Useless Intuition,
Priceless Revelations.
Article Written Oct 2015

Couture Questions. And Intuition Wows.

There is a game Celia & I sometimes play before someone new arrives. Before we have met them, when they are still just a voice over the phone. We guess what they look like? What they are wearing?

What Intuition Showed Us. In this instance, Celia got that she'd be tallish, 5ft 5-6inches. Have straightish, shoulder length hair {Or little longer}. Wear a green top with white ssquiggles in the centre. Tarun got a darkish salwar/ pant. And a scar on the left side of her mouth.

What She Was Like. When she came she was 5ft 6inches. Had straightish, hair little longer than shoulder length. Had a green T-Shirt with a round design of white squiggles in the centre. A black pant. And a heavy 1 cm mole on the leftside of her mouth.

Now, the awesome intuition did not save the client's life. Did not warn her about impending disaster. Did not giver her a career break, or stock market killing. It has done something so much more. It gives us all a larger Universe. It gives us all a deeper sense of intimacy. a greater degree of closeness. We are all connected. In ways that are not visible to the naked eye, but audible to the open heart... We are not alone... but deeply connected. And that is priceless.

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The Bullet & The Aura Mark...



Hidden beneath a Pant's fabric is an ancient scar from a 10 year old bullet wound... It should be invisible to the eye right? Wrong!!!.

Celia & I were doing an aura scan for Vijay, when I got a dip in a knee. Was there something there? Vijay excitedly revealed that 10 years ago, when fooling around a friend had accidentally fired a bullet that had creased the knee! That bullet had scarred the knee. and The Aura!

Now, again, as in the cases above, the incredible aura scan did not give life-saving advice, nor did it help the knee. But once again it has done something so much more. It reminds Vijay and all of us that our world is larger and more mysterious.




{Pic of a cat. Not Mitsy}

We help Bonnie find Missing Mitsy...

Late October 2015, we get a frantic call. Bonnie's cat has gone missing. Can we help her find her cat. It's 11 years old. And the cat's missing for 15 days. That's bad because its 2 weeks. The cat's aura's dark. But we get the cat is in the South/ South-east direction.

A day later Bonnie calls back. Mitsy has been found in the South-east direction from her home!

We are overjoyed. Bonnie is delighted…

Hmmmf… you may say, ‘big deal, what's one more cat in an overcrowded world’.  ‘Good riddance’ may say an exasperated neighbour... for Bonnie has half a dozen cats. But would we say big deal if your lost child was found. Or more accurately, your 70 year old grandmother wandering the streets was located?

And... from another point of view, there’s a wonderful reassurance. Consider this. The trail of the cat is written on the universe. The passage of a tiny creature is stamped on time… Sometimes we know ourselves as Zeroes, nothingnesses who will be forgotten, spat out, discarded, consigned to oblivion. And this little psychic marvel says “No, our steps will not be forgotten, our little steps here, our wanderings, findings, loves and laughters will not be forhotten. We will not be forgotten, Somewhere deep, the universe whispers, remembers, treasures and chuckles over the least of us… we will not be forgotten. Who we are, what we are matters”.

And there’s more, there’s icing to the cake. There's the great comfort that this is not a world where no one cares, for people like Bonnie should exist, saving and personally keeping a dozen cats. We are not selfish pigs, with big heads, fat bellies, and no hearts {Hey, that’s maligning pigs}. We humans are not damned. There are Bonnies among us.   




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Dad-Daughter. A Thousand Miles... And Cancer's Hand...

Earlier last year, Deepa P was sleeping a deep sleep when suddenly her dream took an unexpected turn... And what should I say for my father's funeral oration she asked herself in the dream. The thought shook her out of the dream. And woke her... In the morning she received a call from her hometown thousand plus miles away. Her dad had just been diagnosed with a virulent form of cancer.

Now, as in some of the cases above, the incredible intuitive message did not give life-saving advice. But once again it has done something so much more. It reminds Deepa land all of us that we are bound in deep and miraculous ways.

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Spotting Tomorrow's Cancer...




At a party, a high-flying corporate manager asked Celia for an aura scan. A quick check revealed pronounced darkness in the stomach area. 2 years later, we meet the same manager. she revealed that she had got cancer in the exact spot a year ago!!!.

Now we usually don't do aura scans at parties. Did the scan help? Did the warning make the manager more sensitive to symptoms? Yesss... But once again it has done something so much more. It reminds the manager that beyond the economics is the reality, beneath cancer is the force...




An ancient spirit visits a cat with a terrifying illness.


We are doing a scan and animal convo with a cat...

... when it dawns on us that the cat is ill, desperately ill. We pinpoint Runi*'s problem, as we do so, we are struck with surprise, a deep obsidian pantherish figure stands next to the cat. Educating it about Death, its choices.

At a lower level, from the aura scan we arrive at a mantra. Amazingly, everytime the mantra is said, the cat snuggles close to her human mama. The mantra may give the cat a fighting chance against the virus.

We are cared for. Each of us is cared for. Great spirits look after each of us.








The Call of

The Angel...





Aunty Fatso was dying, and in style, a lung cancer patient, she went out, as she lived, with a cigarette on her lips... And God with her. On the morning of the day she died, she told her daughter, he is going to take me home, pointing at the open window... A few hours later, the person standing at the open window had taken her home...

Again, this spine-tingling sign was useless in crude human terms.It did not save Aunty Fatso's Life. But once again, it has done something so much more. It has made death seem so much less fearsome. It has opened Life's windows wider.


Seeing The Cancer Behind A Cough...

And The World Beyond Death.


2 month's before my father {Tarun's} passed away, he had a persistent cough. Celia did an aura scan. The worst problem was a darkness in the liver. So dark was it that Celia exclaimed here's where the real problem is, it's so bad it could be cancerous. I said, well it definitely could be, but anyway, there's nothing we are going to be able to do about it. 2 weeks later, a visit to the hospital revealed it was cancer!!!

The aura scan was bang-on. Di it help, in the conventional sense, as it has for so many? No... But once again it has done something so much more. It reminds us that there is more to us, that hidden behind the cells are so much more. Also, the accuracy of our aura scans in x-raying cancer gives credence to our visions and encounters with Tarun's Father after death... There he has joined a university of learning.


Returning to the circle of life & death, to protect a loved one...

We are doing an aura scan for Vinod* when we realise he actually had finished with his circle of life & death. He has returned to protect a loved one, a sister... or mother...

It turns out to be his sister, she was being poisoned as a child by a maid. His presence and behaviour helped uncover the murder attempt.

Now this aura scan will not save a life. But it puts life into perspective. Reminds us of the incredible sacrifices made for us. Most of us, given the chance to graduate from earth's muddy embrace, and tangled hurts will flee.

But here we see someone willing to turn back for a loved one. It is not clear if Vinod will be once again released from the wheel of life and death in any hurry. But in a sense he has transcended it. For by walking back into this life, willingly, he has helped give each of us a reason to stand taller.

Many of us on earth today, came knowing full well that mankind teeters on the brink, that our very survival as a race hangs in balance, that all life on earth faces extinction... we came here knowing how high the stakes are... we knew... we know... it's time to remember...


The Soaring

of The Soul

that once

was Buffy...



The other day Buffy {after her death} came to us and told us you musn't call me doggy daughter... I am a 'Sa'...

In the first week after Buffy died, she'd appear to us often grey, or smoky, we'd hear words... But was it just wishful thinking... Celia and I would crosscheck with each other. Again & again... and with around 80% accuracy in our crosschecking we had confirmed it wasn't our grief making up stories... And that's marvellous, for now when she often appears she is no longer in the form of a dog, her vibration is so lofty it is a shimmer, a wheel, a cloud... The other day Buffy came to us and told us you musn't call me doggy daughter... I am a 'Sa'... You can call me Sa Daughter. You can call me 'Sa' Daughter. We agreed, then asked her but what is a Sa? After questioning she revealed she didn't really know. But... it was a goody... and very important...

Auras open Life's windows wider. So wide that death becomes a friend... You have all been taught to sense auras. Do it! The rewards are... out-of-this-world!!!