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Why is Your Dog Sad? Ask Her, Hire a Healer

By Pratima Shantaveeresh , Published: 26th March 2016, New Indian Express. Article Archived at Creator's 



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BENGALURU: Many of us talk to our pets. We ask them questions and read their answers in their actions. But we may miss some of what they are saying or worse, misunderstand them. Tarun and Celia Cherian, Animal Whisperers and Master Aura Seers, can help.

Tarun worked as a creative director with ad agencies for 18 years and has to his credit tag lines such as Cafe Coffee Day’s “A Lot Can Happen Over Coffee”. Today, as an animal communicator, he says, “We have spoken to dogs, cats, cows, elephants, birds, frogs... even cockroaches.”

Once, a dog lover Nishi N approached the couple to find out if her dog was happy. Celia discovered that the dog Inji was indeed happy, except for one thing, he wasn’t getting a “rectangular brown thing” given to Nishi’s other dogs. “Nishi said that Inji was a hog and so he was not given glucose biscuits given to her other dogs,” says Tarun.

Understanding animal whispering requires a leap of faith and the suspension of the rational state of mind. It includes creating a bond, empathising with the subject, realising that all creatures are connected by “a less visible energy”, shutting off the conscious mind and turning on the intuition. The Cherians have written a book ‘Buffy’s Doggy Revelations’ in which they have detailed the techniques.

Animals usually send out snatches of images and emotions, he says. For example, when they were tracing a lost cat in Mumbai, they intuited visual cues. “Girders that looked like a train station, colour of a wall, and the smell of fish.” It guided them to a train station, two km away, near a fish stall.

Tarun was a sceptic, in the late 1970’s. Then he had “mystic experiences that revealed a deep oneness, magnificent joy, creativity, freedom and power that underlies our existence.”

Celia became a believer after a “past-life experience in Goa”, in which she saw herself tortured by the Inquisition (Pope Gregory IX’s ecclestiastical tribunal set up in 1232 and revived in 1542 as a papal court to combat Protestantism).

Tarun and Celia claim to have cured people of endometriosis, bad backs, irritable-bowel syndrome and even mental illnesses, over the last 27 years.

The process of healing for humans and animals starts with a “deep aura scan” – “to see if a past life, ancestral issue or life stress is causing trouble.” During healing, chants are said “to amplify healing energy” and, post-healing, patients are also taught tailored meditation methods.

Pet owners don’t realise how much their animals miss them when they go on holidays, says Tarun. “Most pet owners forget that animals can understand as much and more than small children do.” 

Vasundhara Vidalur visited Tarun and Celia when she was worried that her dog was peeing all over her home. Understanding that her pup Monk was too small to undergo a psychiatric treatment, she visited Creator’s Child with Monk’s picture. The duo communicated with him and sought out solution for it.



Ps: Interested in talking to animals? Pick up your copy of Buffy's Doggy Revelations.