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The challenging Psychic Impact of the Nov, 2020, Lunar Eclipse. By Celia & Tarun Cherian.

Lunar Eclipse Yantra by Spiritual masters Tarun & Celia Cherian

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Emotions: We are approaching a very challenging Lunar Eclipse that will impact all humans to a lesser or greater extent {Effect on emotion, 3-15%}. Basically it impacts ones link to family.

Challenge to Success: The highly successful will face 3 months of challenge and doubt.

Physical Issues: As we have covered in earlier articles it principally affects the abdomen {swadisthana}, the Bindu, and throat chakras and therefore one will see effect on nerves, endocrine system, heart rhythms, bone growth. We see this effect to be temporary for most people.

Effect on Animals: While wolves will show emotional effect. The Nov, 2020 Lunar Eclipse will principally impact worms/small insects, algae, bacteria, virus sheaths.

Effect on Environment: Water composition in all seas will show shifts. And so human vacuoles. Storm activity will increase as there will be different activity at deep sea trenches.

Psychic Effect: Most significantly, one of the lesser hells will be exposed. Especially connected to the left occipital chakra. The Sushumna, or Devadhara running up the spine will face odd contractions at the mid back. Interestingly, we have had numerous cases of people in the last week seeing ghosts, and paranormal activity.

But it isn’t all bad:

Letting go of old fears. The Nov Lunar Eclipse favours processes of letting go of old fears. This extends to a phase of 15 days after.  

Soul Rescue, Hells. The Nov Lunar Eclipse helps those caught in hellish mind-zones. {Advanced Soul Seekers need to rise to a causal body +  and reach down. Advanced Devadhara Healers can focus on the Heart-throat chakras, and past life clearing}.  

Come Dance with Me. The Moon is our friend, and constantly plays a game with us, asking us to remember its very long {And constantly changing} name. As we talked to it said come dance with me. Will, and will let you know how it goes.    

Handling The Effects.
While staying at home reduces its impact by 25-50%. The use of Silver will have the greatest dampening effect on the worst challenges..

Aluminum can also be leveraged. Putting small aluminum foil sheath on the second little toe of the left foot will be useful during the time of the eclipse.

The image in this article is a potent way to deal with this lunar eclipse. How? Focus on the light above.

And Now a Message from The Moony's Friend.

Buffy on Eclipses

Furthur Reading.
Now we have covered eclipses fairly extensively in the past. So do read the earlier pieces.  

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