haired Daschund and Pure Glee. Anyway we'd keep meeting her near our home/centre in HRBR layout. We got to know Pankaj & Reena and Kid Karan.

Zippy's friends, enemies, loves were told to us. Her love of strange foods like bhindi, carrots {Buffy, even though a spirit guide was suitably horrified}.

When she'd drop into our centre for the odd aura scan, to Buffy, now Dragon Sa's great irritation, she'd find all her Buffy's old spots... she even dug up a bone Buffy had hidden half a decade back.

One day as we were playing with her she told us she'd seen a ghost and was feeling uneasy. The ghost we immediately removed, the only thing we could see significantly was a darkened abdomen chakra which could be an allergy, the body reacting to a pathogen, some WBC or RBC issue?

A week later as Karan was rough housing, Zippy emitted a shriek of pain. "But I hadn't done anything, really. Just picked Zippy up.." A close examination revealed a tiny rubbery small soft lump. Probably a tick bite.

Anyway as they showed it to the vet during a routine nail clipping he said " Don't think it's anything, but to ease your mind, we could do a biopsy... to rule out Cancer..."

There it was the dreaded C word.

A few days later, after due investigation a lab gave the worst possible diagnosis. Blood Cancer.

Why is it so terrible? Because given progression, it is literally untreatable for a dog.

Pankaj & Reena think Zippy is one of the kids. So they were not going to give up without a fight.

Tears trembling in her eyes, Reena said, "We are not going to put her through Chemo and radiation... If she has to die in 6 months, so be it... But we are going to give her as much joy, and as much support as she can get... which doesn't involve radical surgery..."

Gathering Team Zippy.

A formidable set of Docs, Ayurvedics, we Healers, and not to forget Family Prayers were assembled.

You've seen those Hollywood movies where a bunch of Commandos are assembled to save a kidnapped kid, depose a tyrant, or stop an incoming meteor. Reena literally did exactly that. But please don't chuckle.

It was not easy for Reena to choose, for 3 sets of vets gave radically different treatment advice. Finally Zippy had a trans-national team, a dietician from Bombay. Ayurvedic Doc from Delhi. An allopathic Vet from Bangalore. A consultant from NY, sending in strange nutraceuticals. And yes... Devadhara Healing...

For us we could see basically 3 things, a kind of ghostly attachment {Old fears as a pup?}, a dark mass at the left of abdomen, and the ab chara malfunctioning.

Zippy came twice a week for healing. Being highly sensitive to healing after 2 minutes, Zippy'd leap up from Celia's lap and hide beneath a bed, chair... grumbling away.

Meanwhile Zippy's diet changed radically. Principally the diet sought to reduce sugar, move to a more vegan, hi-protein diet, and it had certain key ancient herbs that shift the mind-body link.

Zippy being highly Veg, adjusted to the diet. One day groggy, one day spry. But broadly the first good sign there was no deterioration.

Reality Check.

After 3 months, Pankaj & Reena decided to check. At best they hoped the Cancer had remained static. {Yup, the net horror stories go to the deep-end of ghastly}.

It takes close to a week for the results to arrive.

Well, what was it?

Yippie yay. Bantofy the Pedas {Vegan}.

One of the hardest illnesses to handle is Cancer, Blood Cancer raises the risks from bad to impossible. and it had vanished. In 6 months another test will be done and another. And another. But today is time to celebrate. Because the vet had said, "normally you have a mere 3-6 months".

Over the last 20 years, big C is one of the illnesses that many patients have come with. Often as healers our role is reduce nausea, negate pain, strengthen spirit... And while we have had significant victories we've had 'Oh God Why defeats too.'

This is one of the good ones. The great ones. Particularly wonderful as it is the second serious cancer case that has shown great improvement.

Also, not to mention the generous 'bonus' we received. The other day Zippy, killed a mouse and ran 3 streets to give it to us.

Love & God,
Celia & Tarun

All names in the article changed to prevent unwarranted exposure of Reena's family.



Lessons For Devadhara Healers when Tackling Cancer & Serious Illness.


1. Anything's Curable. There is always hope no matter how terrible the illness.
2. Discovering the Key Emotion triggering an illness helps. In Zippy's case there was trauma in the womb. We believe one pup died in the womb before child-birth. This added to an issue as Pankaj Zippy's human father had to travel extensively as his parents are also unwell.
3. Using multiple modalities gives healing greater depth. While Devadhara Healing has helped in numerous cases without any other help, having many modes of patient support is invaluable. For example, herbal help can tip the balance where allopathy has few answers.
4. Targetting Key Areas, Key Chakras: Zippy's key issues were linked to the ab area, heal that and things could improve.
5. Family Support is Invaluable:
6. Family Support is Invaluable:
7. Call on The Divine:


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