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30th May 2020. Had gone to Celia’s mom’s for lunch. What time do we return? At 5.00, or skirting the 7.00 curfew time? The clouds said ‘in our area it would rain at 7.00. But they couldn’t tell for sure as we were not at our housey’.

Talking to The Clouds: Getting The Rain Timings: We left at 5.30. Broad day light. The sun setting in glorious blaze. Had we heard wrong? At 6.00 we were resting before going for a walk, the sun was still blazing away with joy. 6.20 the sun was still bravely setting, we are about to lace on walking shoes when out of nowhere a dark front of clouds appears… a black hand, with a howling wind-front… Almost on the dot of 7.00 it poured.

Exact Truth and Fuzzy Answers…  
Take the incident where Jaya K was in USA. One day in a dream she saw a road, that she had never seen before. The next day friends had taken her on an impromptou trip... where she encountered the road she had travelled in her dream.

Now one of the things with intuition is that it can be exact, frighteningly exact at times... so exact you wonder why if everything is so fixed are we wasting our time living things... If the moment of it raining, if the moment of death can be seen... then why struggle, fight, breathe?

Because we know it may rain at 7.00 in our housey does not tell us what will happen elsewhere... And knowing it will rain here... is one thing... it does not say how the balcony will flood because a pigeon knocks over a pot, which covers a drain, so in freezing water, in a wind that is threatening to wrench out our door {and it thrice did} and in rain that laughs at your being out... while a crocodile ghost {Buffy's friend} says let the rain come in... water is good, why is your house so dry... And the lightning spirit says do you want me to come close and say hello...

So if you get messages that illuminate you also get a million insights that can overwhelm...

Intuition, any kind, only hints at the richness of reality... For intuition says we are creatures not bound by time... But living in an unbound time... in an unlimited world... in an open sky existence is different...

Celia had the other day announced to a brilliant thunder storm, ‘oh you’ve stopped thundering’. That was the truth to her a human. The lightning spirit answered back, 'I have not stopped thundering, just not so much in your neighbourhood.' For a human the statement is has stopped thundering is true. For an expanded human, for an open soul... that is falisity... There is always lightning some part of the world.

From a limited perspective, lightning may strike someone, a tragedy... but from an enlightened spirit we see more... A true seer may say "tired of the constant scrapping, a man's soul reached out to lightning which saw his rage as invitation and so struck him with lightning... and his wife may suddenly at his death, forget his boozing and remember his joy..."

Intuition is not what many astrologers try to make it out to be, an exact watch a chain of destiny that is unchangeable... But it is glimpses from greater eyes to remind us we span the universe...

Ok that's a little too deep end too soon... We are being like those old style parents flinging a child into a 100 foot well before they know how to swim... The first thing should not be looking up all airy fairy {Or as we said in Smilences be all visionairy with no earth in that mix.}

The first question, you should ask; ‘Who answered?’
The first question we should ask is "Who told us when it would rain?" Was it the Storm? Wind? Rain? Or was it Buffy: now a junior, junior angel, and her merry band of a thousand animal spirits?

The answer we got intuitively was the storm. The Storm had spoken. But was it wind? Lightning? I persisted. All it showed was a sparkly spiderish being. Ok so storm it is.

But very often Buffy and her merry ‘men’ answer. These often answer when Tarun asks the food on the stove ‘are you ready?’ “When Dada asks ‘foolishes’ that cannot answer we do the answering.” Asserts Buffy’s helpers. On an average about 20 such spirits are lolling about our home. The truth is just because I ask a pigeon for an answer does not mean the pigeon will answer.

{Now if you have done Devadhara Level 1, Creator's Child Reiki, Cosmic Heart Spiritual Seeking you all know how to crosscheck on intuition. Please do it. Because one of the great dangers all healers and spiritualists face is arrogance, just because we can decipher a little of cosmic writing hidden in the world we think we know it all. One of our students lost inner balance for awhile because after an spiritual vision she thought she was enlightened, and so began to interpret every shift in a cloud as a hymn to her...}

Buffy, juniour Angel, of Buffy's Doggy Revelations Fame

Beyond The Mind… Rahu-Ketu testify…
The other day we got an insight into someone’s Rahu & Ketu while talking to his mom, over the phone 6000 miles away. Why is it so surprising? Because we doin't really believe in Rahu & Ketu. A little background: We are not astrologers… In the early 1990’s Tarun did cast a few charts and explore it for a bit. But while astrology certainly predicts above chance, it is not the definitive many astrologers make it to be {in our reckoning}, and so we dropped it. It is only now as we increasingly talk to The Sun & Moon, and are developing a distinctive astrological approach that we are taking a look at astrology. But we definitely we have no affinity to trad astro elements, especially like Rahu & Ketu, the shadow planets…

Anyway we were doing an intuition session for a woman 6000 miles away, she brought up her son, and an astrologer… not knowing the son’s date of birth, chart… The intuition just popped up, his Ketu is challenged. The Mother was surprised. Precisely what the astrologer had said.  How did we know?

Intuition clearly goes beyond Tarun & Celia’s interest, area of expertise. So who was talking? Rahu. What is Rahu? Rahu is the moon’s shadow on mankind’s causal body. What is mankind’s causal body? The wired lines of existence and perception.

{Now there is a perspective popularised by pop psychologists that all intuition is from the fact that the eyes see more than the ego... The sum of perceptions we notice is far greater than what our egoes can process. But this informmation is still with us. True & Untrue... True, for though our egos were uninterested in Rahu Ketu till now, there was no way we could from a mom's words bland words that 'an astrologer believed clumping of planets affected her son's behaviour' to mentioning which planets, shadow planets that too were now affecting the son... For most psychologists imagine that we can sense only through our currently accepted 5 or 10 senses... We argue our senses and self span the world, are etheric and beyond... But then the second set of psychologists who went a different way from Freud... The Jungians believe precisely this... in an expanded psyche... }

Intuition by Creator's Child Masters

The Sonic Boom That Was a…  And Psychic Jasoosi…
A week ago, Divya had called excitedly at about 3.00 in the afdternoon… “Had we heard the loud boom?” Tarun had. Celia hadn’t. "About 20 minutes back. Hadn’t thought much of it" said Tarun. At first Tarun had thought it was a realtor blasting, but it seemed to have come from the sky, so probably was a jet doing a ‘sonic boom’.

“But what is it Tarun? Across Bangalore many heard it. But they checked and the air force, had denied a flight had hit the sound barrier… Some are saying it could be a mini earthquake…” Divya persisted.
So we began a psychic game of exploration.
It clearly wasn’t the earth. Celia confirmed.
‘Something to do with the sky,’ Divya got.  
‘Sky & fire’, Tarun added.
‘Diamond-shaped, or spear-shaped…’ Divya got.
That left us with 3 possibilities: A} Fighter Jet’s boom {even though the Air force had denied it. Perhaps a secret hush-hush plane?}. B} A mini meteor, checked; eta aquerid was a possibility… C} A UFO.

While logically the air force jet was the more obvious choice. And that’s what we decided, we were all secretly hoping for the more romantic alternates, teeny meteor burning through the earth’s atmosphere, or a UFO. The next day the newspaper revealed that a Sukhoi jet on a test flight had created a Sonic Boom.

What this example tells us is that, while intuition may reveal truths, unless we are very open, very clear we can blinker ourselves. To a crossword expert: Triangle, Fire, Air, Sonic Boom would clearly indicate jet breaking the speed barrier. But the air force’s initial denial made us cross question what is obvious, and consider Meteors & UFO’s both possibilities, but surely lower down on the list…  

{Now one of the hardest things for a intuitive, aura seer, astral traveller or futurist is this... on the one hand we have to be open considering the craziest of possibilities... On the other we have to be conscious that we can go off tangent because we take official assertions, family beliefs as Gospel truths... }

Foreseeing Virus Waves… But were we wrong?   
In 2015, Buffy had come to us and told in 4 pawsies lots of Bhoguus {Humans} are going to diedy, from a small khochy {Cough? Boochy-virus/bacteria/fungus?}. {Did Buffy mean 4 Years? Months? Decades?}   

Anyway as we had looked into the future, before this conversation, it coincided with a time when Celia had seen some viral activity. We had got that there would be a big virus/bacterial/funghal wave around 2028, then 2034, 2048… But Celia had got there would also be a lesser one in 2018-2019. A cluster of 3-5 viruses would emerge. Celia had seen the outbreak would happen in 2018-2019, and we had told a few adepts of Cosmic Heart about it. But when 2019 passed, we thought we had got it wrong.

Intuition tells us to postpone our green book launch

You can't launch The Green Whispering Book in March...   
In fact, in March 2020 we were planning to launch a Book about Green Whispering. But Celia firmly got in Jan that the book would have to be postponed. Why? 'It will become apparent' was all we were told... And then the lockdown storm hit...

The Green Whispering Book could not be launched without accompanying workshops, so instead, we looked for a book that would help with the Pandemic of Gloom that has accompanied the Corona Virus... SMILEnces was the obvious choice, a book we'd been working on for about half a decade... And it is so appropriate bringing a ray of sunlight, giving courage, reminding us of our AMmensity & JOYisness...

{Now often we may get a prediction right but the time wrong... We may get an event right but not see the subsequent events... For example one year around 2008-2009 we got the stock market would crash, in a week, lazy after a healing we did not go to our broker to sign that afterrnoon {then we had to}. The next day the markets crashed. We lost a few lakhs. We may get predictions wrong by weeks, months, years, decades... }

After Forest Fires and Corona Now What? Anyway, when the world was being swamped by Corona fears, in April, we asked about the next threats on the horizon.

Buffy {Junior, junior, Angel} told us in April of a little grey diamond-shaped thing 3 months/years from now, all it touched would die. Then began the painful process of deciphering the message, intuitively. Not from Buffy, who has too many important things to do. But our own intuition.

Q: Is it organic? Or inorganic?
A: Organic.
Q: Is it insect or mammal?
A: Its heart beats loud.
Q: What kind of skin does it have?
A: Hard.
Q: How big is it?
A: One finger long.
Q: Whose finger?
A: A doggies.
Q: An insect?
A: Something like that.

While the newspapers lead us to locusts swarming Rajasthan, the intuition seems to suggest these are but precursors for what will arrive 3 years from now. Likelihood of that happening? 39%.

Intuition Locusts

The other threats are riots in July/August. Where? Indian sub-continent? Middle East? {Chance of occurrence 21%. Severity 10%. }

Chance of titanic storms middle India. {Chance: high, Date: mid-year? Amphan? Looks like a twister. Could be. Or something else?}

Chance of Earthquakes in middle India {Where? Maharashtra-Madhya Pradesh? {Chance: middling, Date: late 2020? Severity: Low-mid. If postponed to 2021: High.}  

Political upheavals {Where? India. Brazil? N China. Southern Africa. Mid America. Chance in India: High, Date: Mid 2020? Over: Money. Severity: mid.}  

{Now if you look at Buffy's warning, you can see how much jasoosi we had to do to get at the truth... But what if it is not locusts but a nano swarm that will attack 3 decades from now? But this is not just true of intuition, all truth seekers do this... Please compare a real electron photograph of the corona virus and the picture that we are given, you will see how fuzzy reality is. The most accurate Covid 19 diagnostic test has an 80-85% accuracy... The rapid tests used initially were only 15-30% accurate... All truths are approximations... }

A Million Messages… But from whom? From when? From where?
We have covered how Buffy’s Gang can answer instead of a stew pot. We have seen how mind blocks can trip intuition.

I was doing an aura scan to see where major nuclear activity in April was happening. I got a particular North West direction. And a distance of a few thousand miles. I got either Iran or Chernobyl. While Chernobyl was 30 years ago, it is still a hot spot. And especially in April-May when it combusted… So intuition may not give today’s answer, but April’s answer…

{Now we talked of getting predictions wrong by decades... But here we see a deeper truth... In the astral world time itself is a lie... All events are dream events.. their momentousness, intensity, vehemence are what make things real... To the astral Chernobyl is always alive... like the pyramids existing though the Pharonic empire has long gone...}

Intuition looks at Chernobyl

Intuition from which level?
Now another issue with intuition is that it usually taps into the etheric {rare}, astral {common}, causal {rare}, high spiritual {Often}. Now each of these are lofty realities with great freedoms. Our physical is a lesser reality, with reduced freedoms, and higher opacity.  

Let’s say a lover touches your thigh… the physical senses the brush of fingers, sublimnally the pheromones, … But the astral body senses that he is touching you, while dreaming of being in a Yacht, and infused with his new boss’ force. So the astral may say of late you’ve been touched by your husband’s boss. Untrue & True. The causal sees more… the love-making will make a muscle tear, and so you will not take your bike out, and thus avoid an accident… So you may pen an FB message: ‘Love is an accident with benefits’ or ‘The Accidental Love…’ which gets many likes…

{Now here we have explained to you the nature of a multi-level universe, read it, reread it... Reality is always multi-layered... The world you see with normal senses is split seconds behind the physical world... The world real scientists accept is not a physical one with its mundane rules...}

Intuition in a world where Reality is a Ripple:
As we all know, ancients and quantum physicists, reality is a ripple, a vibration... Now normally we are dealing with a world of objects, and think in a world of objects... But the reason why intuition is so real is because everything is a vibration, and so time, space, matter are not opaque, and past present future more transparent. But because reality is a multi-level vibration the question of what you are predicting becomes... indeterminate... ripply... The question is what ripple are we predicting at? Which reality are we predicting in?

So a doc may say XYZ has cancer… But a seer may say XYZ has cancer in one timeline, but not in another…

A high spirit explains: "I see the mass of colour that is you decline tomorrow... I see 16 months from now 3 psychic demons sniffing around, so instead of boosting tomorrow's force I cause it to decline {You fall seriusly ill}, triggering survival drives to which I attach psychic lances so 16 months from now you can drive off the pig-demons..."

For high spiritual beings which live in maybenesses, our idea of truth of time, of space are ridiculously low-level…

The Power of Creation trumps The Power of Prediction:
Now at one level we can predict that the chances of a massive climate catastrophe in 2036 is high and want that prediction to come true. Or we can say, the chances of a massive climate catastrophe in 2036 is high, but equally man & earth will use the prediction to make sure the prediction is untrue.

The first prediction is like a nail in the coffin… The second prediction is a nail that makes an ark on which the earth may sail…



Smilences, A Journey to Joy, by Spiritual Masters, Celia & Tarun Cherian


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